Thursday, 16 July 2009


I thought Lindsay did an excellent job last night on QVC. As always though, not enough time and I wanted to watch her all night, then I'm just greedy. Those fairy and owl cards were amazing. I was 'drooling' over them. So Lindsay, WELL DONE. When is the next show?

Now for a little 'spooky' tale.

I sent Lindsay a card to boost her spirits a bit and hope she had fun on her first tv appearance. She so kindly thanked me on her blog for it and said she would take it to QVC with her for a bit of luck. Its the orangey one on the shelf behind her. I heard today from a lady I met at the Tim Holtz demo at Dawn's studio a year last February. We have only ever met once and have formed a friendship over the web since. Guess who had sent Lindsay the gorgeous cat card also on the shelf????????????
Neither of us knew that the other had sent cards. How amazing was that?
Hope the photos are acceptable. It's not easy taking them from the tele, but I just had to relate this tale.


Avril Ann said...

Hi Joanne, I have yet to watch my QVC shows from last night, suffice to say Kids programs and golf rule at the minute, I spent a fortune on Tuesday with the TSV etc, so I better not complain...I am itching to watch it, but I had better wait and watch 4 hours tomorrow if I get up early enough, I was up at 6am this morning. LOL Hugs Avril xx

Joanne said...

Hope you enjoy them Avril. I've tried sitting on my hands so as not to spend, but have developed the knack of phoning in using my toes LOL!!!!!