Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Is it really a whole week since last Wednesday? I can't believe we've been on holiday for 2 weeks already. Time certainly flies.
Not much crafting this week folk, that's reserved for when we are at exhibitions and flying shows!! Besides, my mojo has gone down to the beach whilst this weather is so good.
We did however, spend a good hour or so the other day, sat on a bench opposite the Sunseeker factory in Poole, just watching them produce these wonderful boats. That was after I had found another bead shop where I managed to buy these little beauties.

We have to pack up again today as we move off to Brixham in Devon tomorrow for 6 nights. Unfortunately the weather will change to rain for a while, but hey! that's why this part of the country is so green and lush. Just wonderful.

Friday, 25 June 2010


Many things move me enough to bring a tear to my eye like, the infectious smile of my gorgeous, special grandson, the absolutely amazing artwork produced by the ever talented Lindsay Mason and this............


I took this photo whilst having a butty by the side of Weymouth marina a couple of days ago.

I see a Teradactyl, do you?

Also, just had to check on the build progress of my Sunseeker in Poole - I wish.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Have to admit I took my photos last night so that I could post today. These mobile web thingies are very good, but if you only get 2G, which is all I can get where we are now, it takes an age to do anything.

I made a few ATCs last week plus the card flower you can see. The instructions for this are in the latest Magnolia booklet. They call for 3 sizes of punches but I used my gorgeous rubber stamps which I bought from the Artistic Stamper.

It was then a case of - move over, it's my turn, and 'peg leg' decided to show you the 'wing' he bought at the flying show. This is what he hopes to teach me how to fly with. It's an amazing plane, fully aerobatic and there are 450 LEDs to go on it so you can fly it a night. It needs a bit more assembling and the soldering is next.

Another scorcher of a day here in marvelous Dorset, so we are off out to enjoy it.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


We left the midlands yesterday and drove south to Dorset. I just love this county and so wish I could live here, especially on this CL.
It's a small farm, no animals, but looks more like a small holding just for the family who dabble in motors and recreation. The owners are really friendly and I think originate from Somerset listening to them. I don't want to leave anyway.
'Peg leg' drove all the way which was around 200+ miles. Not bad for the second time in 5 weeks. We stayed in today and put the awning up, did some washing and generally took our time. The weather is amazing too.
The owner has cut the grass in the 2 fields behind us, for hay, and said we can fly planes if we want. Trouble is, the 'wing' that DH bought at the weekend needs assembling and the gas torch, for soldering, is at home!! The little thing he bought at the show is rubbish so it looks like I may not get my flying lessons after all.
I managed a couple of ATCs whilst at the show. The theme was sunshine and sea. Just a bit of fun.

'Til next time then.

Friday, 18 June 2010


We had some rain today which cooled the temperature somewhat but not the enthusiasm of the model fliers. Being right up to the flight line gives us a fantastic view of all the aircraft both large and small.

However, I was in the awning looking after my orchids (I know, but how can I leave them at home for a month without any care????) when suddenly a model plane came down right at the side of us. Fortunately it didn't hit us. The pilot has now been banned from any more flying this weekend because of dangerous activities. Phew!

In a few days I hope to report that I can fly a model plane - watch this space.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Well, we arrived at Weston Park for the model flying show, yesterday and were completely set up in time for Lindsay's 2pm show on QVC. I tried ringing in but was told the lines were busy, so I texted x2 only to be told that the competition had ended?? Never mind, I'm sure she had a wonderful day and I'll catch up with her when I get home.

Now then, the title of this post. You know how my DH fell down the steps of the motorhome on our last trip, breaking his hand and ribs, well - I fell down them yesterday!!!!!!!

My foot just slipped from under me and down I went. Fortunately, I only skinned and bruised my leg but I was a bit frightened. It seems we must start drinking more because we would fall more easily if we were a bit tiddly.

Thank you for all the comments on my WOYWW post. As you can tell, my 'dongle' is working perfectly here and I have 4 bars on 3G which is brilliant. As for my ink pad storage, it's actually a really useful box insert that I bought from Tesco, not part of an 18 box storage system. It works perfectly too. Just off to do a bit of crafting following a trip into Telford earlier. It's boiling hot so need to cool down a bit.

See ya. xx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I am having to post this Tuesday night because, as you can see, we are off on our travels again and I won't have time in the morning. Besides which, my workdesk will be empty!
Doubt I shall have much time to craft on this trip apart from this week when we will be at yet another model flying show. I have 2 ATCs to make for Heather's swap - I've already done one - and she kindly let me know the subject for July so I knew what to pack. Shan't spill the beans though.
Speaking of Heather, her lovely sister Lindsay is on QVC from midnight with her own TSV. I will be watching and looking out for more tips and techniques.
As you can see, I have already been bad this week and bought some goodies from QVC. Martha Stewart punches, circle cutter, glitters. Just needed them all!!!

You may also notice 4 ATCs which I received today from my pal Sonia. I will show them to you properly when I get back because they are really good and are such fun. Thanks Sonia.

Thank you to everyone who has asked after 'pot arm'. The cast came off yesterday, but if you read my earlier post you will see that not all went to plan. He now has a very bad knee - cartilage trouble - and had to go the doctors this afternoon for some painkillers, anti inflammatory pills and some more in case he gets a reaction to those. When we get back from this trip, he has to go to hospital for keyhole surgery.
His new name therefore is now 'peg leg'.

