Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I'm not a great fan of the colour blue but my pal wanted some cards making and she loves it. I made this one as part of the 12 I sent to her, but it may end up in a frame on her wall!

Also, a great big treat arrived in the post today. My fabulous ATC pal in Devon sent me a hand made shoulder shawl that she had made last week whilst on holiday in her caravan. The plight of my frozen shoulder prompted her and boy, am I thrilled. It just touches the relevant part and is light to wear too. Thank you so much Sylvia. You are an absolute treasure.

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sharon said...

Hi Joanne
Hope you are well.
Long time since I've had a real chance to blog! I love brown and turquoise blue together - fab card. Your craft space is also to die for! I will put together a little package for you this week as I know I have neglected our swaps for a couple of months! xx