Saturday, 6 February 2016


Didn't take long to get back in my room. 
I tried to post a little video to show you around but I couldn't pull it up. I've put it on Facebook instead if you are interested.
This morning I made a couple of craft mat boards like the ones our Hels and Sue uses in their workshops.
I didn't want to stick my craft sheets down like before and these boards are neatly stored on top of my 2 drawer filing cabinet. The larger sheet is stuck to the inside of a cupboard door and being non stick, means I can just unpeel it when I need to use it.
I'm doing a bit of spray sticking on the rag throw ready for sewing. I've only managed to cross hatch sew 3 rows to date because I didn't have any more prepared.
They just need to dry and I can get cracking once more. 
The weather has been awful again this morning so hubby hasn't quite finished his man cave yet, plus the door he needs for one of his cabinets is out of stock in 2 stores so we are waiting for a delivery. Once it looks something like I'll take a photo so the men in your life can see it. I just reckon it needs a bed!!!!!! What??? LOL! 

Friday, 5 February 2016


My workman has worked hard again today. Part of my worktop had 2 sets of tiles on it so one had to come off in order to level it out ready for the new tiles. Everything was sticky to say the least. 
I'm thrilled to bits with my new cupboard and glad I decided to raise the whole top because it looks 'proper' now.
Even my Artbasics heavy gesso came in handy to help hold down one of the old tiles which I'd re-stuck at the corner with Artbasics soft Matte gel.
Nice looking work area eh?
I got sent out for another shelf for my cupboard, which will be my sewing storage after all, but they don't sell them so I came back with a piece of laminated MDF which hubby cut to size. While I was out he mended the cupboard door under the boiler for me.
Not doing bad for a pensioner is he?? He does work hard when he gets going. It's that getting him going that's the problem - guess I'll be in trouble when he reads that.
So as I said, it's nearly there. I just have 2 boxes of envelopes to re-home and boxes by the dozen to re-arrange. Good days work done again.
Tomorrow we are going to finish his man cave. I say  we because I have to make a curtain fit below his workbench to cover the dryer when not in use. That could mean a bit of sewing for me.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


My workman, aka my hubby, started knocking my work surface to pieces this morning.

Not an easy job because when he built it in the first place, it was a solid job if not all that 'pretty'.
I cleared out what had to be cleared so the front room was a dreadful tip, actually, it still is.
I was concerned we wouldn't have the space to build the new cupboard but once the area was dismantled, there was enough room.

Good job he can do electrics because my plugs had to be moved too.
The cupboard got assembled and its in place.
I've just been out for some Lino tiles to go over the work surface but I'll have to move done stash back in place first. Tomorrow it might be nearer completion. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Tomorrow may be a bad day but then, it could turn into a very good day.
My little craft room is having a re-vamp.

This is a photo from last summer. The drop down bit is being raised and a cupboard fitted underneath to make it look a bit neater. 
I've been told I have to get up early and clear everything out of the way!!!! Yes sir.
I'll show you how it all goes. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Been out most of the day with a long shopping list. Boy oh boy is it cold outside too. After Henry made himself known through the night I expected to get up to lots of damage, but luckily, there was none. Those gales were really frightening.
Anyway, some of the clutter has gone back in the man cave so I'm just hoping that after a rest today, that job gets finished tomorrow so the next stage can begin.
Before tea yesterday, I managed to cut a pile of wadding.
Enough for 6 more rows leaving another set of 32 to cut for the rest.
I'll see what tomorrow brings.