Thursday, 27 February 2014


Before 8:30 this arrived
Bringing 3 bags of crusher ie 3 tonnes
Just have the rest of the pond wall to jack hammer down then this stuff can fill the void.
Brew first I think.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The big pond is no more. We dug it 25 years ago so feel it's had its day and it's time for a change. After all, we have another which is about half the size and plenty to manage.
But at our age this hard work isn't coming as easily as it used to and our muscles are screaming. We will continue although it may take a little more time than we would like.
A few photos of our effort.
Tomorrow we have 3 tonnes of in fill coming which our family are coming on Saturday   to help us with. 
Hope the weather keeps up for us but it looks like a bit of snow is on it's way.
Never mind.

Monday, 24 February 2014


We had to go out early to order some new fencing but we had a bit of brekkie out first!! The morning was soon gone after a round trip of about 40 miles sourcing this and that.
When we got back we changed into some old clothes and 'got stuck in'.
The years - about 24 - have taken their toll on what used to be a lovely vibrant 'big' pond. How that gazebo has stood up to the hurricane gales we have had is quite remarkable. But it's days are numbered ie OVER. 
Down it came and quite remarkably the wood is still good. 
Time to drain the 750 gallons of pond water and catch the fish. We called in to a local aquatic place this morning and agreed with them to take our fish - so catch time.
What the ??????
A very long time ago our Tony had a Sterlet that had become too big for its tank so ended up in our big pond. I thought it had died having found some rather confusing bones about 10 years ago. NO! the bloomin' thing was still there and scared the hebe gebes out of me today.
This is it as we tried to get it into our little pond (550 gals) without being stabbed by its spike. 
We found out from the pond shop man that it's still a baby and could grow to 9'!!! 
Tomorrow is another day of playing about in muck - yakky 

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Just having a play with a few stencils and distress inks. This will do for a Xmas card me thinks. 
The new distress paints I had on order arrived yesterday too
So I had a little play with those too.
Just need to add a focal point now.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


A special day today for 2 very special people , my son In law Quentin and my friend Sylvia, both of whom have birthdays.
I forgot to take a photo of Sylvia's birthday canvas but this is the one I made for Quentin - before the bit at the bottom refused to stick and I had to replace it....
The background is paper blocked and 
the bits are from a broken video camera. 
Quentin is a web/graphic designer and therefore a talented photographer too.
Have a lovely day both of you xxx

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Considering I usually feel really depressed in the winter, you know, dark days, cold, wind, rain, all if which coupled with S.A.D. makes me irritable and down. My hubby has a breathing problem - a lot better now than it has been - but he struggles at night and therefore either wakes me or keeps me awake. We hope the specialist will sort him next month then we can both get back to a normal sleep pattern.
So, how do you send the winter blues on their way ??? You take a trip to Poole, Dorset to see your boat and oodle at its glory. 
We are off in a couple of weeks for just a couple of days - I know it's a VERY long way - but I've been waiting to see this Sunseeker 155 for so long I just can't let the chance go by.

To be revealed.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


You are an artist. 
A little ATC made as a compliment slip for the person who has just bought an item from me on EBay.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


The silver anniversary 'card' that is.
Just not coming along the way I wanted so the paper flowers are away again.
Instead I made this little plaque and it's ok so far.
I tried to put 25 on using a glue pen and silver guilding flakes but it's VERY grungy.  May have to sort that.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW #245

Sorry I missed last week but I seem not to have the same rapport with my computer as I have with my phone and Facebook friends, so most of my ramblings and probably nonsense is reported there. I have been rather busy making men's birthday greetings and trying to come to terms with a silver wedding anniversary greeting for friends of ours, which is proving a nightmare to say the least. However, despite my 'obsession' with having a tidy craft area - born from the fact that I have a tiny space to work in - I have a bit of stuff on it today:
the flowers are part of the silver anniversary greeting, one of my master boards made following Hels' workshop, a dried up baby wipe, hand made paper flower, and a bottle of turps substitute bought so I can breath life in to my rather dry gilding waxes. If you want to spy upon other crafter's spaces, pop over to Julia's blog where all will be revealed.

