Friday, 30 January 2015


I'm on a roll with these garden bench cushions. I have one left to quilt - quite daunting because I want to have a go at free hand quilting - then I will have completed 4 with the possibility of having a go at a 5th.
I'm storing them on my bed but when I come to complete the seat pads, they may go back in the 'glory hole' for more permanent storage. Here is what they turned out like.
And finally the latest one,
I used Tim's alteration die 'Caged Bird' for the appliqued birds and they are standing on 'Holly Branch'. 
Thanks for all the lovely enthusiastic comments on FB. You guys rock.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Oh have I been having sewing fun these past few days. I started off by finding the instructions to make a 'broken branch' block. It looked perfect for a cushion front for my garden projects so I bought some lovely bright fat quarters and set to.
Something wasn't right.
This was ok.
I juggled it a bit, pressed it a bit more,
Decided it really did need a bright frame, then ended up with this,
To say I'm pleased is an understatement. It might not be of professional quality but it's mine, does the job and isn't half bad. So pleased.
Talking of professionals, my pal Sylvia has only gone and made ANOTHER lap quilt. One day in the making or maybe two. I reckon one is right.
Such a whiz kid.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


I counted the birds for the watch between 9am and 10am. Boy did we see lots. The count had to include the total number present at any one time. These are the gorgeous birds that visited during that time.
Blackbirds 6 - currently we have 4 female and 3 males chasing each other around
Robin 2
Dunnock 6
Collared Dove 2
Blue Tit 4 - there are more than that but only 4 came together today
Great Tit 2
Starling 5
Magpie 1
Wood Pigeon 1
Crow 2
Also visiting this morning were 2 of the 3 squirrels we have
1 Bengal cat!!!!!
That was a fun morning.

Friday, 23 January 2015


I finally quilted the 9 patch cushion cover.
The patch with birds on needs unpicking at the edge because it puckered quite badly when I machined around it thinking that would be the right thing to do. When I come to sew it to the back of the cushion cover, I'll make sure it's well basted or pinned and then hope for the best. Same goes for the square with the buttons on.
I've managed to buy a toe stippling foot for my machine so I can have a go at free quilting on the trellis cover. Not plucked up enough courage to do that and I think I shall draw out some lines to follow first.
The next one is cut out and ready to start.
I may begin it tomorrow but have to complete the RSPB birdwatch first. We have so many birds around this year it's just wonderful watching them.
Before I sign out, my pal Sylvia has only gone and made another lap quilt - in a week! She is such a whiz kid.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Last year we bought a bench which also acts as storage, for the area where my perennial border is. We also have a wooden bench which I've put there too. Whilst on that particular shopping spree we also bought a new parasol, a lovely heather sort of coloured one. I decided to make seat and back rest pads for the new bench and recover the ones we already have for the wooden one. I also decided to make cushions and thought I might just give patchwork a go thanks to inspiration from my friend Sylvia, who as you know, is an expert at patchwork. Me, nah! I'm just having a bit of fun.
I've started 3 but none are complete as yet as I'm stuck at various points on them all, mainly because I am using some curtains I bought a couple of years ago - which are massive, and I need help cutting them for the benches before I can cut pieces to back my cushions.
This is what I've done so far.
This is a ragged patchwork. Needs the back on it so I can wash it to make the seams fray.
I used Tim Holtz dies on this one. I am trying to get a darning or quilting foot for my sewing machine in order to quilt the bare bits.
I started this 'stringed' cover today and have just cut the sections to size. I intend to appliqué a bird on a branch - Tims dies again - on the remaining plain square.
I've really enjoyed myself making these cushion fronts and just hope they go together neatly when I come to join them to the backs. Watch this space.

Saturday, 10 January 2015


WOW!!! I just logged on to my blog to check something out, namely the Sunseeker blog, and got a wonderful surprise. Take a look at my new blog background. It's made up of my 12 tags of 2014 by Tim Holtz and boasts a lovely new colour scheme which compliments Toby's wonderful chocolate coat. All this has been created for me by my son-in-law Quentin, owner of I love the end result. it's so refreshing and bright. THANK YOU Quentin once again.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


YES! off we go again for another year of monthly fun courtesy of Tim Holtz and his 12 tags. Again I enjoyed a few hours gathering my stash together and wondering how to compromise on the bits I didn't have. To complete this month's tag I had to use a few different items which were: terminology tissue wrap rusty hinge distress spray a gold confetti star a stiff brush to act as a splatter brush tarnished gold distress stain Hey, they all worked which is what it's all about right?
I reckon this month's tag is a super start to a new year. Let the fun continue.....