Thursday, 26 February 2015


I appear to have been sewing forever and a day just lately. This week saw the turn of the dreaded bench seat pads. 
I couldn't get foam big enough to make one base and one back, but having struggled with making half sized pads, I'm so glad I couldn't. Here are the 2 I've managed to complete this week.
They go well with the cushions. I tried really hard to match as many lines as possible and as each pad has 7 pieces to it, that was some task believe me. Matching the base to the back was another challenge. Why I didn't just buy some plain material I'll never know!!! But that's me all over - in at the deep end. I like to challenge myself and sometimes it works.
Two more to go then. Gosh! We had better get some summer! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015


My son-in-law (nickname Monkey) has a birthday today. 
He is well into rally car racing and designs brochures for the NW stages as part of his business. He also wants a new Ford Focus RS!!!! - so I decided to make him one as a laugh.
This took me all week!!

Anyway, it gave him a laugh which is the main thing. Happy birthday Quentin x
The other birthday is my pal Sylvia.
Now you know how brilliant a seamstress she is, so I decided to make her - a sewing machine!!
Not had chance to ring her yet but I hope she likes it.
Happy birthday Sylvia x.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Today was the last day of #artchain for me. Pop over to my FB page to see all the details. These however, were the last pieces I showed

Monday, 16 February 2015


I was sponsored this week to take part in #artchain by the ever lovely Hels Sheridan. The idea is to post on Facebook over 5 days, 5 items you have created over the years and each day sponsor someone else to do the same. Pop over to my FB page to see the next 3 days but because I'm a bit late telling you, here are my first 2 posts,

Day 1 
Day 2

Sunday, 15 February 2015


To keep records of my year old (almost) perennial border, I have been taking photos each Sunday so I can see its progress, good or bad. I have to admit that the 3 squirrels that seem to frequent our bird feeder, have been digging over the soil for me despite my not wanting them to!! Things really did go to sleep for the winter and for the last 3 months, nothing has changed apart from leaves falling off the Penstemons. I managed a little tidy up the other day but to be honest you wouldn't know. However, today when I went to take the usual photos, I saw new growth. The Achillea, Verbena, Flox and even a Delphinium are actually sprouting. Spring is in the air for sure.
Its a start at least.

Friday, 6 February 2015


The postie brought me a very big smile this morning. A very thoughtful, generous, hand - made gift from my pal Barb.
It's a little tag record. Each tag has a month on it all contained in a delicately decorated pouch with the cutest of all little 3D image. I could record birthdays, anniversaries, In fact anything that is repeated during a particular month. I love it to bits. 
What a special surprise to receive. It will be cherished for sure.
Thank you for my happy smile today Barb x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Click HERE to pop over to Tim's blog for all the details on this month's tag. I love paper blocking, it uses all those scraps of paper that normally clog up a drawer or end up in the bin. Backgrounds made this way are always stunning and make a far more interesting creation than just one piece of paper or card. Again I had to compromise on a few bits not having everything Tim used this month, but I managed to make this:
Having made 4 patchwork cushions during January my sewing machine is still out so getting to sew on this tag was even easier. I just really need to do a bit of paper crafting now because I am so behind and birthdays are looming.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


That's it, I've finally made 4 cushions for the outside benches. Just got to start on the seat pads now!!
This is the last one
Front view. I used my Tim Holtz Alterations dies to cut the flowers, trellis, greenery and butterfly. What fabulous results I got. 
Here's the back
Nice and bright and the same buttons as the other cushions just different colours. I decided to use cotton for the backs rather than the curtains I mentioned because I felt the material would be too thick because all the cushion fronts are sandwiched with batting.
Here they all are together - not the 2 plain ones 
My bed is their storage area, kind of making them have a double use.
I've had such fun making these throughout gloomy January. I've also re-kindled my love of sewing and learnt new techniques along the way. I may not have made perfect cushions but they are ok, mine and they definitely taught me to