Saturday, 31 March 2012


I used just 1 medium on yesterday's tag but today I've used 4!
Glossy Accents
Glue n' Seal
Liquid Pearls
Rock Candy Distress Stickles
Here is what I came up with:

So, how did I do it? Well one bit is a little secret between our Lindsay and myself, and the other bit is from Tim's classes. Looks good eh? The 'impossible' part is colouring with Distress Markers and then stamping the background last. I'll leave you to ponder that one out.

Friday, 30 March 2012


That's it folk, the last lesson of CREATIVE CHEMISTRY 101 from the master himself, Tim Holtz. Roll on 102 and 3 and..........
No give the lad a break. This has been a marathon and the best online crafting I have done since all the 12 tags of Christmas. Tomorrow is the last bit of the class but without any lessons. I now have a portfolio of samples, hints/tips and questions and answers, so coupled with lots of videos, I have information to last me a life time on the products I love the most. It's all up to me now. So here is my last tag incorporating today's products:
Thanks for looking and for all the lovely comments. Every one is much appreciated.


Wow, what a choice this week over at Wicked Wednesday ATCs. I decided to go with rabbits because I've had this 3D decoupage image from Moorhead, for years. Bit fiddly to cut out but I managed:

Do you think they have gathered together to see what comes out of the eggs?? I enjoyed this one because it was such fun to make.


2 more weeks have flown by so that means it's time for another challenge over at ATCs/Cards with Attitude.
Delicious Doodles are sponsoring an anything goes theme, therefore, if you make an ATC or CARD this fornight, enter it into our challenge.

I think this beautiful image is so versatile. I printed it twice on to card and once on to gold shimmer green vellum. Having decided to make an ATC, I had already shrunk it down to just under 2.5" x 3.5" before printing it out because I wanted to cut around it and include the leaves and flowers in the measurements. I used Distress Markers to colour everything before cutting the outside of the image to form the edges of the card. I also cut the 3 centre flowers and the leaves and used both glue and 3D foam to enhance the depth.


An easy tag from Tim today but the lesson was chocker box full of information. I used a lovely stamp from Anna Griffin and I think it's worked well.
Can't tell from the photo what the focal point of the lesson was though. Think I will keep you guessing.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


This one had to dry over night so only finished it this morning. Tim's videos are so explanatory and he has made everything not just fun but easy to understand too. Now I need one to help me remember it all!!!


Oh boy! you should see my fingers today. They are a gorgeous, shiny, multi-coloured, amazing sight. Thank goodness for craft scrubbies because I would struggle to get clean hands without mine. Well Tim taught us bling today. I've made my technique tags but I'm now up to date with my own challenge and have completed my 1 from 3 tag for today aswell. I'll show you that rather than my tags this time.
Each of today's lessons are included in what you see. It was a little difficult as each one was a background technique, but I've at least come up with something.
Back in a mo with yesterday's 1 from 3. Such fun.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Creative Chemistry 101, Tim's online class, has me crafting like mad. I must have posted at least 4 new blog posts today in a bid to catch up on my own little challenge as well as completing the daily lessons.
This tag is from yesterday's class:
Some wonderful techniques involved here.
Right, just got to sort one from today's lessons and I will be back on track. Oh heck! just realised, that might mean I will have time to do some ho***wo** and ir**i**. Much rather craft.


Although not an artist - he said that not me - Tim certainly made some gorgeous art today. I had a really good go at making 'art' and came up with this tag showing multi uses of my treasured Distress Markers:
Again, the background is fabulous.


This is my version of all the techniques Tim taught me on day 5:
The background is just amazing.


Tim made us wait today before we could complete our technique tags. We had to let bits and bobs crackle!
I've just completed the day's task and am so happy with the results. What do you think?
I only possess 3 crackle paints, rock candy, picket fence and old paper. Guess what? Tim only used 2 types today and I had them, yippee again.
Right, I have been trying to keep up with my own personal challenge of making 1 tag using all the techniques learnt that day. I got up to last Thursday then fell behind. However, I managed 2 yesterday but can only showcase them 1 at a time on the class forum so I will have to publish another couple of blog posts to cover those. I'm still behind but hope to do a bit more tonight.
Such amazing fun though.

