Sunday, 30 May 2010


Not sure whether this little logo will upload, but I'll try.
Pop over to the Whiff of Joy blog and download a free digi image. It's a gorgeous spider man mouse.

NOT SURE IF..........

I'm not sure whether we have bitten off more than we can chew. It was a nice thought while it lasted, but now it's very close to being a reality.
There's a possibility that both DH and I may need a very long lie down in a dark quiet place for at least a month from this time next week. That together with several Valium may just put us right once more - although there is doubt we were ever right in the first place!!!
Ok, I'm rambling. The thing is, we are having our 7yr old granddaughter this week for half term. I feel ill already!!
She wants to craft with her Anan (me) and fly grandad's helicopters, Oh dear!!!
If I am not seen again, it was nice knowing you all.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Just got back from the fracture clinic at Blackpool's Victoria Hospital where 'pot arm' had to go this morning.
The specialist was not happy at all with the Beverley Hospital because the 2 bones they said were broken aren't, but a bone on the other side of my hubby's hand is chipped off completely!! He now has a proper cast on which is supporting his hand properly.
However, that's not all. He also has 2 broken ribs and very bad muscle bruising which they missed completely!! We have to go back in 2 weeks for a further check up. Hey ho!
On a lighter note, we have blackbirds nesting in a tree at the front door. The chicks have hatched and are tweeting rather loudly now. It's wonderful. Also, we have bees in our bee box. Not sure if you can see one on this photo. They are really hard to photograph being (no pun intended there but it's a good one eh?) so fast.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Check out these challenge blogs:
Hidden Treasures -

Sunday Stampers -

both are Sunday challenges. Hidden Treasures #1 is pink and brown, whilst
Sunday Stampers #104 is tear something.
This little card satisfies both. I used distress inks for the background in the colours, victorian velvet, spun sugar, antique linen and brushed corduroy. A few splashes of water gave the mottled effect. The torn paper is from my stash and I edged it with victorian velvet ink. The cheeky little bird was a new aquisition and is a set of stamps by Lindsay Mason. I tried her technique of stamping on acetate, covering part of the image, this time the bird's body, with glossy accents, adding a few drops of alcohol ink - I used 3 pinks and a bit of brown - before adding some glitter and scrunched up tissue paper. Once dry I cut out the body and added it to another which I had stamped onto card. I roughed the edges and distressed them with brushed corduroy. The little words are simply stamped onto a bit of card and again distressed with the pink and brown. Instead of using sticky gems in the corners, I added 3 drops of stickles, one set in pink and the other in cinnamon.
A simple little card but quite effective.


WOW! Lilli of the Valley will be releasing their new set of 12 stamps on 1 June.
It includes 4 dressing up girls, 4 boys, 2 babies and 2 get well designs and are gorgeous as usual. Not only that, but they are reducing overseas postage to just £3.50 and for orders over £25, postage is free.
The best bit is, they are giving away a set of these stamps as blog candy between now and midnight Saturday 29 May.
Pop over to their blog and have a go:

or just click on this post title for the link.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Can you believe that May has nearly gone now? I can't. Where did the other 4 months go? There's even Christmas crafting on QVC today!!!!! I wonder how many WOYWWs there have been.

Whilst we were away, I found a storage solution for my ink pads. What do you think?

I had a stash of Brilliance and Stazon in a drawer, and could never get to them. My distress inks were piled high, and again, I had difficulty getting the one I wanted. However, I would still like to win one of Tim's storage tins that he is giving away this week. That would make life so much easier when I take craft away with me.

Also thought I would show you my latest 'star' photo. This time it's Lindsay Mason, who is a very popular and talented designer of stamps for Personal Impressions aswell as being an official Ranger tutor. I just love Lindsay's demos and workshops and honestly learn something new every single time I see her. This photo sits proudly next to the King of Craft himself, Mr Holtz and the tag he made for me at Lindsay's request.

Enjoy your hopping around other work desks and areas. I'm hopping off myself now.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Had our Toby still been with us, he would have been 20yrs old today.
He used to only drink water, never milk as that isn't good for cats, but he found water in the watering can, puddles, the ponds and anywhere else that took his fancy. However, when he was younger I think he thought that my wine was water too!!
Little monkey.


Today's the day.
'Pot arm' aka my DH, chose the winning name and the runner up this morning. So here are the lucky crafters:

1st place - GOCANUCKSGO


I just love the names you folk come up with for your blog. As soon as I receive their addresses, the candy will be in the post.

