Saturday, 31 December 2011


To be perfectly honest, I won't be sorry to see the back of 2011. Ok, there were some good days, the ones when my neighbour and I went shopping or just out for the sake of it, the amazing Tim Holtz workshop last February when I not only got to see THE man himself, but also catch up with lovely Sioux again and finally meet the amazing Hels. But there were far too many rotten days during the year when we were waiting for hospital appointments and operation dates for my hubby. Because of that we were stuck at home not being able to plan very much nor complete jobs that had been on hold for a couple of years. Anyway, he finally got the main op. over with and is now fit again.
So, 2012 WILL be better.
I have been honoured to be chosen as part of the Design Team for ATCs with Attitude, which believe me, makes me very happy.
I intend to improve my craft as, after about 14 years of crafting, feel I have now finally found the type of craft I like the most - grunge and creations with inks and stamps.
My family, although disjointed, (my sons have gone their own way)  is happy and the girls are close to me and planning some 'crafty' get togethers. Can't wait for those.
And, my special friends have moved to a lovely new home which will make them very happy  and open up new adventures, opportunities and - well who knows what.
One special thing in 2012 will be my birthday - not my age, that's going backwards now, I've decided, LOL - but the date, which will be 20/12/2012 - does that make me famous then??

So then 2012, you are most welcome in my little world. I'm quite excited.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who reads this, especially my lovely followers. I hope you have a wonderful time and it brings happiness, success and good health to you all.
Mwah xxxxxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011


After last week's disaster, this week really was fun. Thank you for this theme, Wicked Wednesday ATCs.
I kept it simple because the picture says it all. I've had that miniature bottle for years and it's just right for an ATC. I cut some acetate into really small lengths, stuck some gems on that my neighbour brought back from her holiday in Goa, and then stuck the other end of the acetate behind the bottle. The gems actually bounce about. The 2012 is a simple set of peel-offs.
After my dislike of steampunk, the wonderful team at Wicked Wednesday ATCs actually voted me as one of their top 3 again. THANK YOU.
Seems a good time to wish you all the most fantastic 2012.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I tried desperately to join in last week, but the weather closed in and blanked out the internet.
Have you all had a brilliant Xmas then? I received some amazing presents both for Xmas and my birthday so have been very lucky indeed. Just wait 'til I show you my new craft bag next week. There will be some green eyes reading my post. LOL
Well, no craft on my space at the back of the motorhome, mainly because along with the gorgeous presents I also received a rotten one - a streaming cold!! I feel a bit better today but I've been so under the weather I haven't wanted to do very much at all.
I keep trying to upload a photo of the White Water course here at Stockton-on-Tees, but it's not happening. I'll have another go so our Julia and all of you can see this wonder.
Yeh, it worked.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL, see you next week. xx

Saturday, 24 December 2011


We are still here at the White Water caravan club site and enjoying every minute.
The lights at the back of the van fell down on one side just as this photo was taken, but you get the idea. We also have some net lights on the fence at the back of the car.

I just wanted to pop on  to say



Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge Winner

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Oh dear a steampunk theme. I just can't get a hold of steampunk no matter how hard I try. I love the quirky machines and even some of the clothes, but I just can't do craft with it. Never mind, the whole idea of having a go at a challenge is to have fun. Well I tried to that too, but it didn't really work. So, Wicked Wednesday ATCs, you have beaten me this time.
I had a pre-distressed ATC-sized card and added some Terra around the edges after gluing some old clock gears to the centre. Another cog and some chain was pushed into the wet mass. It dried over night. I then rubbed some metallic wax over it and stuck a brass moon in the corner.
I think it's rubbish so please don't be nice just for the sake of it, I really do understand.
By the way, I was their winner last week, YIPPEE and thank you so much.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I have lots of goodies today, it being my birthday.
I cannot believe how lucky I am and how generous my friends and family are. What a wonderful feeling to know folk think something about me.
THANK YOU to each and every one for the FB and Twitter comments an all the wonderful things that I have shed a tear over today.
If I can get it to work, here is at last one photo of my cards and another of the mess I made opening pressies.
MWAH xxxxxx
One on, let's try another,
No chance. I can't another to load so I'll leave it there and hope I can get on tomorrow. Now let's see if it will post.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


3 years have whizzed by since we had to say goodbye to our precious Toby. I can't believe it's been that long. He is always with us, after all, how could you forget such a loyal pal.
I try to make a scrapbook page for this time and his birthday and am on the second album now as the first one has gotten quite chunky.
So here is today's page:

Taken in 2006 at a lovely little 5-van site in Bugle nr St. Austell, Cornwall, this picture shows the 2 boys sunbathing. Toby was always close - if not sat on - his dadi. We had retired that year and went away for 7 weeks to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. It was wonderful. The sunshine was abundant  and Toby enjoyed every minute too. We were grateful for that because it was only a few weeks earlier that he had had a stroke after having his teeth cleaned. He had a late reaction to the anasthetic. When we got back home another trip to the vets revealed slight kidney problems so he started injections to keep that at bay. Over the following 2.5yrs, obviously this got worse until it was no longer proper to keep them up. He had fought a brave battle without a single moan and had become quite a hero with all that knew him.
My treasure.