Friday, 7 February 2014


I've been somewhat busy these past few days making men's birthday cards, never an easy task, so am a little later than I like in making my Tim tag this month. Having taken his Creative Chemistry 102 class last year, I am fortunate to have gathered some of this month's stash for eg. the Antiquities powder, chalk, distress glitters and industrial stickers. Being able to use new goodies is exciting too. I did what I could with what I have and came up with this:
The reds are so vibrant and isn't that heart stencil just to die for? Roll on the release in the UK of the other 6 (I managed to get the first 3 of Tim's release of 9 stencils). Right, I must get on with these birthday and anniversary greetings which all seem to come together in my family and friends list.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Following on from my post yesterday, I made another of the projects we created last Sunday at Hels' workshop as the 'today' group will have completed theirs now. First of all here is the one I made last week:
I was so inspired when I got home on Monday that I started another the next day and finished it off on Wednesday:
Totally different appearance although most of the items I used were the same. Today, however, I tried again and came up with this:
Altogether now:
The photos could be better but if you pop over to Facebook you will get better photos. What an exciting 2 weekends I've had. Roll on the next.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Another trip up to Stockton on Tees last weekend for a workshop with fellow Hels Warriors from the Frozen North and of course the one and only Hels Sheridan. I booked this way back last year and because its obviously winter time the thought of not making it across the A66 because of snow became quite stressful. So, last October when I was on yet another of these weekend workshops, we decided (that's hubby and I) not to come to this one in the motorhome but to book into the Premier Inn for 3 nights instead. Was that an experience!!!! I had booked 2 nights while we were there and when I got home decided to book the Friday night too, which I managed to get for a reduced rate. The receptionist had already told me that should snow stop us travelling she would refund all 3 nights even though I would only be entitled to the full rate refunds. That was so good of them. Anyway, we made it so all was fine - wasn't it??? NO because on Saturday morning there was no water!!!! as you can guess that meant no shower, toilet or brew. We got a refund! The next night, Saturday, we were kept awake virtually all night by 4 people trying to get in the room of some friends by banging on the door, thumping up and down the corridors. In the end the police were called. Next morning we got a refund together with another 7 guests. So on to our last night, Sunday. Our room was the only one in the place with creaking floorboards outside the door which incidentally had supposedly been repaired twice so when what looked like a Russian Giant to me (I saw him at 4:17am through the peep hole) wandering up and down, through doors then moving furniture about or something in the 'private' room next door, I spent another sleepless night not helped one bit by the pile of metal I was sleeping on. Least to say when asked on checkout if everything was ok, we quickly told them it was not and would not return to that Premier again. We didn't expect a refund and would have felt bad accepting one but to be honest we deserved our money back. What a palarver. Anyway, the workshop was FANTASTIC and I had the TIME of my LIFE. There had been such an enormous response that Hels and her wonderful assistant Sue, put on another weekend of crafty fun this weekend. That is why we have'nt been able to show our projects. It wouldn't be fair. However, I wanted to be there again with the girls that didn't make last week so I've been crafting along all day making a similar project to last Saturday's and pretending I could hear Hels telling us how to accomplish each stage. Here is my fun in pictures:
The large canvas is from the Saturday workshop and I made the smaller one today. Making the large tattered floral flower from Tim's new die was harder than making the small ones but the fun we all had was the best ever. I decided to use a flower that I had made months ago and which had been dipped in coloured UTEE. The 2 flowers with it are made from moulds and UTEE. I made these at the workshop last October so felt it appropriate that I use them on today's canvas. Tomorrow I shall be 'playing' along again and have already prepped in readiness. I'm sure the Warriors from today are having as much fun as we did last weekend and I can't wait to see their canvases.