Monday, 28 February 2011


Log on to this link to see more fabulous photos of Tim's workshop including some of the incredible pieces made by Tim himself.


I received money for both my birthday and Christmas so that I could treat myself to some Tim goodies. Here is what I got.
You can see 3 sets of Tim's new stamps. I especially like the back-to-front words stamps which can be used together with his embossing folders. I had run out of sprocket gears and only have a few swivel clasps left so they were replacements. Multi Matt Medium is so good I have used rather a lot of that too so thought I had better get another just incase. As I haven't had the chance to do any crafting since we came home, I haven't used the scrubbie, but am sure I shall sometime this week.
I also bought a new bottle of blending solution and Tim's 'hanging sign' die from the Art Shop in Darlington and I got 2 more packs of grungepaper yesterday from Inspirations.
Oh! look what the postie has just delivered.
Yippee! All I need now are the Distress Stains I've ordered from Simon Says Stamp.
Thank you for my presents. I love them all.

Sunday, 27 February 2011



I'm still flying high despite the 680+mile round trip and the fact that I am at home now. They say your long term memory improves with age and that is certainly true for me. I can remember back to being 2ys old but am struggling to recall everything that happened since last Wednesday! What a wonderful experience. I would do it again in a flash because the master himself TIM HOLTZ is the most easy-going guy you could ever want to meet. So very professional and so very charismatic (thanks Lindsay for that word, it sums him up completely).
I realise the cost put many off, to be honest it frightened me too, but I pushed the boat out knowing it will most likely be a 'one-off' for me. Having said that, I did some sums when I got home and added up the cost of all the 'goodies' we were given so wait for it - over £90 worth - now that makes the cost very cheap indeed don't you agree.
We began the day with a 2.5hr class with Leandra and Lin.
After registration and a quick shopping session I found a seat on a table with ladies I had never met but who had friendly faces and welcomed me.
One lady called Zoe made this tag book. The photos certainly don't do it justice, but if you look closely at the first one, you may be able to pick out the different layers. I thought it was just fantastic.
On to the project. We used metal which had been pre-embossed with a tree design, which we had to ink and paint before sanding down for a final finish. The paint was an Artsycraft product just being formulated and gives a more chalky finish. I mixed it with spray inks and water to coat the pieces we used, and had extremely 'mucky' fingers at the end. We also had to cut round a metal tree and then knurl the edges.
I managed that ok so no cut fingers. My tree didn't really come out as inky as I would have liked, but I did like the colours I ended up with for the rest of the project.
Wow, I actually finished it plus, it's correct, no mistakes. Whoohoo!
Class over, I went straight - well not exactly straight, I went round a lot of chairs and tables and fellow crafters - to get to the front of the room where projects from various classes and demos were laid out. What an array of amazing art. I just wanted to spend the whole of the lunch break there. However, a couple of dozen other lasses had the same thought so it was hard to get good photos. I did my best so please enjoy this little gallery.

These are the 3 canvasses made at Tim and Dyan's workshop at the Stitches show. I had seen photos on Facebook and Twitter from various people and just couldn't wait to see them first hand. I know Lindsay has made them and I want to get the chance to see them close up. I absolutely adore each one and want to make them for myself.

Isn't this amazing?

I bet you are getting excited at seeing these aren't you?

I can't stop looking at all these. They are going to inspire me - and jog me - into making some special pieces this year. Hold me to it folk.

After I took the photos, I picked up my packed lunch and headed back to my hotel room where 'peg leg' was after having had a short trip into Bedford that morning. He had started with a cold a few days after me, so was in the middle of the worse of it. Being able to just rest was perfect for him and he actually enjoyed his day too.
I then headed back to floor 1 where Tim's class was being held, and managed - at last - to team up with Hels and meet Dan too. We were finally allowed in - oh joy! - and there was Mario looking all sun tanned and smiling radiantly.
Every time I tried to photograph him, someone got in the way!
We found a table (not hard as we were the first in the door) and look at how it was set out for us.

Ok, the glasses and water are mine, but the configurations box, fancy feet, plastic bag of grungeboard and zipped bag of paint dabber, DI ink pad, blending tool, glossy accents, mutli matt medium, craft scrapper and perfect pearls spray were all there for us to use and KEEP! Add the cost of that little lot for a starter.
Tim appeared and was immediately mobbed. I had no chance of a decent photo.

