Sunday, 19 December 2010


I can hardly move for all the clothes I've got on and I'm still freezing cold. The heating is turned right up too. If I'm cold indoors, just think about the poor little creatures that are outside.
We always feed the birds, winter or summer, and have been blessed by some returning each year. We have a few big trees so, occasionally, a black bird will nest which is what happened last year. This winter we have had these visitors:
Mr & Mrs Blackie
Jenny wren,
Mr Robin,
Pied Wagtail (waggy waggy)
Grey Wagtail (another waggy waggy)
tree sparrows,
Umpteen starlings
Great tit,
Ring-necked pigeons
Heron (with a broken leg)

Here is the pied waggy waggy:

I took these photos from my little craft room.

As you can see, we have a good amount of snow and the big pond is frozen. However, we keep the pumps and filters on all year round, so the water isn't frozen at the top end.
Please look after the birds during this cold weather, but more importantly, keep yourselves warm too. x


Gez said...

Goodness that's a lot of snow you've had Joanne! Lovely to see the Pied Wagtail.. we keep taking food for the birds with us when we go out for walks. :)
Oooh love your trees btw on you last post. :) Thank you for your best wishes this morning they mean so much.xx
Hope you can warm up

Zoechaos said...

From a sprinkling yesterday to easily a foot today thats a big snowfall, no wonder you are wrapped up. You are so lucky with your bird visitors with the care you give them they have found a good place. With three young hunters I'm afraid offering them food here would be very wrong. XOXO Zoe

Lindsay Mason said...

Love the photos Joanne. A Magpie woke me up this morning knocking on the window for his breakfast. The snow's brilliant for seeing what visitors there have been in the night! We are feeding the wildlife better than ourselves at the moment I think!!! Anyway, have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and hope Peg Leg spoils you rotten! Love, Lindsay x x x

She said...

What great photos Joanne. Wish we had birds visit us, but there are too many cats round here..............not that, that is a bad thing!! S xx