Friday, 16 December 2011


Well snow was forecast so I shouldn't be surprised. There isn't much of it but it's cold and very wet so I hope it doesn't all turn to ice.
I made a few little hanging frames this year and as they have all been received I can give you a peep at them.
All similar but different colours to match the favourites of the people they were intended for. I enjoyed making these instead of cards and am going to do something different next year aswell.
Have a lovely day and keep warm.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Another week so another challenge over at Wicked Wednesday. This time the theme is Christmas or if you prefer not to do that you can choose Winter Holiday.
I have some new Xmas stamps, well they are new this year, and have already had a little play when making Xmas cards, so I decided to use some of the smaller ones to make my entry and chose, Christmas.
I used a mixture of different alcohol inks to make a setting sky, stamped the 'inn' twice and coloured it with distress inks before using 3D foam to stick it to the base once I had stamped the palm trees. I used some Brilliance, moonlight white to stamp the star. I then stamped the words with Archival and coloured the background with iced spruce DI.
Do you know what? I don't have any ink on my hands and no, I didn't wear gloves. I must be slipping!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


To say I'm thrilled to bits doesn't come near how chuffed to bits I am to have been chosen for the top 3 in last week's challenge over on the WICKED WEDNESDAY ATC blog. This is the third time they have thought my card to be worthy - wow!
ATCs are close to my heart having made VERY special friends through trading them.
Some folk don't see their purpose, but please have a go at them. You will find them such fun and gradually build up a catalogue of techniques that only take a little bit of space. Go on, you know you want to.


Another wonderful Wednesday of poking around craft spaces all over the world courtesy of lovely Julia who thought up this bit of nosey - I love it. After all, it doesn't cost a train ticket or even a plane ticket to go to Lands End, UK or even Wellington, NZ, just marvelous.
Well fellow crafters, I have been totally enthralled and occupied these last 12 or so days, participating in the marvel that is - Tim's 12 tags of Christmas. I have jumped out of bed just after 8am every day - yes, I said every day - in order to start the day's tag. I completed my version on the day it was blogged, mainly because I don't have any spare time this month to fall behind. If the weather permits, we are going away next Monday for Xmas, so I've had to get in front of myself. I did get carried away yesterday though and did this:
After all the Christmas stuff I just had to do something different, so my little workspace looks like this today. Don't have a clue what it will end up like and quite honestly, I don't care.
I will be on my mobile web next Wednesday - and - another year older, yak!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Didn't we have great fun following Tim's tags and Mario's tweets.  I took my phone to bed each night so that if I woke I could have a quick look to see if there were any clues on the next tag. Also, I was able to see Tim's post at 8am each day without getting out of bed. Now that's what I call crafting at it's best!!! LOL
A great big THANK YOU once again to Tim for another year of fun. I have 12 tags to look back on and hopefully, take inspiration from during 2012.

Monday, 12 December 2011


Well, all good things generally come to an end, and the 12 tags are no exception. Tim certainly deserves a rest now, more especially after today's marathon which has taken me over 3 hours to make - and I didn't have to think about it!!
Ok, a fractured doll eh? Well, I just happened to have one. Unfortunately though, it was part of the configuration box I made at Tim's workshop back in February, gosh that seems years ago now. Should I take it out of the box?????? Seeing as removing it didn't distract from where it was, plus the fact that I keep all my tags, I decided to go ahead.
There is a lot of drying time to this tag but also, there is plenty to do whilst one bit is drying. I just kept going and came up with this:

The finished tag is quite heavy too. I didn't have the new tissue roll but did have some plain tissue paper, so all I did was stamp it with a music stamp. I didn't have the 'house' die, so guessed at it's size and cut one from grungepaper. The flower is made from some Liz Earle packing tissue. No metal foil or those gorgeous border dies (I hope Santa is listening 'cos I really like those) so I found a peel off border, stuck it to some card and painstakingly cut round it. It worked. Obviously made my own baubles again as I still don't have any of those either.
It just goes to show that you can compromise quite easily and still come up with something quite good. The tips have been endless from Tim and I hope to go through his blog posts from each tag and make notes of them so I don't forget.
What an amazing few days. Only another 354 'til next year - that's if Tim agrees to do it all over again.......