WOYWW #147

Hooray, it's glorious Wednesday WOYWW again. To see what I mean, fly over to Julia's for a good 'ol nosey around and all will be explained.
I have a bit of craft on my desk just now -
a tag made from the 3 techniques Tim taught us on day 5 of Creative Chemistry 101. I've been keeping up with the lessons on a daily basis but made a pledge to myself to make just 1 tag  using everything learnt that day. I managed up to Thursday but then was soooo tired on Friday (lack of sleep and excitement) that I have fallen behind. However, I caught up a bit last night and made 2 and have day 6 planned. Will have to get a wiggle on today me thinks.
So you can see a tag, some 3D foam in a lock & lock box, a mini multi matt medium, duly re-filled following instructions at the weekend from Hels, (thanks again for 2 days of fantastic workshops, roll on the next in May), a gorgeous background on a bit of card made when I used a stencil and spray inks and then turned the stencil over to use up the residue. There's bits and bobs of other stuff, but mainly it's reasonably clear ready for today's lesson.
A busy 2 weeks for me which are just so enjoyable I can't let you know in words just how much fun I am having. All this and glorious weather to boot. Enjoy your woyww, I'll be round to some of you so don't tidy up!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Struggled with my photos today. It's either too bright or too dark in each room so I've done my best, hope you can make out what I've been up to. Tim taught us such a lot again and I'm having a blast.
See what I mean. Such loveliness.
Amazing warm sunshine again today and as we don't get that too often, I'm going to sit outside and soak it up. It was 115F in my greenhouse yesterday!!!!!! It's only March for goodness sake.

Monday, 26 March 2012


My weekend of fun has given me a great lift. Sometimes it's hard crafting alone, as a lady and I were only saying yesterday, so workshops are a way of getting more out of it all.
I showed a photo of the wall hanging that Hels made for the class on Saturday, now here is mine:
Turned out really well.
Also, the lovely Chris gave me a little hand-made pressie. I showed you the box now here is what was inside:

A lovely flower brooch made of different materials. Thank you again Chris.


Honestly, could anyone have more fun than 2 whole weeks of crafting. I am having a ball. Tim's class today was all about the new Distress Markers. I adore these pens and, although they cost a fortune, get them whenever you are able because you will not be disappointed. I've hardly stopped using mine since they dropped through my door and now have the elusive and very special Picket Fence pen too. To be honest, I could throw all my other colouring pens away in favour of these beauties.
So, today we explored all the many ways of using the markers and being amazed at the different results. Here are my class tags.
Quite incredible eh?

Sunday, 25 March 2012


To round off the first week of Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim, I had a wonderful double dose of more Ranger loveliness with Hels Sheridan.

Hels came up north - ok, it was to the west of the Pennines not her native east side - but she enjoyed the visit all the same. The sun shone, crafters came out in their numbers and many travelled miles to experience her magic. 4 workshops over 2 days was so much fun, something I have missed for over a year now so was determined to enjoy every single minute - and I did.
This was the first project, a tag inside a t'pouch. I'm afraid that my big flower was the worse I have ever made but I know what I did differently so know not to do it again.

This little hanging canvas shows different techniques achieved with distress inks, stains etc.
So, that was Saturday.

Here are just a few of the 'thousands' of samples that Hels brought with her. Every one different and absolutely magical.
I had a grin on my face from ear to ear on the drive home and just couldn't wait to repeat the fun today. Oh b****r the clocks go forward so I have to get up earlier. Never mind, I haven't been able to sleep anyway.
I set off in good time for the drive to Dawn's for Hels next 2 worshops, but forgot how quiet it is on the road on a Sunday thereby arriving before anyone else. The gates were locked so I parked on the road and waited for someone to arrive which they did 20 minutes later. Must get this travelling time sorted!!  Never mind, I was happy.
The morning workshop was intense and we made this gorgeous piece of craft.

I now have another idea of how to 'do' steampunk. This is gorgeous and will work well in Xmas mode.
Today saw me getting together with folk I haven't seen in over a year as the workshops we enjoyed finished then. Gez made me a Stampotique ATC -she knows how much I love those images -
Thank you lovely lady for this and the hugs and catch up. Also, Chris gave me a special parcel -

I'm going to keep you guessing on the contents of this save to say, I wore it all afternoon and will wear it to every single workshop I attend in the future too. Thank you Chris. We had a lovely time eh? I promise not to mention 'it wasn't me that broke the blending tool' 'cos we all know differently!!
Can I also say a big thank you to Barbara, Sarah, Joan and Lou who made me laugh so much throughout the weekend. We have all booked for the next workshop weekend at the end of May and know for sure the fun we will have.

RIGHT  down to the horrid bit. I hope that the SCUMBAG(S) that thought it was their right to STEAL around £80s worth of distress ink pads, stains etc from our Hels, trip over and land face down on the ink side thus ending up with a multi coloured face. Because believe me, you will not get away with taking anything else. I hope you realise what you have done and that someone steals from you so you know how it feels. You are thoroughly hated by all the honest crafters in this world.