I shall be on my slow mobile web dongle for the next 4 weeks and hope to keep up to date with all you lovely crafters that way. Thanks for looking once more.

Monday, 14 June 2010

OFF WITH HIS.........

At last, 'pot arm' is no longer, hello to 'peg leg' instead.
The cast was removed this morning at the hospital, but as the wait got unbearable, DH decided to cancel the rest of his appointment and walk out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He isn't better and his hand needs more healing, but just getting him to go to hospital was an achievement so I suppose getting him to have more treatment was always going to be impossible.
So what's with the new aka you may ask. A couple of years ago he had a scan on his knee which revealed cartlidge trouble. The specialist decided to leave it at that time as it wasn't too bad. However, it is now and he can hardly walk. Keyhole surgery is the next bit. Can you see that happening???
Some holiday this is going to be.
We go away on Wednesday for 4 weeks so I will be on the old mobile web dongle again. I will try and keep up with WOYWW at least.

Friday, 11 June 2010


Just look what 'pot arm' aka my hubby bought for me today.
'Cos he loves me.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I just had to make a card for this weeks LOTV challenge because I so want to win the prize. It's some gorgeous flowers. Have a look at the link in my sidebar for the details.
My LOTV stamps are mainly Christmas ones, so I thought I would make a start on my seasonal cards with this challenge.
The gorgeous papers are from Creative Imaginations as is the epoxy sentiment. The flowers are Prima apart from the little roses which I got from a wholesale store locally. The punched leaves are made using my new Martha Stewart oak leaf punch - been after that punch for ages and managed to get one last Saturday. I coloured the LOTV image with Copics and added some icicle stickles for snow. Lastly, the ribbon is from Anna Griffin.
I enjoyed making this card and it will go to someone very special at Christmas.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I bet most of you will be wondering where the past week has gone. Me however, am jumping for joy because it's over!!!! Well, I have the perfect clock for you all. Just take a look at this. It was in the bar at the camp site at Flamborough. I suppose if you've had a few it makes sense. The barman said he had been working there for 6 years and still couldn't read the time with it.

Only joking really. My week with our Jenna was, in the most, really good despite being absolutely exhausted every day. We crafted on the wet days and roamed about on the boiling ones. We made a 6"x6" scrapbook (K&Co) for her to treasure her memories of the week. I took photos of the pages to share with you then promptly deleted them off my camera before downloading them - ooops!!! I spent ages trying to find them before realising what I had done.

We went to Lancaster last Saturday to introduce Jen Jen to Lindsay Mason who was demoing there. Jen had been asking all week who that lady in the picture was on my clock. She knows now. I hope Lindsay wasn't bothered by her because Jenna had a ball.

My little work area is quite tidy - I can't work in a mess, I can make a mess whilst working though.
I have been trying to complete my 3 ATCs for Heather's June swap 'A Midsummer's Night Dream'. We can interpret the theme any way we want, so I have gone for a 'dreamy' one, a 'fairy - Titania' one and skit on the old bard himself, my uncle Bill several times removed, with one of the quotes from the play.

I really need to continue to catch up with emails today and get some planning done as we go away next Wednesday again, this time for just over 4 weeks. 'Pot arm' is back at the hospital on Monday and we are not sure what the outcome will be. He is hoping to lose the cast but we don't know. However, on this trip I won't get much crafting done so I need to get ahead this week.

Enjoy peeping around today.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I am still trying to catch up with my blog and emails after having been away, 'pot arm's' accident and having our Jen Jen for a week.
I received my 3 ATCs from Heather a while ago and here they are.
The top one is so colourful and is a bit special as it boasts a parrot! Jennie Westwood made this one.
The 2nd is by the lovely Lindsay, Heather's sister, and is all hand drawn. Now that's what I call clever talent. Lindsay named this one Nature Girl.
The 3rd is by Heather herself and is called Fairyland. I love the way Heather uses distress stickles on her work and marries up the colours.
I think they are all special and it's the first time I've been fortunate enough to receive 2 of my swaps from the 'Sister Act'.
Thank you Heather. I'm just on with this month's theme 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


The monster has gone home. Peace at last.
My ears are burning from the constant nattering and questions.
I just want to sleep for 3 days now.
This was me last Sunday.

and this is me today.

See what I mean?

Friday, 4 June 2010



You just got to pop over to for an incedible TIM HOLTZ paper film strip giveaway.

Alternatively, click on the link in my sidebar to get there even quicker.

Simply become a follower - you won't be disappointed 'cos they have a fabulous shop too - mention this giveaway on your blog or email them instead, and you could be the winner of a set of all 4 packets of tape. Actually, don't do any of the above - 'COS I WANT TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I've cheated just a little and taken a photo (well 'pot arm' did actually) yesterday, when my little granddaughter, Jenna, and I spent most of the day crafting.
There is nothing on my work desk today because we have a surprise for Jenna - we are going away for the night in the motorhome and at this moment, she doesn't know.
She was very tired last night after two late nights to bed, but she is as bright as a button this morning and excited because she knows something good is going to happen.
Enjoy trying to make out what we were both up to yesterday. Can't say because that is another surprise, for her mummy and daddy this time.