Sunday, 11 December 2011


What a fun way to start a VERY wet and dull Sunday. This tag made me smile because that Santa is just so jolly it's difficult not to.
I used everything Tim used so I made my tag the same way as his.
The last 11 days have flown and now we only have one more tag to go for this year. I wonder what he will use tomorrow????..................

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Oh dear! thinking cap time again. I had a kraft tag and the banner die, but that's all. In the end I reverted to the original transfer method of making fragments - sticking an image to the reverse with glossy accents. So Tim, I am sorry that I haven't achieved today's lesson. Never mind eh, I had fun.

I have a very talented crafty pal with a birthday today. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sioux. xxx

Friday, 9 December 2011


Today sees the start of our new challenge over at ATCs WITH ATTITUDE.
This is our second challenge and the theme is ANYTHING GOES. There is a prize up for grabs though from the lovely Floppy Latte. The winner will receive a voucher from her shop.

I thought I would make a very simple ATC in order to encourage you all to take part showing you just how easy making these little works of art can be.
This is what I did:

'I used a brush to paint Studio acrylic paint - classic teal - on to black card stock. The rough painting leaves streaks which is the required result. The birds have been stamped using black Archival ink. The flower was made from a medium size 5-petal stamp and Tim Holtz paper stash, lost and found, cut out several times to form the flower. The leaves were punched from the same papers with a Martha Stewart punch. I then glued a couple of metal corners to the card and stamped the following words:

'imagine a journey of creative stuff, ideas and things to discover'

on some scrap card coloured with distress ink. The whole card was then spritzed with heirloom gold perfect pearls.

and this is how it turned out:

You don't even have to make your own flower. Use an already made one, or simply stick a picture on.
Click HERE to pop over to our blog and see what our talented (or in my case, a complete amateur) have made this fortnight. Go on, you know you want to.


Although Tim has used a Hero Arts stamp that is not available in this country as yet, the technique today is astonishing.
I searched out a couple of La Blanche swirl stamps which gave a gorgeous background. The lamp post is stamped and cut from grungepaper - it's one of Tim's stamps. The rest is as it seems. The one thing that really thrilled me was the effect that going over the whole tag with vintage photo distress ink gave. It highlighted the bits where the embossing powder had flicked off. I adore this result.
What a lovely way to start the day.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


What a tease Tim Holtz is. Fancy thinking of making a steampunk tag for Christmas. The best bit is, it worked. I didn't really know where I was going to start, let alone finish, with this one. I don't have those stamps. However, I did have the gear die and I did have the clock mask, so I decided I would have a go at the tag by using a couple or more different stamps and paper from the Lost & Found stash.  I must admit though, my men look like they have horns rather than sprigs of holly in their hats.

I drew round half the clock mask onto grungepaper and began the task of cutting it out. Took me ages but it worked.

I gathered all the other bits and bobs and came up with this:
You can see, the glossy accents on the word Joy is still drying.
There are 2 very special bits on this tag. The pen nib and the admit one ticket. Both were part of the amazing stash given to me by Tim at his workshop in February. Only seemed right I use them on this tag.
Have fun with your tag today.


The Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge blog has had me enthralled since it's second week - I didn't know about it until then. Each week I have joined in except, to my horror, last week, when I completely forgot about it. I was devastated yesterday when I realised this, especially as their lovely DT had awarded me the Top 3 banner once more for my entry in week 7 - Books/Reading.
I hope that doesn't happen again and to make up, I have had a go for this week's challenge which is Winter Fun.
Here is my effort which I made last night but have only just managed to photograph.
This lovely little deer is frolicking in the frost and snow. I've used die cuts, stamps made from dies, holographic embossing, punches, stickles, fantasy fibres, ribbons, wedding favour embellishments, paint dabbers, glitters, etc.
We expect to be doing some 'trudging' rather than frolicking in the snow by tomorrow. Hope it clears before we are due to go away or it will be Christmas at home. Better get the decorations ready me thinks.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Yippee! Glassine leaves. I made a Glassine flower some time ago but quite honestly, I thought it was rubbish. It sort of put me off, so to see Tim's video made it quite exciting to use the stuff. The leaves turned out just like the real thing and are now amongst my favourites.
I had to make my own baubles again and so wish I could master the art of bending wire. I get into a right mess with it. The chain is from a goth necklace I found at a car boot sale. Came in useful after all. The colours on today's tag are super and the background even nicer. I wish we could have these tutorials every day. It's the best time of the year. Enjoy making yours.


