Friday, 31 December 2010


My Tim workshop tickets have just arrived.



Only today to go, then we start an exciting new year.
I think ours may just have started today as we had a phone call from the hospital this morning, to say that 'peg leg' is to have his knee operation on the 11th January. At long last he will be without pain. That will make such a difference. Also, when he has had his hernia op he won't be able to make any more excuses not to do jobs!!!!!!! yippee!

I have made a resolution that I really am going to make an effort to keep, which is, to be more positive. With that in mind, I have turned over a new leaf.
From this, to this:

to all crafters out there in the world. Enjoy 2011, I know I will. xxx

Thursday, 30 December 2010


Another wonderful card has arrived through the snowdrifts. This time all the way from Scotland and my lovely talented friend Hazel.
The little group of snowmen glisten with a fresh fall of sparkly snow and are so lovely. A beautiful card indeed.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


How quickly this year has gone. I can hardly believe that today is the last Wednesday of the year making this post the last WOYWW. If you pop over to Julia's you can peep at the world's craft desks for the last time this year too.
But hey! don't be sad because next week will see us starting all over again and maybe there will be some new desks to have a look at. Yippee!
Mine isn't very exciting today.
I've just taken this photo so it really does look like this. I was hoping to make a few ATCs from the mountain of bits I have, instead of cutting into more paper and card, but I managed 3 then gave up. The booklet in the foreground is about my new phone, which incidentally, is a nightmare to use. It will take me ages to get used to it with all the technology on it.
I wanted to share another Christmas card with you.

This was sent to me by Gez. It's an acetate card with a concertina base with different stamped images on each fold making a wonderful 3D effect. I absolutely adore this card and given that Gez is suffering badly with vertigo, she has done an amazing job of cutting out the images.
Well, that's all from me today except to wish you all


See you in 2011.

Friday, 24 December 2010


It's finally here.
After all the rushing around, wrapping presents and most of all, making cards, Christmas 2010 has arrived.
This little chappie is called Huxley.
He is a Tibetan Terrier and belongs to my eldest step-daughter and her husband.
I thought he looks so cute in his little coat out for a walk in the snow.
The picture forms the front of their Christmas cards this year and is a fabulous way to promote  their business Quentin James Designs.

I would like to wish to you all



Keep warm and see you all after the holidays.

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I thought you may just like to see the handmade cards we have received this year. Together with the lovely bought ones, we have a smashing display.
This is my 'handmade' shelf. So, from left to right, here goes,

The amazing pergamano card is a real beauty, made by Sylvia, who is an expert in this field. The Santa card is perfect in every way. So neatly created by Sonia.

The lovely singing choir has been carefully coloured by Sheila and then assembled to form a gate fold card. The blue 'baubles' card, by Barb, has me mesmorised every time I look at it. It really is a perfect creation which glistens in the light.
This beautiful angel - and she really is beautiful, just look closely at her face - has not only been created but also drawn by Lindsay.

I think we have been really lucky to have been sent these cards and they will go in my 'TO KEEP' folder after Christmas. Thank you every one.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I bet none of you can believe that it's actually Christmas in a couple of days, I know I can 't. To see how many feel the same, pop over to our leader Julia and hop around the world finding out. I took my photos yesterday when the light was reasonable.
This shows some of the craft goodies 'peg leg' bought me for my birthday on Monday, and this one shows
an amazing little pusscat book bought for me by Lindsay. It's full of fabulous photos of kittencats that make you want them all. Can you see the little facet in the picture? This is a lovely little brooch that Lindsay has made for me. You will all recognise me now because I shall be wearing it to every craft demo, workshop and show that I go to. I also received something else from Lindsay........
This is the wrapping paper and ribbon. I'm sure the ribbon is Tim's and the paper is such good quality that I can cut out all those little butterflies and use them on my cards. Well they say crafters never throw anything away.......................
May I take this opportunity to wish you all

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I want to share some of my birthday cards and little surprises with you because I have been amazed by the talent of the lovely friends who sent them to me. I realise though, that not everyone is a crafter and also, some crafters have been short of time and have sent bought cards. They are just lovely too, even the one with an orangutan on the front!!!!!!
Here goes then:
The beautiful, intricate card on the left is from my special pal, Sylvia. The patience she has to produce pergamano stuns me. Wait 'til I blog my Xmas cards! The gogeous Tilda with presents card on the right is from Sheila, who has amazed me with this because she usually produces grunge. This card makes her super talented in my eyes.

Many of you will recognise the art on the left as being created by the ever lovely Lindsay. She has created a beautiful alcohol inked background for her very own fairy stamped image. I think Lindsay has made the little turrets which are just super. This card is stunning and the photo just doesn't do it justice. Now, the card on the right is simply fabulous. I recognise some Tim Holtz there. The colours are vibrant but not over powering and I love  every inch. To be honest, this is the most lovely card that my friend Sonia has sent me, and that includes her gorgeous ATCs.

These are a couple of my little surprises. The ATC on the left was made for me by Heather. I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye. The friendship statement made my heart sing. The stunning little ornament on the right is another She creation. It's not going on my Xmas tree though, it's going to hang in my workroom so that I can always see it.
As well as all the above, I received several emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you so very much for all your good wishes.

