Sunday, 30 November 2008


I seem to have been making Xmas cards forever. Totally fed up of the sight of them, I decided to make ATCs instead.

There are always scraps left over from big kits and I pulled these 3 together from the Deco kit off QVC.

Just a bit of fun.

Friday, 28 November 2008


A fantastic parcel arrived today, my prize from Leonie's photo bid last Saturday.

It's full of goodies and very exciting. But I also received a fantastic Xmas card.

Am I lucky or what?

By the way, the kettle and toaster were already there!! lol.

Monday, 24 November 2008


My little treasure is 18.5yrs old today.

In our years he's 90. He seems a bit better so this new medication may be working but his back legs are still wobbly.

He sleeps a lot in the day but I managed this photo earlier.


Well! who would have believed it, tagged by the lovely Leonie Pujol -

I'm up for the tag so in response I have to list 7 random facts about myself and then tag a further 7 unsuspecting folk. Here goes.

1. When I was about 7yrs old, I went to see Sooty and Sweep in Blackpool. Harry Corbett asked for children to go on stage and we had to skip, with a rope, for as long as we could. I won, infact he had to stop me because I could skip for England back then.

2. I was a bit of an athlete in my younger days and was the fastest runner in both the infant and junior schools beating even the fastest boy! In my teens I joined the Blackpool and Fylde Athletic club and have run for Lancashire. I can't even run for a bus today!!

3. My dad was nearly the first Tarzan. Most people think that Johnny Wisemuller was the first Tarzon, but infact it was Buster Crab who went on to become another famous actor. My dad auditioned for the part, being a body builder, but was beaten by Buster because he was a better swimmer.

4. I had the Beatles autograph. Wish I had it now, but it was stolen.

5. I have been a pillion on a Honda CBR motorbike whilst doing 130mph. It was FANTASTIC. I used to go to sleep on the bike on the way to GP races at Donnington Park. And - I can still get into my leathers although that was 19yrs ago!

6. I can apply for my bus pass in 3 weeks. Oh dear!

7. I've just bought some lion 'poo'.

Here are my 7 nominations:

Chriss, Chrissy & Denise

Thursday, 20 November 2008


I understand that Toby's video may not play for you. It needs something else, trouble is, I don't know how to do that. I simply uploaded it from an SD card using the blog uploader.
If anyone can offer some 'idiot proof' step by step instructions, I would be grateful.
I even opened a You Tube subscription today and thought I had put the video on that, but I can't find it anywhere!!!
Oh well!

Monday, 17 November 2008


Not a very good video, but here is the STAR!


Well, the ghoo is awful. Another trip to the vet for more pills and a conversation later saw me coming home with some powder this time. Toby has to have 3/4 of a scoop x2 per day on his food. Hopefully this will go down better. His potassium levels are very high and as he won't eat the special renal food, this supplement is to bring those levels down.

We can only try.

P.S. A great big HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to my son. xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Toby has had a really eventful week, as have we.

His blood tests have come back normal - thank goodness - but he has to have a food supplement which has to be 'pumped' into his mouth twice a day ---yeh!!!

Not only does he hate me because I put squashed-up pills on his dinner-time food and force a great big pill down his throat at tea -time, but now I pump some awful ghoo into his mouth x2 a day. No wonder we don't cuddle anymore.

Despite all this, he has bucked up. We just hope this continues.

Thank you to all my lovely friends for their support this week. Thank you. xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Just two more for this weeks Fancy a Challenge.

The lady is called - 'That should be Round' - and is a stamped image with a decoupaged face and a few red gems. I used part of the image to make the hinge which I went over with gunmetal stickles. The embellishment is a brad and the whole thing is simply finished with a few blobs of crystal stickles and a black ink pad run around the edge.

The other is called - 'Portcullis' - made with some wood-looking paper. The hinges are from a sheet of rub-ons over which are lengths of chain fastened with brads. Again I used a picture from one of the many tourist information leaflets I have and the key is a brad coloured black with alcohol inks.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008



Welcome back Leonie. I've really missed the Fab Friday challenges so am thrilled to bits they have started again albeit in a different form.

Struggled a bit this time as its a while since I made any ATCs but I have a few in mind for this challenge and this is the first. Being the 11th of November, I made this ATC with our heros in mind. I used distress ink pads in shades of green for the background. The soldier photo is from one of the many tourist guide leaflets I collect on my travels, simple matting layering then mounted on the card with 3D foam. I printed the Lee Enfield rifle from the internet which I have used as the hinge and, even though the little flower isn't a poppy, it serves it's purpose, finished with a little black gem.

Let the ATC fun begin again!

Monday, 10 November 2008


Today's trip came with some disturbing news. Toby has lost 0.5kg in the past 3 weeks. Our vet said this was a lot.

His heart is still strong but she was now concerned that either his thyroid or his kidneys have gotten worse.

She advised he had a blood test to determine just what is going on and whether she can give him something more or whether he is now in decline through his kidney condition getting worse.

Quite a shock, even though we know he is an old lad and doing ever so well. We will get to know what will happen in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I took a couple of photos of him at the vets. Still a handsome kitten.

Monday, 3 November 2008


In between the rain, 3 very 'SPOOKY' beings walked the streets of a lovely quiet neighbourhood in Yorkshire.
Did they frighten anyone?
Well!! they certainly frightened me.

Check out my Flickr for more photos - if you can bear to look!!!!!!!!!!!!!