Monday, 30 May 2016

12 TAGS OF 2016 - MAY

Running close to the wind this month but I managed to make my May tag this morning. 
I really enjoy revisiting past tags because they jog your memory into fabulous techniques learnt ages ago and sometimes forgotten. So #timholtz worked his magic once more and gave us a lovely combination to play with.
To be honest this was the first time I have used the heads stamp and I expect it won't be the last. Can't believe I've never tried it because the detail is superb and the expressions are mesmerising.
Chances are  I may not get to make June's tag until late in the month because after far too long, I am off on my jollies next week for a fortnight. Cannot wait.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


I decided to change my door wreath today. There doesn't appear to be a bare wreath in my stash so I simply made a bouquet. What do you think?

Thursday, 26 May 2016


This first picture is of release #1 of the blocks I am making in the FB group.

Very simple if you cut accurately and sew perfectly. Not bad I suppose. However, this next photo is of the second release and I've messed up with my choice of pattern for the fabric.

I'd hoped that cutting the side panels randomly wouldn't matter, but I think I should have fussy cut them or used something else. Anyway, I'll continue for now and when I've made all 99(!!!) I will re-visit the wonky ones.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Today would have been Toby's 26th birthday.
My how the years have flown. It's almost 8 years since we said goodbye. I miss him like you wouldn't believe and so wish he could have been the first immortal cat.
I made his page a little while ago and although it's different I'm not really happy with it. 
It started off ok. I used embossing paste through a couple of stencils over a pre- gesso'd page.
I played around with some pieces of Tim Holtz papers which I glued and stapled together before adding them to the page. The bit I'm not happy with is the green mixture top and bottom. I mixed some gold chunks with Matt medium and aged some mica powder to it then just used a palette knife to randomly spread it. Once it had dried I decided that, although a gorgeous colour, it just didn't look right so I dry brushed white gesso over the top to knock it back.
A few bits of this and that and it was done. It doesn't look as bad when next to the adjoining page.
All 4 photos show Toby enjoying the sunshine so I'm writing this post doing just the same.

Monday, 23 May 2016


I actually made these two blocks right after the last ones but I was so poorly yesterday I couldn't summon up any energy to show you.

I want to try and make them all with Tilda fabric in which case I will have to re-make the bunny one at some point.
I created a matrix this morning showing which blocks have been released and in what order. Hubby printed off half the templates for me and we went out for a couple of RU boxes so I keep organised. 
The material is decided on for the next few on my list but whether I get to make any more before we go away remains to be seen. 
On more exciting news, I only have tomorrow and next Tuesday to go before my hospital trips end. Hip hip hooray!!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

1930s BLOCKS

I have a quilt book which shows how to make sampler blocks created in the 1930s by farmers wives in the USA after the Great Depression. They are utterly amazing. I have also been fortunate to join a Facebook group made up of enthusiasts from all over the world which fortunately, like me, some are not expert quilters. This means lots of samples to see and lots of advice.
So far I have made 2 blocks - I only started a few days ago - and am having fun.
#1 is called Addie, this is my version

 The blocks are numbered in the book and this is #5 - Anne

They need squaring and will need pressing more, but so far so good.
Dare I say, there are 99 in total, I may be some time!!!!

Friday, 20 May 2016


This little chap was on the ground so I made some sugar water and gave it to him through a pipette. He kept running away so I put him on the flowers then realised, he has a broken wing!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


At last it's a warm afternoon so I'm grabbing a few minutes to enjoy the sun, a glass of dry white and my perennial border.
Want a look at how the plants have grown? Ok then.

Just need some noise respect from the new neighbours now so we can all enjoy our summer!

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Been planning some throws for the motorhome. I am lucky to have some gorgeous Kaffe Facette fabric fat quarters, a present from our Paula, which I feel are perfect to go with the blue interior and the gorgeous quilt and cushions that my pal Sylvia made for me.
If I use hexies I can make little pieces by hand meaning I can make them whether we have electric on site, from the onboard generator, the portable generator - or - none of the above, ie I don't really need my sewing machine at all, unless I decide to join them together with fancy machine stitches. Win win situation. 
This is the fabric I plan to use, gorgeous.
I think I have hundreds of paper templates!
This fabric is lovely quality and this particular one means I will probably be fussy cutting so I make full use of the flowers in the pattern. I've sorted a little bag out to take to Weston Park model aircraft show next month. Not been away in the motorhome since last August!!!! Not good enough. Roll on the end of my hospital treatment so life gets back to normal.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


My gorgeous step family put on a surprise birthday party for their Dadi today. We've all been keeping it a secret for a few weeks. I managed to conjure up a trick to get him to our Paula's after my Hosp appointment which worked a treat.
Susanna, who is the cake genius, made an unbelievable cake themed on her Dadi's shed and some of the garden. Just look at this and the incredible spread.

A wonderful day was had by all, especially my hubby.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Not done any crafting since the workshop at AFTH. That seems like a year ago!
Anyway, it's coming up to Toby's birthday and I try to make a scrapbook page for that day. My ideas aren't coming together very well, but I've made a start.
This will get a coat of white gesso and I'll rag the edges.
These are 2 photos yet to go in his scrapbooks. Still very early days but hopefully the end result will be ok.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Yesterday was our 27th wedding anniversary and my hubby's 75th birthday.
We had a really lovely day out at the butterfly house in Lancaster and various other places. Even the weather was kind to us until we went for a meal. All in all a grand time was had.
Here are a few photos of our day out.

Look Karen Hayselden, butterflies do have holes in their wings LOL!

Another bunny photo Hels.

There are more photos on my Facebook page.

A great big thank you from both of us for all those lovely - and some cheeky - messages. X

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Today we had quite an adventure.
The Preston Posse Bike Club did a run to Tarleton with cat food and litter. Due to illness, one member, who has a car, could not make it, so hubby and I stepped in.
My step son Tony is on the committee and he arranged this food run to Noah's Ark Rescue and Rehab Centre.
Our boot was chocker full.
So full, the food overflowed to the back seat.
We were given the honour of displaying a flashing light as we were bringing up the rear of the convoy.
The lads and lasses, plus a gorgeous black Labrador called Barbara, set off for the few miles run from Preston to Tarleton.
We all drove 'nicely' past the Lancashire Constabulary HQ at Hutton.
Before reaching our destination.
This centre is run on a personal status by the manager of the RSPCA Preston and his wife. Not only do they both have full time jobs but they run the rescue from their own home. At present there are 60 cats and kittens there along with this little group.
These were rescued battery hens and believe it or not but they had no feathers whilst they were kep in cages. Just look at them now.
As for the food. Well I reckon there will be lots of full tummies for a while.
Well done all round me thinks, especially us for not being tempted to go see Big Al, a Burmese furball. Wonder if we can find our way back again!!!!!