Well that's what's forecast for today in the NW. Gales of 50 - 55mph and snow. Some of you have already seen plenty of the white stuff, but actually, it's quite rare for us to get very much on the Fylde coast.
I have to apologise to Julia, because this photo is of my desk yesterday. I have been making Tim's 12 tags of Christmas and try to tidy up a bit after each tag ready for the next day, so there's nothing on my space just now. At least not until about 8.30am when I know what is needed today.
My tag from yesterday is in the making on this photo, as is the awful mess I managed to pile up. But I'm having great fun and that's all that matters eh?
I will try to get around a few desks, but counting today, there are still another 6 tags to go, not leaving much time. I'll do better next week, promise.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It was a pleasant surprise to see that I had this embossing folder, thanks for using stash I have Tim.  However, I had to stick some silver metal sheet to a sheet of Stix 2 in order to have a go at todays tag. Bit of a back breaking job to do all the painting - I have to stand to craft you see, it's a light thing - but I got there. Finally, thanks to my now totally ruined nail file/polisher, I managed to burnish the metal, emboss it and finish the tag.
Hubby thinks it's marvelous. Well,  he is used to working with metal being an engineer by trade!
Right O, off to wait for 2pm so I can watch the wonderfully talented Hels on C&C. It's her first appearance today with Studio 490 stamps etc..

Monday, 5 December 2011


Thank you Tim for a relatively easy tag today. After all, it is a Monday!!!
I didn't have the Christmas stamp so used the long swirl stamp instead and for once, managed this technique. I love the vibrant red. What an amazing effect this tag gives.
Right, got to go out now on the second journey to find another heat gun.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


I think Tim's tag #4 is fabulous. Didn't have the 25 die so that was going to be an improvisation. I used some grunge numbers, covered them with distress stains old paper and frayed burlap, stamped them with a music stamp and archival black then covered them with a generous coating of glossy accents. They turned out really well. However, my crackle paint only crackled a bit despite putting it near a radiator. In the end I decided to use my heat gun on it so I could carry on with the tag. What happened next almost ended with me not having a craft room at all - IT SET ON FIRE in my hand. I'm not burnt so nothing to worry about, but I was really shaken. I have another heat gun but it's really powerful and I much prefer the Inkssentials one.
So, after much ado I finally finished my tag.
I can still see the wonder tape down the side so I think I'll dab a bit of snow cap along it to finish it off.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


I've been taking my phone to bed with me for the last 3 nights in order to follow Mario's tweets and get an insight into what the next tag will contain. However, this morning I fell back to sleep after having a look around 7.15am and didn't wake until nearly an hour later. I quickly looked at Tim's blog and saw today's masterpiece. But doom and gloom struck me. I laid there wondering what on earth I could do to emulate today's tag.
I certainly don't have many of Tim's Xmas stamps let alone ones that match the embossing folders, that was the problem, matching a stamp to an embossing folder. The nearest are his snowman ones, but not much to colour with my limited re-inkers. I doubt a snowman would look good in orange or brown. So, I decided to use the pine trees.
After all my pondering, I really like the effect.

Friday, 2 December 2011


Oh this one looks easy - she said and thought 'til she started to make it!!
My perfect pearl snow flurries look like a blizzard. You can't see a single flake. Don't have any sticky backed canvas so used Distress Coredinations instead. Totally not the look required. Didn't have any hesian so there's no contrast to the ribbon or texture. Didn't have the embellishments. Didn't have a texture hammer. Still, I did have the other bits for the tag including a piece of string which Tim himself gave me (and hundreds of other crafters) at his workshop last February. So my tag may not resemble the wonderful Tim creation, but I had a go and had fun.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


The start of another wonderful journey through craft techniques began again today, all thanks to the amazing Tim Holtz who for the 5th year is running the 12 tags of Christmas.
I took my phone to bed with me last night so I could follow Mario's tweets and perhaps gain an insight into the first tag and join in the excitement. Each time I woke up I had a little nosey and then at 8.00am our time, the first tag was unveiled on Tim's blog. Needless to say, I lept out of bed this morning.
I am lucky enough to have some of the items used, but have improvised on the card stock, the embellishments and the Noel die. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with how the tag has turned out though. Here it is:
Have fun with yours too.