Well Done to the winners and a great big thank you to everyone who have left comments over the past few weeks. I hope the thought of maybe winning something gave you a buzz and also hope you will join in the next candy giveaway.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


After just having spent a couple of truly exciting hours watching Lindsay demo all manner of crafty techniques, plus a good 'ol natter with Heather, I thought I would let you 'into the box'.
As there are now only 8hours left to leave a comment for entry into my first blog candy giveaway, the secret is out and here are photos of the content. I really hope this candy is considered suitable and that whoever wins it really does enjoy using the bits and bobs. The other box is not so full but still has some nice bits in it. I haven't taken a photo of that one.
If this giveaway is ok - feedback please - then I shall make up more over the coming months.
Once again, thank you to you all for competing.


That's right folk, only 15hours left to comment if you want to win my first ever blog candy giveaway. I have been teasing you with sneaks at it, but later today I 'may' just post a photo of the actual items. Just another tease!!
I'm off to the Windmill at Thornton nr Blackpool today to see Lindsay as she is demoing there. Also, Heather is popping along too so 'the sister act' will be together again.
I struggled in the heat yesterday to make ATCs for Heather's May challenge - a little birdie told me - but managed to make 4 in the end. Heather can pick 3 for the swap.

Sorry, the photo is on it's side. Never mind, that's your exercise for the day - turning on your head to view it LOL xxx

Saturday, 22 May 2010


All packed and ready for the name and address of the winner.
My blog candy giveaway, no. 1, is ready for dispatch following the draw on Monday.
As I have a good amount to give away, I decided to make a second box full, not quite as big as the main candy, but lots of goodies all the same. Therefore, 'pot arm' aka DH, will pick 2 names from the 67 who have commented so far.

I am now busy trying to make 3 ATCs for Heather's May swap, 'A little birdie told me'. I am so far behind with my friend/family cards and ATCs, that I really must crack on. Suppose that means the ironing won't get done - oh dear!! - not.

Friday, 21 May 2010


Not long now to my blog candy giveaway on Monday.
So far there are 66 of you in with a chance of winning, so can I say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you all for taking the time to leave comments on my posts. It hasn't been easy whilst away and I must admit, I am stealing time from other things since we came back a day ago, to source the candy and blog you about it. But never mind, I'll catch up, especially with my family, this weekend - I hope.
Just to keep you guessing, here is another sneak peek at a bit more.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Only 3 full days before my blog candy giveaway.
I managed to sort out a bit more for it today. Here's a little peek.

Actually, I've decided to have two winners because so many of you lovely folk out there have left comments this month, that it seemed only right to spread the glee a bit further.
Remember you have 'til midnight on Sunday to comment on any post this month. My DH, now re-named 'pot arm' will pick the winners who will be anounced on Monday.

We made the journey home yesterday and despite my apprehension because I hadn't driven the motorhome whilst towing the car, for ages, all was fine and we had a smashing journey. No hold ups, no nasty lorry drivers, no slow caravans, infact, all was just fine. I unloaded the van and put all my craft stash in my room, but couldn't move in there 'til today.

What a mess. It's all clear now and all the washing is done, now for the horrid ironing!!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


We should have gone home yesterday, but because my DH broke his wrist on Sunday night, we never slept and then spent Monday morning at the hospital! Because of all this, we booked an extra night and I am driving us home today.
I haven't driven the van since last September and not driven it whilst towing the car, since goodness knows when, so today is a bit of an apprehensive one for me. Home is about 150miles away!
Anyway, as I am packing everything away, my little work area is empty, so here are a couple of pics of the few ATCs I managed to make during these past 2 weeks. Go to or click the link in my sidebar to join in the Wednesday Workdesk fun.

I will be sorting out my blog giveaway as soon as I get the chance, so keep watching and commenting.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Sending emails when we are away is so time consuming and sometimes impossible, that posting on my blog is the easy way to contact everyone. So, I would just like to thank you all for your wonderful comments over the past 2 weeks, especially yesterday following Terry's accident.
He is taking pain killers to keep him comfy but does appear more himself now that his back and knee are less sore. Our Mick is coming this evening to put the A-frame on the car and hook it up to the motorhome because it's just too heavy for me. We will wonder back home tomorrow.
My blog candy giveaway will be my first crafty priority and I think I may just make it bigger than I first thought. So, to be in with a chance of winning it, keep those comments coming up to midnight on 23rd, that's Sunday, and I will get 'pot arm' to pick the winner - or will I make it two????????
Luv to you all. xxx

