Monday, 22 December 2014


I received gorgeous cards on Saturday but I want to share the hand-crafted ones with you.
The first one is from Sylvia who brought a happy tear to my eye when I saw this masterpiece. It's definitely being framed
Look at all that detail, it's just mind blowing. I've never seen anything so delicate and I have a few of these creations now, some of which are already framed. WOW! 
I will show you the others without names just so the amazing creators don't get flack from other pals in case they didn't receive cards. All are super special to me and I am grateful for them all.
This crafter knows what I like! 
This crafter has something I want!
This crafter is a Burpless grower!!
THANK YOU everyone x

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Today I was going to show you my amazing hand crafted birthday cards but hubby took me out all day yesterday and the light is too bad today to do photos justice. I hope I get chance to photo them tomorrow and share their magic with you. 
This post is another showcasing the amazing CHRISTMAS talent of my pals and highlights no other than the uber talented Hazel.
Believe me when I say this little chap follows you round the room and stands out vividly on the shelf. Hazel has perfected colouring as you can see and her creations are truly beautiful. She is a pal I have known for many years now but another I have never met. She is one of the best ladies I know and would be THE best if she let me have my puppy Belle back LOL 
THANK YOU Hazel for another wonderful card.
Just to let you know another little fact about these crafty pals of mine.
Hazel, Barb, Sylvia and Sonia all became known to me through swapping ATCs. The bubbly Leonie Pujol used to run an ATC swap group called Fab Friday. This is my now battered folder.
And these are some of our Leonies cards.
We all started to swap our ATCs around April 2008 so you can see how friendships are developed through craft and how they can become a major part of your life.
I treasure these lasses.

Friday, 19 December 2014


Not a card today but a sewn ornament. My beautiful step daughter, Paula is an immaculate seamstress. She has patience to make the most complex and sometimes tiny objects all of which come out perfectly. Not only do I now own a Christmas angel bear and Mrs Bun Bun but this amazing looking apple.
The material is lovely, really Christmassy with lots of gold shining on it. How she achieved that shape beats me. We have a sewing day planned for the 27th but as she has a lot of building work going on at home just now, we may just need a rain check on that. I will let you know although if we can go ahead I won't be able show what I make as it's a present. So thank you Paula, cos I love this - BTW - it won't be going away with the rest of the decorations after Christmas!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Today I am showcasing a beautiful x-stitch card made by my pal Barb who lives in Northants and whom I have never met.
Barb is a delightful lady who I 'feel' excitement from whenever I send her anything. She is an all round crafter of the highest level having been an artist when she worked. Her attention to detail is only matched by a few and definitely not me! My stuff has to be right the first time or 'just do!!
Look at this and you will see what I mean.
Isn't this so cute.
I keep all my hand crafted cards and this one may just have to be framed and come out again next year.
Thank you so much Barb x

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


The years are flying past far too quickly as here I am yet again making an anniversary page for Toby's scrapbooks. Six years have now gone by and for some reason this year has been the worse. We came so close to getting another cat a few weeks ago but thought better of it least of all because we are no longer allowed to have a cat where we live!!!! I still think that is against our rights especially as we would keep another as a house cat, but new rules have been written and we would have been on a hiding to nothing had we been the only ones to resist them. I have always made his pages in advance but again for reasons unknown I just couldn't get my head round it this year. However, when I turned over in bed about 4am this morning on to my sore cheek (from falling out of bed 2 weeks ago and hitting my face on the corner of the bedside drawers)I couldn't get back to sleep for thinking about how to create today's page. A certain Hels Sheridan helped me. She inspired all my Xmas cards this year following a fantastic workshop with her so she has also inspired Toby's page today.
All made from scratch with distress inks and Tim Holtz Dies.
The star attraction himself, our handsome boy.
Even the deer are looking at him although I think Rudolph is trying to take the limelight. He's a handsome chap too.
So despite the day and it's meaning, I did enjoy making this page after all. I just want to say a big thank you to a lovely pal Jilly who has never once forgotten Toby's anniversary. She supported me when we lost him and she is going through a bad patch herself just now but still took the time to email me. My warmest thoughts are with her and her husband at this difficult time and I am sure 2015 will be much happier.