Saturday, 28 September 2013


I have so wanted to make this tag but have been away since the end of August and didn't have anything with me to even think about making it. Tim's workshop in Coventry started the trip and being given a stencil to begin my collection made me even more impatient to create my tag. I managed to make it yesterday and love it to bits:
Whilst away I ordered a few goodies from Craft Obsessions and they were waiting for me when I returned home. Amongst the order were some more of Tim's stencils together with the 6 new Distress Paints and a whole load of jars of Distress Glitter. That was my little treat for a change. Anyway, having received the stencils meant I had a better chance of making my tag look anything like. A couple of the ones I used however, were from my stash but worked just fine. Thank you Tim for another fabulous technique and thank you for picking my raffle ticket at the workshop and allowing me the joy of coming away with over £200 worth of prizes. Roll on Chemistry 102 now!!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WOYWW #225

Good morning everyone especially our Julia. I have to apologise to you Julia for not linking your name to your blog for the last month but I've been 'blogging' from my phone and haven't learnt how to link as yet. It's on my To Do list though. 
Well we've been away for 4 weeks now and today sees us going the last miles home. Mixed feelings after a lengthy time away as the motorhome really does become a 'home'. So nothing on my table in the back lounge to show you but here is a photo of all the dragonflies I've made this trip. 
I also managed to seal all the papier mâché boxes and shapes so they are ready for the next stage.
Right I must get a wiggle on again and hit the road.

Monday, 23 September 2013


We left Dorset this morning and drove a few miles - well over 100+ - to our next stop over near Tewksbury. Just a couple of nights to break the homeward journey then home on Wednesday.
This little 5 outfit site is gorgeous and we have been here twice before.
It was touch and go whether we actually managed to leave Dorset because hubby was so poorly yesterday. He had this 'racking' cough and terrible wheezing that totally knocked him for six and I expected to be taking him to hospital. Today, he's fine.
Right, we have to move the motorhome now so bye for a while. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Another family birthday today, this time it's my eldest step daughter, Paula. HAPPY BIRTHDAY special lady. Enjoy every second. Hugs.

Friday, 20 September 2013


HAPPY HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY to our beautiful granddaughter NATASHA. How time flies. Have a fabulous day with lots of fun.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013



We've had several days simply relaxing this week. Hubby has watched tv while I've been using my stash of beads to make these curtesy of Heathers book.
It's been great fun.
Today I'm going to seal the remaining papier mâché boxes and shapes I brought with me.
Tomorrow we move to Dorset. Just hope this change in the weather (known at home as Illuminations weather) goes away so I can sit for a while on the harbour side looking over at the Sunseeker factory. I'm hoping that the first 155 yacht is on the water now being fitted out. Eddie Jordan has ordered the first one so its bound to be spectacular.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Having only managed an hour in Brighton the other day (£4 an hour car parking cut our stay short) we decided to go in on the Park & Ride which was free with our wrinklies bus pass.
Had we not had Sat Nav though we would never have found the car park and bus. It was up and down mountains in the middle of a housing area. Anyway we managed and had a lovely walk around Oxford St, The Lanes and the Pier. Lovely calm day weather wise too. Here are a few pics.
This was fun as he could really play well
Either side of the pier
The 5 photos above are taken through the Choccywoccydoodah window.
Look carefully to see what I found in Home Sense. Sadly I ether had them or didn't really like them. They were only £7.99 each too!!!!
Bit of a surprise to have to travel through a road tunnel and not be in Switzerland but the hills made this a must it seems.
All in all it was a good day.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


So late posting today Julia, leader of the craft desk hop around the world, so I'm sorry about that. Better late than never.
I'm still away on the south coast enjoying doing not very much apart from watching some tv and downing a few tipples!
I have done a bit of crafting, mainly playing with beads actually
Just back from another trip to Hobbycraft to stock up on the sizes and colours I had missing.
The drink is apple and strawberry which is really refreshing but does make me screw my eyes up! I seem to be being overlooked by Monkey who lives in the motorhome - don't ask.
Right must crack on so I shall see you next week from Dorset.

Monday, 9 September 2013


We set off for Brighton this morning and decided to take the coast road - the least said about the views the better!!
Not what we expected at all. My pal Sylvia kind of warned me and I should have listened .
Anyway we found a car park but at £4 an hour our little jaunt was very short indeed. When we get back I  going to see if I can cut this site stay short without losing money and try to move on.
Anyway here are a few photos
Not much nice coast
Not much pier!
The hotel that was bombed when the Conservatives were there.
The Brighton Pavillion

Friday, 6 September 2013


I have to admit be being glad to leave the last stop over. The next door tractors were so noisy at night you couldn't hear yourself think let alone the tv. Also it was miles away from anywhere and just yesterday we drove over 100 miles in order to see anything.
We are in Worthing now 2 days early because I cancelled the next scheduled stop.
Here are a few photos from yesterday
Stratford on Avon, stow on the Wold, Bourton on the Water

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

WOYWW #222

Here is my workspace this bright and beautiful morning
Nothing on it I'm afraid Julia. 
We've been away for a week now and today is our last day here which is near Banbury. Tomorrow we head south to the SE coast for 10 days I think it is before setting off again.
However, I did have this on my table last Thursday
I was ecstatic to win the raffle at Tims workshop - want to see what was in the bag? Ok take a look at this lot - at least £200's worth
Coupled with all the goodies we were given
(I gave some of it away) I came away with around £300's worth of craft stash. 
I now have to get a wiggle on and go out adventuring. Have a lovely WOYWW.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today marks the 53rd wedding anniversary of my pal Sylvia and her hubby Reg. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and much love. Here is a photo of the canvas I made for them - work in progress at that stage.
Here is the finished canvas