Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I've decided that housework really has to take second place to life. Not only that, but the big garden project we undertook in February and March really did my back. Took an age to get over the hard work but despite that, I would do it again and suffer. 
Some jobs didn't get done at the same time but the glorious weather today allowed me to climb to even greater heights! And clean the gutters
Not bad for a 65 year old eh?

Saturday, 23 August 2014


After watching Gardeners World last night I decided to do a bit of trimming and tidying in the perennial border today. The rain these past few nights has been torrential but the sun came out in a it's glory along with my secateurs and I chopped and tidied away.
Before I started it looked like this 
That's to the left
This is the middle
and this is the right
I made some more notes of plants which need moving next spring and also which need supports and how big. 
A good  bit of time spent me thinks. 

Friday, 15 August 2014


My perennial side of the garden that is. Unbelievable plants and growth this year obviously because of the wonderful weather we have had and also because the growing medium was new and chocker full of goodness. Next spring will see me putting goodness back in and hoping for a show of plants and flowers to equal 2014. 
I was given a couple of pea plants and they look like this today
All of 2 pods! May need rather a lot of imagination to make a meal from those!
I may have mentioned that I love Verbena but that mine grew way above the 36" stated on the plant label. They are magnificent 
They have flowered and flowered and flowered and kept both bees and butterflies occupied in their search for food.
Osprey Penstemon, Belles of Ireland and Scabious together.
This Penstemon is Amelia Jane.
My biggest surprise was this - my tiny Jasmine 'Inverleigth' had flowered and I missed it because it was hidden by other plants. They will be moved next Spring.
Cyclamen are flowering again under the big trees.
I'll update again before our holiday next month.

Monday, 11 August 2014


I saw an amazing canvas the other day created by Astrid McLean 
She makes the most eye catching art and I have loved most of her wonders. 
Trying definitely not to recreate her canvas I came up with this
Neutral with a hint of colour I am thrilled with the outcome because making decent 'stuff' doesn't always come easy to me. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Page 58 of Tim's Compendium of Curiosities has details of how to create Faded Layers and all the details for this challenge can be found HERE. There are prizes to be won too. Tim and Mario have provided an enormous pile of prizes for the Curiosity Crew to give out and this week the Funkie Junkie Boutique are sponsoring the overall winner. To say I had a little bit of trouble with this technique I'm really happy with the end result - a lovely little card for my stash box ready for sending to a pal for their birthday. I'm a bit of a Tim fan and have rather a lot of his products including ALL the alcohol inks. I use them for all kinds of things but really love the effect of Faded Layers because how ever you begin and whatever you use you will never ever get the same background. It's so exciting.
I decided to use some greens, yellow and caramel for my base. Unfortunately that's all I can tell you. Have a look at page 58 and you will see how to create yours.
Plastic packaging makes lovely flowers, leaves, butterflies etc and that is just what I used for the flowers on this, coloured with alcohol inks of course. The centres are little piles of Beadazzles which I always end up chasing around my craft room!! The rub ons are from Tim's Botanical Remnant Rubs, another simple embellishment but one that adds just the right touch. I had fun today completing my card so why not give it a go yourself??