He is sooo handsome. All the classes and demos over the last few days had taken their toll on him, and he was losing his voice. Didn't stop him though.
We began the 4 wonderful hours of making a very special keepsake configuration box. The first 2 hours were spent prepping the compartments using Tim's Lost and Found stash with papers previously cut and scored for us by Mario and the team in the US. What a marvelous job they had done. After that we had a tea break, which Tim finds to be 'so English'. Anyway, on our return we had another little surprise, a canvass bag filled to the brim with allsorts of goodies, including some new releases not on our shores as yet. I have priced all these and they make up the £90+.
So we began the task of filling the little spaces. I had taken 'Wim Wam' with me. He is my baby pram mobile which was given to me by my God Mother when I was born and he was her pram toy too. This makes him Victorian and around 120years old. I placed him in the centre space.
I haven't finished my box but will as the days permit, so you will have to wait a bit longer for a photo of that.
I did manage to leave a little present for Tim. A Lancashire magazine, some Chorley and Eccles cakes, a box of Fisherman's Friends (would love to know if he tries those!) and some soft liquorice from Blackpool. Mario will no doubt get to share them too. Tim kindly signed my new £1.20 apron!
and as you know from my previous post, I finally got to have a photo taken with him.
He is so delightful.
Another exciting part of the day for me was finally getting to meet Hels. She doesn't usually like her photo taken I believe, though goodness know why because she is really pretty. You will know the name of her blog is Ink on my Fingers, and I can verify where that comes from. Not only were her fingers absolutely covered in black paint dabber - hence the verification - but she managed to get matt medium, and goodness knows what else, on her favourite black top. A pretty lady but messy indeed!!
It was over far too quickly. Most of us wanted to sneak in again the next day and do it all over again.
THANK YOU Tim for the experience of a life time. I shall never forget the day.
My lovely friend Sioux arrived that night as she was on the Friday class. We met up in the bar and it was lovely to see her again. The best bit for me was knowing what excitement she had to come and I was thrilled for her. I text ed her on Friday night and her reply went something like 'life will never be the same again'. I reckon that sums up the whole experience.
So, how do you make something so very special into an adventure that is perfect?
I surprised the lovely lady who had originally introduced me to grunge - Lindsay Mason.
I booked a room at a Travelodge at Scots Corner for Friday night so that 'peg leg' and I could surprise her with a visit to her demo in Darlington yesterday.
On the way, this van overtook us and gave us a smile.
However, when we arrived at the lodge the electricity was off and they wouldn't book us in as they had no idea when it would be back on. So we had to go to the other one down the road. No hassle really but it did add to the memories. Yesterday we popped into Darlington and Lindsay was surprised. She also had one of the canvasses she made on Tim's workshop at Stitches with her, so I got to see one close up. Fabulous.
We didn't disturb her but the trip made mine 'perfect' and I'm glad we went.
If you've made it this far, thank you. I hope you can 'feel' my happiness and take my advice - get saving now just incase Tim comes back next year and agrees to do some more workshops. Believe me, you will smile forever. x

Friday, 25 February 2011


It happened yesterday. It blew my mind away and I utterly and thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to do it AGAIN!!
What made me fly - a plane, a helicopter, a big balloon?? was the one and only


What an amazing time I had in his fabulous class. What an amazing guy he is. What a fantastic tutor. What a wonderful son he would  make!!!!! - i could watch him make his magic all the time then" -  What wishful thinking on my part.
Oh it was so special I just can't tell you how wonderful. If you are a Tim fan, then please, please take my advice and save all your coppers and if he honours us with another set of classes in the UK (or if you are very rich, in the USA) then treat yourself and book it. I promise you will be feeling like me now, afterwards.
I should be sat at home now writing this, but I'm not - more on  that perhaps on Sunday, so instead, I'm in a Travelodge. However, as they want £10 for WiFi I'm using my dongle and that won't let me upload a lot of photos. With that in mind, I am going to leave you in suspense a bit longer before I show you my projects, goodies and some other fabulous pieces I spied, instead, perhaps this will make you a 'little' bit jealous.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


We've arrived and settled in already. The room is fabulous and has everything you could want for a happy stay.
A lovely comfy bed which I shall hope to leap out of in the morning, plus
every other little luxury anyone could need. I'm happy, 'peg leg' is happy and I know a lot of others will be happy soon too.
Must go off and find some food now. Hope to be able to take plenty of photos tomorrow and I will do my best to share some of this amazing experience with you.


Why is it the best? because today I am on my way down the M6 and M1 for tomorrow's workshop with the master himself - MR TIM HOLTZ.
I hope everything is packed. Just got my ticket here to pack and that is it for a few days. That done, all I have to show you this week is this.................

a clean work area.
If you pop over to Julia's, you will be able to see some interesting craft desks which I know mine will be next week.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Oh my! I can't believe that about 6 months have flown by and now there is only one more day to go before I head down south for the workshop with the master himself.
Some how I have to keep awake tonight in  order to watch him  launch tomorrow's TSV on QVC. The Sky+ is set just in case I fall asleep though.
However, it's just my luck to have gotten this far and now I have a stinking cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick reminder to pop over to Crafting Buddies and upload your post and picture(s) of your little pals and their antics this week. We had some marvelous photos last Monday.
Hope to see you over there. x

Sunday, 20 February 2011


If you get the chance pop over to Lindsay's blog to see the amazing canvasses that she and some others made yesterday at Tim's workshop. I so hope she can manage to carry them with her to all her demos, because we are in for a real treat if we get to see them in 'the flesh'.
Also, she managed to include some photos of her stand at the show including her fabulous sample cards plus the 'cake stand' of ATCs that I and a handful of pals, helped make.
As the show has begun and all Lindsay's new designs have launched, I can show the ones I made. Remember, we only had photocopies of the images to work with - no actual stamps. What a challenge, but boy! was it good fum.

So, as you can see, I have been crafting, I just couldn't show you 'til now.