Sunday, 1 May 2016


I'm sharing a photo once more of me as my infant school May Queen because that happened 60 years ago today.
I can remember it too. My Headmistress, Miss Hampshire, crowned me in the presence of the whole school in the dining hall. She placed the golden cardboard crown on my gorgeous long curly locks and then proceeded to fill the centre with real anemones. Trouble was, she took each one out of a vase of water which trickled down my face and neck!! After the ceremony I was escorted by my little page boy, hand in hand, all round the outside paths of both the infant and junior schools so everyone could enjoy.
St Columbas was my school later to be re-named Moor Park. Little did I know that my boys would all go there too.
 I keep this photo in my purse hence the worn edge. At ages 50, 47 and 43, time has passed far too quickly. 
I should be sewing today but I've been 'playing' with fat quarters.
These are just a few, the rest along with yardage etc is filling my sewing cupboard.
I really need more space!!!!!

Saturday, 30 April 2016


The Evening Mist Jelly Roll is slowly evolving into a throw. I started to sew some if the strips together and they look like this now.
Need to get my thinking cap on to take it to the next stage.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


It CHUCKED it down today and was freezing cold so to go for my hospital appointment, I wore my boots and winter coat - again! 
My coat however, does not have a hood so I gave my Tibetan hat another airing.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I sorted the jelly roll into light to dark and the red fabric doesn't go with it at all. 
I had hoped to use it as a highlight but definitely not. I've decided to sew the strips together, cut them, re-sew them and take it from there. Just need some mojo to get cracking with it!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


So cold today despite a beautiful blue sky earlier. Thank goodness I'm off for another dose of sunshine in a moment. My light treatment is going well and I was given 2 mins 48 secs on Saturday so should perhaps get 3 mins today. 
I've had a really bad back for over 3 weeks which has prevented me from doing certain things, one being cutting patchwork pieces. I played with this gorgeous stash yesterday and spent ages working out measurements for a particular design.
The jelly roll is Moda Evening Mist and the 4 red fat quarters are also Moda. 
My plan is simple to begin with and involves sewing 30 strips together so no cutting til that's done. 
Not sure how far I will get today but I'm off to the hospital now so will see what happens when I get back.