Monday, 27 July 2009


Had a 'cheer up' session today making ATCs following the news that I have a 'troublesome' heart!!

Nothing to worry about but it has to be investigated. I'm starting to live at the doctors and hospital just lately. Anyway, these little owls are really cheeky and I've had a ball making the cards.

Enjoy them and have a laugh with me.


I was looking for some inspiration yesterday and came across Tim Holts' 12 tags of Xmas 2007. Another set of fantastic techniques made into exquisite tags. Anyway, I decided to make an ATC based on one of these tags but with a crafty theme. Who better to front this theme than our very own Leonie.

Without her I would not have enjoyed the ATC experience, nor would I have made such lovely friends.

What do you think Leonie?

Friday, 24 July 2009


I don't need an excuse to visit the Dawn Bibby Design Studio and shop. I mean what crafter would?

My hubby had taken one of his helicopters to a place in Burnley for a diagnostic check and needed to pick it up yesterday. As Church, where Dawn's shop is, is only down the road, I just had to go with him, well didn't I?

Anyway, I really struggled (not) to find what I needed, but had no difficulty in finding things I wanted - you know what I mean I'm sure.

I managed to get some more of the new Tim Holtz alcohol inks. Just need 6 more of the lights and 5 of the brights then I have a full set! Ok I didn't need them but I really wanted them!!! It's the same, isn't it?

Managed another card yesterday. A lovely image and gorgeous Magenta papers. Just love the wine colour, it's so rich and warm. What do you think?


My friend and neighbour has a birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Just have a look at this.

My ATC friend, Sylvia, who I met through Leonie's club, is not only a very talented paper crafter, but she can turn her hand to almost anything, including HAND SEWN PATCHWORK QUILTS.

Isn't this just gorgeous? She is now in the process of piecing another quilt which she is entering in a competition. I'd give her 1st prize ever time.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I'm not a great fan of the colour blue but my pal wanted some cards making and she loves it. I made this one as part of the 12 I sent to her, but it may end up in a frame on her wall!

Also, a great big treat arrived in the post today. My fabulous ATC pal in Devon sent me a hand made shoulder shawl that she had made last week whilst on holiday in her caravan. The plight of my frozen shoulder prompted her and boy, am I thrilled. It just touches the relevant part and is light to wear too. Thank you so much Sylvia. You are an absolute treasure.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Caught in the act. The hedgehog is responsible for eating the birds pears and suet.

He came wobbling along 2 nights ago, a bit earlier than usual, and immediately began to tuck in. After about 5 minutes he disappeared behind the box hedging and then made his way elsewhere. No wonder the baby blackbird looks 'peeved' each morning!!!
I've been making a few cards for our Susanna - a little commission. Here are a couple. Some of the others are on my Flickr.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


I have just read of the death of Henry Allingham, the oldest serving person of the 1st world war plus, the oldest person in the world.
My sympathies go to his family.
Henry was a lovely man by all accounts and this certainly came over during the many interviews which were screened.
Enjoy your rest Henry and thanks for the service you gave to our country.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I thought Lindsay did an excellent job last night on QVC. As always though, not enough time and I wanted to watch her all night, then I'm just greedy. Those fairy and owl cards were amazing. I was 'drooling' over them. So Lindsay, WELL DONE. When is the next show?

Now for a little 'spooky' tale.

I sent Lindsay a card to boost her spirits a bit and hope she had fun on her first tv appearance. She so kindly thanked me on her blog for it and said she would take it to QVC with her for a bit of luck. Its the orangey one on the shelf behind her. I heard today from a lady I met at the Tim Holtz demo at Dawn's studio a year last February. We have only ever met once and have formed a friendship over the web since. Guess who had sent Lindsay the gorgeous cat card also on the shelf????????????
Neither of us knew that the other had sent cards. How amazing was that?
Hope the photos are acceptable. It's not easy taking them from the tele, but I just had to relate this tale.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Another baby blackbird! I've now lost count of the baby birds we have had in the garden this year, but it's been wonderful.

This cheeky little thing was made to leave home this week. It's parents were down with it a few days ago but have now told it to fend for itself! It thinks the garden is his and loves to sit on the curved bamboo cane. However, yesterday the heavens opened and it rained, I mean serious rain, so guess what it did? Took shelter in my greenhouse!! How's that for intuition then?

I've been making cards over the last couple of days. Please pop on my Flickr and check them out.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Friday, 10 July 2009


CONGRATULATIONS - to Joanne (no not me) of fame, who at the end of this month celebrates 12months of blogging and a massive 20,000 hits.

Check out her blog, not only for some lovely card creations, but for details of a craft giveaway she is doing to celebrate her anniversary.

Also, if you publish pictures of your craft area, she may just enter you into the draw twice!!

Here goes.

Monday, 6 July 2009


I was closing the blind in my workroom the night before last, and look what I saw. Look closely now. Can you tell what it is? A toad, not a frog, but our resident toad from the big pond. It was around 10.45pm so he is a bit tricky to see. He's sitting infront of the plant pot at the edge of the pond.

Last night, whilst closing the blinds, I saw a hedgehog running over the road from our garden. Talk about wild life round here. Thought a couple of 'wild' ATCs wouldn't go a miss after that!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I had my sewing machine out yesterday and decided to use some of the enormous material sample stash I have. A good way to save on glue I thought!

Only managed 1 card though before I got fed up as it was so hot. Hope we don't get another 3 hour thunder storm tonight, namely, 2am - 5am!!! Got to get some sleep, Hubby back tomorrow. Yippee.