Monday, 3 May 2010


Took me all day, but I've finally packed some crafty bits to take with me tomorrow. May not get much chance to use anything this week, because we are going to York until Saturday, when we set off for the model flying event in Flamborough.
We will be there for a week then are going to a little site near Beverley so we can visit my step-daughter and family who I haven't seen since my 60th birthday, 16months ago!!!
I understand the weather has gone really cold over on the east coast, so the summery clothes are back in the wardrobe and the winter woollies will get loaded up today. Just our luck. Never mind, a few days away will be great whatever the weather.
Aparently we will be able to get a T-Mobile signal in Flamborough, which is handy because our mobile webs are with that provider. Hopefully, I shall be able to keep up to date with all you crafty persons and enjoy reading your blogs too.


JillythePink said...

Now that's what I call a capsule wardrobe!! Have a fabulous trip & I'll order better weather for you. Love Jx (btw can you believe I've actually managed to post another comment ~ Yay!)

Heather said...

.... and that's ALL you are taking *LOL*, looks like you're planning some serious crafting! Have a lovely trip, Joanne, and hope the weather perks up a bit for you too.
Heather x

Shirley said...

Goodness Joanne, your bits are many a person's lots...I've spotted the Lock & Locks! Have a lovely relaxing break.

Anonymous said...

ooooh love all that stuff - can I come too? I want to play - sonia