Thursday, 12 September 2013


Having only managed an hour in Brighton the other day (£4 an hour car parking cut our stay short) we decided to go in on the Park & Ride which was free with our wrinklies bus pass.
Had we not had Sat Nav though we would never have found the car park and bus. It was up and down mountains in the middle of a housing area. Anyway we managed and had a lovely walk around Oxford St, The Lanes and the Pier. Lovely calm day weather wise too. Here are a few pics.
This was fun as he could really play well
Either side of the pier
The 5 photos above are taken through the Choccywoccydoodah window.
Look carefully to see what I found in Home Sense. Sadly I ether had them or didn't really like them. They were only £7.99 each too!!!!
Bit of a surprise to have to travel through a road tunnel and not be in Switzerland but the hills made this a must it seems.
All in all it was a good day.

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