Thursday, 1 March 2012


My DH caused the second flow of tears last Tuesday when he bought me a Vagabond, but they came after I had already been reduced to tears when I received this from Hels.
No, it wasn't her suitcase full of her craft goodies, but a mini case altered by her own fair hand and looking not dissimilar to my lovely Vagabond. Inside was another treasure:
Just look at the magic as I unfold this piece:

I so adore that dangly bead:

When I opened it up and saw the inside, I gasped:

Then the tears really fell when I read the little message:

I will treasure this forever.
I am so very lucky to know some amazing crafters out there and be able to say that they are my friends. the craft world can be a 'bitchy' place and I just feel sorry for those who cannot accept it for what it is - the BEST hobby in the world.
Right then, I suppose I should make tracks. I have to go and have a couple of parts of my body squashed between 2 very cold sheets of metal in a vice-like grip. Oh the joys eh girls??


Artyjen said...

What a thrill to receive this from Hels ;) I saw it on her blog and thought it delightful.
Hope that Vagabond is keeping you company :) Rather you than me with the cold steel! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Hels Sheridan said...

awwww, bless you, you are a sweetie Joanne... am sending a warm hug for you after those nasty vicelike beastly things... horrible but a necessaty..good luck with them! BTW, have you seen the March tag yet? haven't got half the stuff needed but will have a try all the same! xx

mckinkle said...

Oh no wonder you were so thrilled to receive this it is just stunning!

Lucky girl!

Keryn x

Sue said...

Such a beautiful gift.

And good for you for enduring a bit of pain for necessary procedures!