Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I spent a good half day yesterday wrapping the sketch books ready for posting whilst my 'slave' - sorry, other half cut down the postage boxes to fit.
We completed half of them before other things took over.
I must admit to having enjoyed making these books and all my Xmas cards. There may be be just a few more cards to do but having that 2 week crash out to make the bulk of them worked a treat and may just have to be repeated again next year. Once the books have been received and opened (some I know will be before Xmas - no names mentioned but you know who you are!!!!!LOL) I will show photos then after Xmas it's going to be sewing time..... yippee!

Friday, 14 November 2014


I came home last Sunday after 2.5 weeks away in the motorhome. We needed a crash out and I actually made 30 Xmas cards whilst hubby made a couple of wooden reindeer, Santas and sleighs. I couldn't attempt this month's tag until today and have had such fun trying to get the techniques right with the supplies I have. It's been a challenge Tim but I've done it!
Luckily I save some pieces of corrugated cardboard from packaging, so had the right size to work with. The leaf however, didn't seem to fit the tag so there is a bit of a gap to the left of my tag as the bits of die cut fell off. Never mind, it still looks ok. I used a brown Dylusions spray for the splatters because as yet, I don't have any distress sprays. To splatter the tarnished brass I squeezed some stain onto my craft sheet and picked up the liquid with a brush and used my pokey tool to splatter it on the card. Most of everything else on my work area got some too!!LOL Compromise was sought for the gold foil as well but I did have the sticky embossing powder which worked a treat. I used metal flake and scrubbed off the excess with a piece of rough foam. The tag is fine for my collection and referral of the techniques so I am happy with it and there is a lovely corrugated card leaf still to get creative with.... It's unbelievable to think that there is only one more tag left this year. Where have the other 11 months gone?? With that time scale in mind I had better issue a reminder to my son-in-law that my Blog background will need changing once my December tag is completed. They make for a very special background wallpaper each year and all made by me - oh! and a lot of help from the master - Tim Holtz.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


2 days and I've made 3 more artist sketch books.
The battle with those wires is a nightmare believe me.
Just a few teasers as I can't show the finished covers until they have been posted and received.
Just have to work out the best postage method now!!