Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Such a beautiful morning. Warm, sunny, hardly any wind and the birds are singing and frolicking around in the bushes looking for insects.
I've been tidying around whilst DH and friend are down on the flying field, helicopters at the ready. Infact, where we are camped is on a sheltered hilly bit and I can see the planes in the dip below. This really is a lovely site at this time of the season, but because it's so big, I would hate to be here in August when it will be full and noisy with children running about all the time. Not for me then.
My ear doesn't hurt as much today thank goodness. The lovely man from Boots sent me to the hospital where there is a GP drop in centre and I was seen straight away. That's what I call service.
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Shirl said...

Really pleased the NHS has don it's best again and helped you - may the meds now do their best and restore your ear to normal health, Joanne. Please rest! That's how it works, you know. Time to let the body heal. I'm glad you are in a peaceful, lovely place.