Monday, 17 May 2010


Well, for the second time in a week, we have just spent a couple of hours in a hospital. Not me this time, my hubby.
He went outside around 9.20pm to put the windscreen covers on and missed the top step, hence he slid down all of them on his back and has ended up with a broken wrist. If that wasn't bad enough, he has broken a bone (skapoid I think) that has it's own blood supply and if it's not detected, which will take another 2 weeks, the bone will start to die and crumble.
He has a temporary cast on which comes off in 2wks when he has to have an other x-ray. A permanent cast will then be put on for a further 4-6 weeks.
We had no sleep last night so are staying another day before I drive us home.
Here is the invalid.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


This weeks colours are:
G00 - Jade Green
BG23 - Coral Sea
BV02 - Prune

I had all these as they are Ciao colours but I didn't really have much with me to make a card. What I have managed to make is a topper which I hope is acceptable.


We left Flamborough yesterday, on another gorgeous sunny day, to travel to Beverley for a quick visit to family.
My friend and step-daughter, Susi, was so excited to see us, I think mainly because we were having the grandchildren for the night! Actually, we were looking forward to this as we haven't seen them for ages and rarely have the chance to spend a night with them.
Obviously we had to have a little crafting session and, as you can see from the photos, they did an amazing job of making an ATC each using a couple of Lindsay Mason's stamps and one from the Artistic Stamper.

I am really tired today after that very busy and talkative 24hrs, so am going to re-charge now.

Friday, 14 May 2010


What a gorgeous day today. Hardly any wind, warm sunshine and the most beautiful scenery on this gorgeous east coast. Our last day here as we are off to Beverley tomorrow to see our Susi and family. Not seen her for 17months!!
Anyway, part of today was very special. Not only did we have the most tasty fish and chips in the country - yes Hels we had some more (Whitby fish is the very best) but I bought £42 worth of wood-backed rubber stamps for - wait for it - £5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's a bargain.
If I can get the ipcture to load - took 1hour last night! - you will see my Personal Impressions bargain.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


No sooner had I mentioned the big black cloud yesterday, it disappeared and the sun came out and we had lovely blue skies again. We therefore decided to go up the coast to Filey and Scarborough.
I've been once before but only remembered once there. The views were fabulous but the towns are run down just like most throughout the country. It's such a shame to see our heritage disappear under neglect and lack of pride. It makes me depressed to think how proud our land used to be. Anyway, not wanting to be a soapbox person, here's the rest of yesterday.
Whilst in Scarborough we had fish and chips!! Did you get that Hels?? The chips were awful and the fish batter was greasy. I managed to keep the seagulls off but really wouldn't have minded if they had pinched it all. On the way back we drove to Thornwick Bay - it's actually where we are staying - to see the puffins on the cliffs. If you look carefully at the cracks you can just see little black dots which are the puffins. It was amazing to watch them flying, just like penguins! well not really but just like I imagine penguins to look like if they could fly.
Had a day in today which I will leave 'til tomorrow because it will now take at least 30mins to load a picture.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Oh! what a breezy day today after such a gorgeous one yesterday. At the moment there is the biggest black cloud overhead that I have ever seen. A trip up the coast is not on the cards so I am going to have a lovely day crafting, after all, it's WOYWW.

Again, a little reminder about your comments. Each comment will mean an entry into my blog candy giveaway on 24th May. So far there are around 37 different crafty comments, some folk have more than one. I will be putting a big bundle of goodies together when I get home and let you see more sneak peeks.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Such a beautiful morning. Warm, sunny, hardly any wind and the birds are singing and frolicking around in the bushes looking for insects.
I've been tidying around whilst DH and friend are down on the flying field, helicopters at the ready. Infact, where we are camped is on a sheltered hilly bit and I can see the planes in the dip below. This really is a lovely site at this time of the season, but because it's so big, I would hate to be here in August when it will be full and noisy with children running about all the time. Not for me then.
My ear doesn't hurt as much today thank goodness. The lovely man from Boots sent me to the hospital where there is a GP drop in centre and I was seen straight away. That's what I call service.
Less than 2 weeks to my blog candy giveaway - 24th May. Simply leave a comment on any post for a chance to win. It will be a surprise but you will not be disappointed.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Wow, what a heading. It will make sense when I tell you that this card is for 4 challenges as follows:
Allsorts #51 - follow a sketch
Totally Papercrafts #15 - stitching, real or faux
Sunday Stampers #102 - Gold (see the link at the top of my sidebar)
Dare U 2 Digistamp ~37 - Anything Goes
All the links to these challenges are in my blog list.
This was fun to make yesterday but I didn't get the chance to post it because I couldn't get the Sunday Stamper photo to load. To be honest, I couldn't follow the notes I took down when the fabulous Dave, who I am in love with, showed me how to load photos into my sidebar. So Dave, a great big thank you for coming to my rescue - again!!
Had an interesting day today. It's my DH's birthday and our wedding anniversary so we've been out into Bridlington. However, we ended up at the hospital because I have developed a rather nasty ear infection and needed some antibiotics. Oops! I'm ok or at least will be when they kick in.
Must go though now. Thanks for looking and remember my blog candy day - 24th May.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


I've won last weeks Allsorts challenge - Animals. How happy am I?
All I have to do now is try and email Kirsten, not so easy with this mobile web link, but I'll so it some how.
Dearest Dave, will you please put the blog candy photo for Hels' challenge this week on my sidebar. Her blog is Pretty please and thanks.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Just a very quick post as we are moving to windy Flamborough in a couple of hours.
I wanted to try and enter Hels' challenge this week but had awful trouble taking a photo. This ATC (cos really that's all I'm going to make whilst away) isn't wonderful, but considering I made it at 11pm last night, I suppose it's ok.
Sorry about the really awful photo.
PS please remember my blog candy giveaway on 24th May - see previous posts.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Didn't expect to be able to enter any challenges whilst away because I only brought goodies to make ATCs. However, I brought my folder of white card, a couple 12"x12" papers and 2 fancy napkins. What I didn't bring was an assortment of stamps suitable for colouring.
This image is one I was given when I attended a Copic workclass several weeks ago. Thank goodness I hadn't already coloured it because it has proved perfect for this weeks challenge, matching the papers I mentioned.
The colours this week are:
BG11 - moon white (not a caio so I used BG10 - cool shadow)
BG02 - new blue (again not a caio so I used BG01 - aqua blue
R20 - blush
I just wrote a lengthy bit on how I made this card but my web connection kicked out so I am going to try and post this as it is.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


No crafting yesterday or today. Not had time yet as yesterday was the travelling bit and today has been the trip into York to get sore feet and legs from walking round all the streets!!!
My craft is safely stashed ready for next week as you can see -

All I have done is flick through a few copies of Craft Stamper and nosey at the blogs I follow.

Anyway, this is my craft table when we go away. I take up ALL of the rear lounge - well a girl needs her space to create don't youn agree? DH is quite happy sitting in the front watching the birds, caravanners etc..

Thanks for looking, and don't forget my blog candy giveaway on 24th May. Check out the previous posts for May.

Monday, 3 May 2010


24th MAY


Pop a comment on any post up to midnight 23rd May for the chance to win a surprise bundle of crafty goodies.
The bundle is growing rapidly as I tidy my workroom shelves and drawers. You will not be disappointed at the contents I'm sure.

Here is a sneak at a tiny bit of it.


Took me all day, but I've finally packed some crafty bits to take with me tomorrow. May not get much chance to use anything this week, because we are going to York until Saturday, when we set off for the model flying event in Flamborough.
We will be there for a week then are going to a little site near Beverley so we can visit my step-daughter and family who I haven't seen since my 60th birthday, 16months ago!!!
I understand the weather has gone really cold over on the east coast, so the summery clothes are back in the wardrobe and the winter woollies will get loaded up today. Just our luck. Never mind, a few days away will be great whatever the weather.
Aparently we will be able to get a T-Mobile signal in Flamborough, which is handy because our mobile webs are with that provider. Hopefully, I shall be able to keep up to date with all you crafty persons and enjoy reading your blogs too.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Another quick card, this time for the Allsorts challenge which this week is Animals.
Their sponsor is Digi Boutique who produce some cute digi images. If you enter this challenge and use a DB image, you will be entered twice. Have a look at their blog:
I've used some Debbie Mumm papers, a few Prima leaves and Digi Boutique image Mikey Monkey. I coloured him with Copics, cut him out and mounted him on the card using a mini spring.
Don't forget my blog giveaway on May 24. All you have to do is leave me a comment on any post between now and midnight on the 23rd. The candy will be a surprise but plenty, and I don't mean a roll of that kitchen paper either!!LOL. Check out my previous post for more details.