Monday, 20 December 2010

9.05AM 20 DECEMBER 19??

As I write this, I have gained another year.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me a birthday card and also for the gorgeous hand-made treasures.
Not sure what today will bring as the weather is pretty awful and we may not be able to get a car out. I will, however, pop back later to show you my cards and treasures.
Thank you once again.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


I can hardly move for all the clothes I've got on and I'm still freezing cold. The heating is turned right up too. If I'm cold indoors, just think about the poor little creatures that are outside.
We always feed the birds, winter or summer, and have been blessed by some returning each year. We have a few big trees so, occasionally, a black bird will nest which is what happened last year. This winter we have had these visitors:
Mr & Mrs Blackie
Jenny wren,
Mr Robin,
Pied Wagtail (waggy waggy)
Grey Wagtail (another waggy waggy)
tree sparrows,
Umpteen starlings
Great tit,
Ring-necked pigeons
Heron (with a broken leg)

Here is the pied waggy waggy:

I took these photos from my little craft room.

As you can see, we have a good amount of snow and the big pond is frozen. However, we keep the pumps and filters on all year round, so the water isn't frozen at the top end.
Please look after the birds during this cold weather, but more importantly, keep yourselves warm too. x

Saturday, 18 December 2010


It has to be unusual for the North West to get snow, but we had plenty last night.

Friday, 17 December 2010


I try not to be sad anymore but sometimes, like today, it's very difficult.
17 December is the day we had to let our Toby go, and that was 2 years ago. The days have flown by.
His photos take pride of place both on shelves and in his scrapbook, but the memories take pride of place in our hearts.
These photos were the first we ever took of him. He was 5yrs old when we were honoured that he chose us.We brought him home and he settled at once. His trust was amazing and I still remember these poses.

One of the rossettes split in half. One bit was useless but the other half was ok. However, I'm not sure it sits right on the page so may take it off.

I left the grungeboard letters in the raw as the colour matched the pages.

Just look at him and how he is laying. He looks so sorry for himself. He used to stay like that for ages. Such a poser!

Well, I don't need an anniversary, good or bad, to think of him. I can still feel his velvet coat, hear his 'snoring' and many a time I find myself talking to him. The only thing I really miss is holding him.......

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Woke in the night with another chunky book page in my mind, so I just had to try and make it this morning.
In keeping with the mystery, here is a sneak peek.
Are those fingers??
Is there a witch at the other end of them?
Or is it a..................

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I wait and wait for the 1st December to come around so that I can experience the 12 tag journey, and before I knew it this year, it's been and gone! What a blast I had though. The tags this time were 'chocker block' with tips and amazing techniques and all were gorgeous. It's a long time to wait for next December, but judging how quickly these Wednesdays come round, it will be here before I know it. In fact, I've just booked to go away next Christmas!!!!!!!
Well, if you can't wait for Tim's tags how about having sneaky peeps at craft desks from around the world. Our leader Julia set all this up for us to do just that.
This was mine last night - actually, it's the same this morning. I saw these Tim stamps on Ebay at the end of November, put a bid on and won them. 7 sets in total and I only had 1 of them already. They have come from America and cost me £22. That's what I call a bargain.
'Peg leg' finally received the neck for his guitar - the postie delivered it at 7.15pm on Saturday night!!!!!!! - right in the throes of the X-Factor final - you know the one where my favourite - Matt Cardle - won. Anyway, he has been busy putting the lacquer coats on it (it needs at least 24 coats!) and this is the result so far.
Looking good. It still has a long way to go, but he's getting there.
Enjoy your trip around the world today. I'm just off to enjoy my travels.
Keep warm.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Nip over to the Yours Artfully blog for details of this amazing blog giveaway.
The prize will be drawn in the New Year.


Having been really busy making the 12 tags of Christmas, I haven't been able to show you the ATCs I received from Heather's November swap - Movers & Shakers. Here they are.

The one on the left is a pocket card made by Chris Bedford.The little pull out carries a verse about Angels plus a little white feather. How beautiful is that?

The purple card is a shaker ATC by Andrea Heath. The distressing is really lovely on this and I guess it's dusty concord.

The 3rd card is from my friend Sonia. I love Sonia's cards because they all have a theme to them, are so neat and generally really good fun. Sonia doesn't have a blog, but I am working on her!!!

Thank you once more to Heather for running this swap along with all the others this year. She gave us a break this month but will be back in the NY with another. Pop over to her blog then and join in. It's fun.

Now then, I have made the most wonderful friends through this crafting lark, especially through swapping ATCs, and this trio has come from one of those friends, Barb.

Barb is more talented than I can say. Her cards are full of thought and so very neat - not like me who does something once and if it's squiffy it stays that way.  Just look at the paper couple. That will have been cut free hand, and the tiny cross stitch tree. Just lovely.

Thank you Barb, I'll send 3 back this week.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


The final day. How quickly that came around.
I watched the videos on Tim's post today and realised the potential for the movers and shakers. How cool was the envelope trick then? Unfortunately, I don't possess any of the cut outs so today was another improvisation.

I used some of the Christmas stickers from the seasonal salvage sticker pad to cover a tag. No bauble die so I used the largest one from my grungeboard ready cut ones. I found the letters for the word Joy and arranged them on the bauble so I could draw around them in order to cut out a circle.
I then got messy with the fired brick DI before painting all the bits with rock candy distress crackle paint. Mine wouldn't crackle though, so out came the heat gun. However, instead of ending up with a vintage-like crackle, I ended up with red sticky toffee!!!! It finally dried enough to be able to do the ribbon, wire and letters thingy. Looks ok for a bodge up.
My trusty corners came into use again, though I think I've used them all now, and I cut the calendar from the lost and found stack. The cones were in my stash but the fir tree bits just happened to drop off my Xmas tree.....just at the right moment too!!!

I have loved every bit of these past 12 days, despite the bloomin' baubles and perfect pearls!! and am now eagerly looking forward to February and the chance of a life time workshop with the master himself.


Pop over to Artyjen's blog and also the Artistic Stamper, where you can see the most marvelous tags that Tim's followers this year have created. I'm off for a peep now.

Saturday, 11 December 2010


I wonder how many of us thought to make foam stamps from Tim's Alterations dies. I certainly didn't. It makes spending all that money on them worth while twice over.
This tag wasn't hard, just a bit fiddly, mainly for me because I don't have any ornate plates so had to make something up from the charms I had.
First of all though, I made the snowflake foam stamp. I have several sheets of funky foam, bought years and years ago when I first started crafting. I've almost given it away umpteen times. How glad am I now that I didn't. I really liked the way Tim used this stamp and I reckon it's a technique I shall use many times more.

Again, luckily I have the pine tree die so the tag was easy. I followed all Tim's instructions and tried really hard to cut the snowy tree at the same parts too. Not difficult but a bit tricky to see some of the edges through the home made glittery flower soft.
I stuck the 2 metal corners onto the 2 titchy square frames using multi matt medium. Normally I would have used glossy accents, but after Tim saying that he always uses the medium for metal, I did the same. It's really stuck so that's another fab tip.

Another enjoyable crafting session.

Just off to link this to both Artyjen and  the Artistic Stamper blogs.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Can you believe it's no 10 already?
Another thank you to Tim for a relatively simple tag today. He knows how busy everyone is at this time of year.
I managed this one mainly because I had the Winter Wonder die because I had used my pre-cut grunge one last year. Had I needed to draw one, I would have been here all day!!
The things I used which weren't Tim's were:
cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder
snowflake charm,
Merry Christmas stamp
red ribbon round snowman's neck
white ribbon through tag top
I cut the acrylic tag by hand from my X-Cut guillotine packaging
silver jump ring

Considering all that, it worked fine.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Didn't he excel himself today! I absolutely adore today's tag. The colours are beautiful and the whole design is so special, even though it meant making baubles again and getting out the perfect pearls.
It proved a bit fiddly but I got there in the end.
Not sure which photo looked the best, so I've included both. I didn't have the letter die that Tim used, but this one worked ok. Whilst I was cutting the letters, the 'w' partly cut. I thought it looked like a crown so I painted it with a silver dabber and used it above the heart. I used dotty white ribbon which I coloured as stated and then crinkled it with a heat gun. The fibres behind the rosette were a freebie from craft obsessions. Also mopped all my spare ink up with card cut to ATC size, so have loads of backgrounds now. Waste not, want not eh?
Popping over to Artyjen and the Artistic stamper to link my tag.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Thank you Tim for a less complicated tag today. Not having much time was an issue for me, but I've just finished today's tag.
I had to improvise again. I used a clock face from the Lost and Found stack, a few of my old Xmas stamps, some corners I bought throughout the year, the same with the little key and ribbon from my box. My Dymo hasn't got a script font but it does have italics. The only problem is whenever I use italics, I can't get out of them again!!! so I stuck to a plain text.
Just off to link it to Artyjen and the Artistic Stamper blogs.


Just was so tired yesterday after struggling with Tim's tag #7 and then putting the Xmas tree up. In fact, I have only been up half an hour. That's really bad because we have to go miles away today for 'peg leg's appointment with the specialist about his hernias. Will have to get a crack on.
Wondered whether you might like to see the progress made with the guitar this week.
It's had umpteen coats of Rolls Royce car paint and then umpteen coats of lacquer. 'Peg leg' is just waiting for the neck to arrive - hopefully today before we have to go out - so he can finish it off. Those of you familiar with guitars will recognise it as a Fender Stratocaster. I 'll show you it finished next week - hopefully.
Well, my desk this morning is cluttered with some of the items  needed for today's tag.

I don't have all the products but am fortunate enough to have recently bought the mask form the Artistic Stamper. Some foresight that! I hope to find some time to do more blog hopping than I managed last week - after getting round everyone the week before too - as it's thanks to our WOYWW leader Julia, that we can do all this snooping. Also, I hope you are not snowed in and keeping warm. As usual, the North West has no snow, just freezing temperatures, which incidentally, all melted yesterday!
See you next week. x