Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Ok then, I have been waiting for this Wednesday for the last 353 days, or would it be 352 since it took me a little longer last year to make all 12 tags? - however many days it is, the next 12 will be the most exciting. So, not only is it the day of the week that I really look forward to ( a great big thank you to Julia for that 'cos I get to wander around the world having a good old nosey at every one's crafting space), but today is the first day of The 12 Tags of Christmas run by Mr Tim Holtz.
Before I show you my work space today (actually I took the photo last night but it is still the same this morning until the 1st tag posts), I just have to thank so many of you for the wonderful comments last week, and also want to boast the fact that I visited every single one of you - WOW! that's a first for me - for liking and praising my DH, aka 'peg leg', on the fabulous ink blending tool holder he made for me.
Actually, he was 'taken a back' by some of the lovely things said that he wanted to hijack this post and say,
Thank you very much for the admiration you have given to the blending tool holder I made for my DW. Unfortunately, all those of you wanting me to make one for you will be very disappointed because I have started my next project (something for myself this time). What do you think?
Sorry crafters.

Here is my work space then.
Completely empty and ready for the 'off'.
Also, may I just hope that everyone suffering this awful cold spell (UK) is managing to keep warm. So far, the NW has had  freezing temperatures, but  no snow . Please also spare a thought for our wild feathered friends. It's really hard for them to find food under all that snow.
Take care.


Jennie said...

Hi Joanne, bitterly disappointed that your OH is making something else, I mean us crafters out here were just
Sitting here waiting for the Lord to post, as I am with you off to make tags..hopefully
Hugs xx

jude said...

I think we are all awaiting Lor5d Holtz to the guitar in the making,just sad:( hes started creating something can
Have fab wednesday keep warm and safe
hugs judex#4

Artyjen said...

I'm ready!
Love the it the base of a stand?
xoxo Sioux

Helen said...

Yes, I can't wait either. Come on Tim! We have snow down here (yuck, unless you can stay inside, which I can't...) have a good day.

Minxy said...

Timmy tags at the ready here lol
Great guitar, your OH is a real dab hand with the wood isn't he!
Happy Tagging WOYWW
Minxy #34

Wipso said...

How clever Mr Pegleg is. I'm seriously impressed. Hope you have fun tag making with Mr Tim.
A x

Anonymous said...

I think we need a new rule. If your DH won't make one of something for all your visitors, you're not allowed to taunt us all with it.

I'm in the NW too and can't believe I've just moved back here from New York. New York is so much warmer than Britain. It's just not fair.

Enjoy Tim's Tags.

cheers, rachel #54

soniajones said...

I cant believe all you people are up and on your computers before 9o'clock in the morning! DH it's fab (yeah yeah yeah!) you'll have to start your own blog! And here in this bit of the NW (liverpool) we've got tons of snow!!! xxx

Sue said...

Hi ya
aww im guted i had just the place to put me holder! lol, the guitar looks fabulous,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

Lionelsa said...

Your desk is very organised today. #81

airing cupboard crafts said...

Can't wait to see your tags. The desk looks lovely.

I love the guitar what a talented hubby you have.

Laua - 83

Lizzybobs said...

loving your crafty space thanks for sharing with us - keep warm and have a great Wednesday off to see what sir Tim is up to lv & ((HUGS))

Angie said...

Wow and again WOW ....cant wait to see your DH's finished guitar ... something to be so proud of

nnalorac said...

A crafty household great fun! Have fun with your tags. So much snow here, staying put, well have no option. Carolxx

Carola Bartz said...

Your husband is wonderful, even though he is not making blender tools for hundreds of enthusaistic crafters... sigh.
I sneaked to the post above and saw your first Tim-tag, it turned out incredibly beautiful.

Terry said...

What a talented hubby you have, and a great desk!

Terry (24)

Serendipity Stamping said...

Your desk is really ready for a workout. Can't wait to see your tags.

Julia Dunnit said...

Good Lord an electric guitar! Does he play? Mr Dunnit made a violin a few years ago (to see if he could) and we had to take it to a music shop to hear it played! Sounded good to me..hope your experience is similar! Lots of you looking foreward to the tags - love that you've tidied up so thoroughly ready to go!

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, your OH is a very talented man - a guitar this time, fantastic. I just had to pop over to Lord Holtz's and check out his first tag - brilliant - I can see why you've cleared the decks and look forward to seeing all 12 creations.

Pam said...

UNCLE! I'm crying UNCLE! I wasn't going to do it but now I HAVE to follow Timmy's 12 tags! But does my desk have to be clean first?

AmberInk got lucky @#1!

Vicki B in OP NY said...

How cool is that, a guitar in the making! Very neat looking desk - until the 12 Tags fest gets underway. Keep warm. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, I didn't get round to many folks last week so I went back through your old posts, and you can tell peg leg that he's definitely got another admirer! Great work there! Love your clean desk and I bet it's not clean anymore!

Brenda 90

Spyder said...

aw, I did venture out in the snow to feed the birds,AND nipped round to the pet shop to get more food! Lovely tidy desk this week!
Happy WOYWW!!

Nicky said...

Love your tidy desk and your DH is so talented - have fun making your tags ~Nicky~30

sasa said...

wow - is that a real guitar in the make - my musician hubby will be impressed and jealous.

seen all your tags so far and think you are doing a great job on them

sasa 7

Gez said...

Wow! What a talented couple you make.xx
Off to admire your tags. Hope you are keeping warm.xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Another week seems to have around so quickly. It's nice to see a lovely neat and tidy desk with lots of goodies on there to have a good old play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 40)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here I am trying to catch up after missing so much last week. Love your guitar. That's pretty amazing. Happy belated and nearly time time for the next WOYWW (#3).