Friday, 23 March 2012


I had a hair appointment this morning so was a bit late getting on with my lessons from Tim for today. To be honest, I am really tired after this marathon week as our local Mr Blackie sings his melodious song at 5:05am each morning!!! It's still dark!
Anyway, I've completed today's lessons but unfortunately don't have the time to make a tag using all 3 techniques. It will have to wait I'm afraid. Instead, I thought I would show you my lesson tags.
I've had to stop crafting now so that I can pack my craft bag ready for tomorrow's lessons oh! and Sunday's, with Hels Sheridan. Whoopee, can't wait.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Following a technical hitch, today's class came on line late this afternoon. It was somewhat lengthy but I managed to make my 3 tag samples and then come up with just 1 of my own incorporating today's lessons. Here it is:
Tim can work really fast and I feel I have done the same today. Phew!


Pop over to Wicked Wednesday ATC challenges for some fabulous samples again this week.
The current theme is babies not a subject I generally get involved with, I leave that to the young ones, so I struggled. Anyway, the name of the game is to have fun whilst having a go, so I did.
The photo seems a bit dark so hope you can see it properly.
I stamped the stork onto white card and coloured it with Distress Markers. I then cut a piece of patterned paper, ATC size and tore the middle, rolling back the edges. I then simply stuck some ribbon and buttons on and used a tiny safety pin at the bottom.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Wow, today was full on. Tim taught us so much today that I think I will have to play the videos several times and make copious notes because I will never remember all the information.
As with yesterday, we were shown how to incorporate today's information by making 3 tags. I made mine then decided to make just 1 tag of my own using everything from today's lesson. This is what I came up with:
I love so many of the things we did today and am happy with my effort too. Mind you, had I not got my blending tool tower, I would certainly be struggling for space.

Roll on the next lesson.


My work space is overflowing this morning because I am in the middle of gathering the supplies for today's lesson with Tim. This is day 3 of 2 weeks crafting fun, well that's the week days not the weekend, that's another story. I had thought I would be able to pop around to yours courtesy of our creative genius Julia, but I may be very late. Will you wait please?
So, here is the latest picture:
I haven't watched the videos yet so I'm not too sure how today's samples have been made, I just searched out some stamps and my alcohol inks in readiness. Need some texture fades I think.
I don't have any of Tim's background stamps because I already have a good supply of them from the Artistic Stamper. They will do the trick. Right, I must get cracking because I have to keep up with these daily lessons or I will never make it to the workshops with Hels at the weekend. Can't wait for those either because some of the 'old gang' from Lindsay's workshops will be there on Sunday. Watch out Hels, I did warn you!!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I am on day 2 of Tim's online class and have just managed to make a tag - not a card or wonderful piece of art - following today's knowledge.
I wanted to make a tag, incorporating each of today's techniques, so I have something to add to the ring that all my samples will go on. This is what I came up with:
It's all out of proportion but the sentiment says it all -and in actual fact - I planned it.
Am I having fun -


Monday, 19 March 2012


Today's the day that Tim's first online class starts. I've already got homework for the day so have quite a bit of learning to do. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to be taught by Ranger educated crafters over the years, so thanks to them, Lindsay mainly, I do have some knowledge. I prefer to go one step further when  it  comes to learning once I have a bit of 'know how' under my belt. The task doesn't seem so daunting then.
It appears that I touched a few hearts yesterday by letting it be known that my son's have flown the nest and taken their knowledge of me with them. I am sorry to those forgotten mums, but join the club. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I am soooooo fortunate to have friends, who sent big hugs to make me feel better, plus 2 AMAZING step-daughters, who treated me like their proper mum yesterday.
I received a present of the best hand cream I have ever used together with these:

and this little crafting buddy:
who makes his debut over on my other blog HERE.
I count my blessings even though they are not always obvious at times.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Just popped on to wish all the mums out there a very happy day, but to give a special hug to all those mums who have been 'forgotten' by the children they gave so much love to over the years.

Now aged 43 and 39 respectively.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


I love this little challenge blog. I met most of my friends through making ATCs so they are special little cards. Wicked Wednesday ATC has some varied themes to have a play with and this week is no exception. I was going to use an air balloon stamp but decided that would be steampunk, and you know me and steampunk - I will crack it one day. So instead, I decided to search out ALL my butterfly stamps and use ones which would fit an ATC. This is what I ended up with:
Bit difficult to photograph in order to show the acetate ones,

A direct photo shows the silicone too much,

I tried to cover the 4 blobs of silicone I used to make the acetate stand out but failed on a couple of them. Still, you get the drift. I used black Archival to stamp a mix of butterflies and little beasties on the base card, coloured them with distress markers then distressed over the whole card. I then found some acetate packaging and cut a butterfly border with a Tim Holtz on the edge die. Cut in half this just fit along each 2.5" side. I used a mix of alcohol inks to colour this. I managed to hide 2 of the silicone blobs with little 3D peel off butterflies.
I think the first angled photo will be my entry this week. Another bit of fun.

