Saturday, 4 December 2010


Now doesn't #4 look easy? Well let me tell you - it's not, at least not for me.
I don't have any of Tim's Seasonal papers, facets, ribbon or baubles, so once again, I had to make my own embellishments.
I cannot for the life of me bend that bloomin' silver wire into a perfect round. This was my best shot today.
Not only did I struggle with the baubles, I had to get 'peg leg' to drill a tiny hole in the only flat-backed faceted gems I have. He managed that ok but could I get the snowflake image to appear? Could I heck!!
I have done this technique before on one of Lindsay's workshops and it worked just fine, but not today.

I don't have any Hero Arts bling either, so I had to rummage in my sticky gem box for both crystal and white gems on a string so that I could bend them around the tag.

By this time I had rummaged in my ribbon box too and found some pearls I bought for last year's tags, which worked fine for the bottom of the tag. I used a piece of some Paper Artsy Xmas paper and the sticker which resembled the paper Tim used, found the relevant adage ticket, a little blue safety pin and a small paper clip. I gave up on dying the ribbon today and just used some white and some blue grosgrain. This is the end result.

I don't like this one at all. Sorry folk, especially Tim. Reckon it's the back ache I get from standing trying to make those flippin' baubles!!!!!!


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oh i think this is lovely!!!
well worth all the hard work
Julie xx

Jennie Atkinson said...

It is lovely tag - and such alot of work!

Artyjen said...

Must be a gremlin in the alcohol (technique) today!! LOL
It's turned out well Joanne although I suspect all that effort has taken the shine off it at the minute for you ;)
Here's to tomorrow...can day 5 be easier.....pretty please?
xoxo Sioux

Joan said...

Your tag is lovely, I had a hard time with this one too, hope I like tomorrows better

Donna said...

Your Tag is gorgeous, and if it's any consolation, I couldn't get that resist right either! I LOVED doing today's though, think it was my fave. Love your baubles, had to make mine too and I can never get a perfect circle with the wire either!
Donna x

Tracey said...

lol I so hear you on this one, I had a headache from trying to make the bliking facet thingy, drove me bonkers to be honest - had to use a fragment and it just wouldnt play nice and the baubles were another thing entirely - remind me never to take up jewelry making, me and beads do not get along !!! glad you persevered I think your tag turned out just fine, in fact is is really lovely, lets hope he takes it easy on us soon or we will all be on our kneecaps by the end lol

She said...

Hi Joanne, I disagree with you.........I LOVE it, I think is fantastic, well done you. :-) Catch up soon. Love S xx

Fliss said...

This is gorgeous Joanne. I struggled with it too and did the resist bit twice amongst other errors!