Saturday, 24 January 2015


I counted the birds for the watch between 9am and 10am. Boy did we see lots. The count had to include the total number present at any one time. These are the gorgeous birds that visited during that time.
Blackbirds 6 - currently we have 4 female and 3 males chasing each other around
Robin 2
Dunnock 6
Collared Dove 2
Blue Tit 4 - there are more than that but only 4 came together today
Great Tit 2
Starling 5
Magpie 1
Wood Pigeon 1
Crow 2
Also visiting this morning were 2 of the 3 squirrels we have
1 Bengal cat!!!!!
That was a fun morning.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Joanne, just spotted this post and was amazed to read your list of birds. Replace the dunnocks with sparrows and your list is almost identical to mine. No Bengal cat though - just a couple of moggies, including one very devious one that hides in the escallonia near the feeders in the hope he will bag a birdie for lunch. We leave out some loose peanuts for the one lone squirrel that visits. Elizabeth xx