Friday, 16 March 2012


Pop over to our challenge blog HERE for all the details on this fortnight's challenge. After all, there is a prize of 4 digis up for grabs.

I just couldn't resist this image from our sponsors Delicious Doodles. She's called Pirate Polly. I printed her onto card suitable for my Copics which I used to colour her. After very carefully cutting her out, I used 3D foam to mount her on some pre-coloured card (I just swiped a distress ink pad over it) to which I had glued tiny shells, pearls and a brass lighthouse coloured with alcohol inks.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


No, don't get excited, I haven't brought another little chocolate Burmese pusscat to live with me, this Toby is a lovely surprise card I received this morning from the equally lovely Hazel.
Hazel had used this image on a card she blogged the other day and I just had to comment, not just because it was absolutely lovely - as all her creations are - but because the little creature is called Toby.
What a lovely thing for Hazel to do for me, make a beautiful card and send it to me. Now that's what I call a crafting buddy.
THANK YOU Hazel. You helped make my day. Mwah xxxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WOYWW #145

I'm not going to go on about another week flying by and not knowing how that happened because I've thought about it and can't come up with an explanation. I just know that our lovely Julia may just be having the same problem as are hundreds of you out there across the crafting world.
Anyway, I've done a bit of ' making stuff' this week, just can't show it because it's either DT or challenge projects, and have - as I do - cleared my space ready for the next challenge:
You may just spot the road tax reminder for my car in the bottom right hand corner. Will do that online in  the next week or two. Cars are a major 'biggy' just now and costing a small fortune. I am desperately saving to be able to buy a nearly new car, capable of being towed behind the motorhome, within the next couple of years or so. Until then, our little bangers have to keep us going.
So, not having anything to show you ON  my desk, I thought I would show you what's under it:

Wow, forgot that was there!!!! a pack of A3 card, bit thin but works for some projects. There you go, loads of Really Useful Boxes, full of ?????? must have a look actually!!
Right then, I have to go and get the last tyre replaced on my car, only had 1 yesterday when it went to the garage (the other 2 were done last week). I have an appointment with the motorway again a week on Saturday, so my car needs to be right. See you through the week. x

Saturday, 10 March 2012


There is a gorgeous tag on the Sizzix blog by Tammy Tutterow. I thought I would have a go today at making it so I could also have a play with my Vagabond.
I was doing ok 'til it came to the sewing. Have a look and see what I mean:
Instead of lugging my big machine out of the cubby hole, I decided to use my little craft one. It's an absolute nightmare to use. In the words of my DH, 'it goes from 0mph to 386mph as soon as you switch it on!!!!' I have never managed to sew a straight line yet - and - the thread breaks as soon as you look at it.
I spent an age on this tag too. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. It was fun though.........

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I'm on the ball this week with my entry for the Wicked Wednesday challenge - Over the Rainbow.
I made a sky and ground background with alcohol inks and stamped some little trees with black Archival. The bluebirds were squashed into an embossing pad and then covered with sparkly blue embossing powder. I coloured the rainbow with Copics and added a little Wizard of Oz image. Simple but it took a while and I had fun again.

WOYWW #144

I thought I would just post my photo of my desk as the day unfolded this week. Julia, our leader of the trip around the desks of the world, has created such a wonderful Wednesday experience, that I can no longer manage to call at each one any more. The phenomenon has grown  that big. So, I just got up this morning, took my time and this photo:

There is a DT piece under way which will get more thought throughout today. I managed to get a couple of pencil holders from Tesco for my distress markers, there's a mucky piece of kitchen roll behind my tiny drawer of shells. I use gold dabber a lot so instead of storing it with the rest of them have now decided to leave it out. Apart from that, everything is the same.
I would just like to share a masterpiece with you though this week. It's this:

My friend, Sylvia, in Devon, has created another patchwork quilt. It seems to have taken just a couple of weeks because she can make them so quickly. This one is not all hand sewn this time and she found it to be a different challenge having hand-made the previous delights. She is now looking for other patchwork projects as all her beds now have a quilt. Any suggestions??
Right, I will try and get round more desks that I managed last week, so please bear with me.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I just happened to have a  little play with some inks this morning after reading a piece from Ellen Vargo who had mixed distress stain picket fence with colour wash sprays.
My fingers look like I've been picking blackberries! It all started like this:
which became this:

moved on to just one:

which then became my entry for the Sunday Stamper - Diamonds: