Saturday, 7 November 2015


I am using my iPad to post my tag as I have lost internet connection on my computer. The trouble is, I'm not sure how to link. Can I just request you go to Tims blog for all the details because believe me, this months tag is fabulous. I cannot believe that he keeps showing us a technique every month that makes you rush to your stash and have  a go. For me this time it was the background. It is stunning.
#timholtz you rock.
Here is my effort.
I used the mini blueprints pumpkin being the only one I have, but the technique worked just fine in miniature! I also had to improvise with the foiling. After watching Tim live on Periscope these last couple of nights, he mentioned that the foiling would only work properly with the Ranger items. He had tried other foils but the glue stick was only compatible with their product. I only have some metal foil in jars which works perfectly with red tape but I can tell you, that it isn't very good with the Ranger glue stick so I used a mixture of that and a tape runner. It's lovely actually. 
Well, if I figure out how to link this to Tims blog I will be happy because I have taken part almost for the whole of the 12 tags years. Please let me sort it out.