Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The big pond is no more. We dug it 25 years ago so feel it's had its day and it's time for a change. After all, we have another which is about half the size and plenty to manage.
But at our age this hard work isn't coming as easily as it used to and our muscles are screaming. We will continue although it may take a little more time than we would like.
A few photos of our effort.
Tomorrow we have 3 tonnes of in fill coming which our family are coming on Saturday   to help us with. 
Hope the weather keeps up for us but it looks like a bit of snow is on it's way.
Never mind.


Artyjen said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new space. Must have been such hard work. xoxo Sioux

Nan G said...

Oh my that's hard work! Glad you have help to shovel all the in fill. Create something pretty in its place. Hugs