Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I'm in a quandary whether to make a hexie throw with my Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric. It just seems so wasteful.
I fancied doing some paper piecing rather than using my sewing machine as sewing by hand means being able to sew both indoors and outside when it gets warmer. Decisions, decisions.
I had a little play over the weekend and made some lavender bags. One has been received by my pal Sylvia, 2 are in the post elsewhere and one is in my bedroom.

My light treatment is going ok except today they couldn't find my file and it took 40 minutes for them to locate it. My time went from 19 secs to 23 secs then 30 secs today. The build up will be over 3 weeks that's 9 sessions before it starts to make a difference. I hope I continue to tolerate it and my other hope is for a lovely sun tan!!

Sunday, 27 March 2016


For all who celebrate Easter, I hope this is a happy special time for you.
Once again, I didn't get an egg!! But I have received a card from 2 of my friends.
My pal Sylvia got her hubby to write and send a lovely greeting to us.
Thank you for your thoughts xx
My pal Barb created a gorgeous card for us.
Thank you very much xx
I have never made Easter cards although I do make and send Xmas ones. I think of Xmas as a family and friend time, not being religious myself, so that's the reason behind these times for me. 
Enjoy folk.

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Horrendous rain this afternoon.
It seems there is another storm due by Monday. I'm not complaining because it has encouraged new, rare plants in my garden.

Friday, 25 March 2016


The marathon, epic event spanning the last 12 months - on and off - is finally over.
Here it is together with the cushions all ready for some warm sunny days outside.
It's been a massive learning point being the first proper patchwork I've attempted. However, my lovely pal Sylvia says, you can only call yourself a quilter once you've made a full size quilt by hand!!! I told her that's never going to happen!! LOL
I have several more in mind but to be honest, I found parts of this one really hard and those parts have put me off somewhat. I've learnt a lot but only from videos and books plus advice here and there so I could really do with some practical help before I embark on one using my 'posh' fabrics. I think I may make a few little things in the meantime.
Thanks for joining me on my introduction to patchwork and quilting journey. On the whole, it was a wonderful adventure.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Actually had some energy today, woohoo! 
Firstly, just look at this.
See the pink twig, it's part of the gorgeous flowers from Mother's Day. It's actually sprouted leaves. Looks amazing. I'm hoping it roots now.
Our internet went down right after I Blogged yesterday and didn't come back until the early hours. Surprising how much you miss it. Sad life eh!
Anyway, we went on the search for greenhouse information instead and although we have an abundance of garden centres and DiY stores around, only one sold greenhouses from display. I saw a couple that will do, just have to get saving ready for next year now.
This was my favourite, well the Dartmouth, just had to be.
Determination to get on with the garden throw took hold today so after a visit from our Susi, I got stuck in and completed the machine sewing - I think. I may do a bit more but really what's left is hand sewing. 
I cut the binding then pressed it.
Sewing it to the throw wasn't as bad as I expected, I even managed mitred corners.
I can sit happily and hand sew away now. 
Off for my first hospital appointment tomorrow. I've waited so long that things have almost cured by themselves. I may not have to go 18 times with any luck.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


How did this little girl
Get to be 13 today so quickly. Look at her now
My granddaughter is going in the army when she reaches 16. She just loves it and we know she will do well.

Monday, 21 March 2016


I felt good yesterday and thought the fresh air would ensure a good nights sleep. That didn't happen. I had the worse sleep for ages hence today I feel horrid again. My back is hurting and my usual nose complaint is in over drive.
Missed the postie again today who brought me this
Gorgeous dried lavender. May be I need to sniff that to sort my nose out.
I have some Xmas presents planned - I know it's just turned Spring, but some are big projects for me so I need to be prepared.
This is just a little one
All I need now is to feel better.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours 🎀🎀🎀🎹🎸🎧🎼🎷🎻🎺
Be glad you can't hear me sing that!!!!
I felt so poorly yesterday - again, that I did nothing. BUT _ today, I felt fine - and, the sun came out. Time to paint some fences I thought, so I did. Hubby must have had that Spring feeling too because he started to mend the rotten wood on my greenhouse. Awful job and I've decided that this will be its last year. It's 20 years old so not done bad but the yearly maintenance is getting harder as I get older so next year will be time for a new one. I'm thinking powder coated aluminium.
This year I'll do some rummaging around for what is on the market. I reckon we will be able to dismantle this one and build the new one even a year on.
My Paula and Quentins doggy Huxley, had a little op this week to remove a bit of a problem on his leg.

Just look at that dressing! Anyway, he had that bandage changed today which must have been awful for him so he and his sister, Tilly, decided that mummy should cuddle them - all day!
Until this evening, when Tilly went to the pub with her daddy and uncle. This is a massive step for her so well done Tilly.
Ps. Quentin, mines a dry white wine......

Saturday, 19 March 2016


I'm back to feeling poorly again. This bug keeps coming and going and I wish it would just stay away so I can get on with things.
Having run out of machine thread yesterday, I had to go out this morning to buy more.
Two of that colour will be more than enough. The post had been while I was out and brought me these.
Buy 5 get one free little sew in bag frames plus a few magnetic clasps. I've drawn a template to make some bags but that's about it for today. I'm beat.
I think I'll go and watch the F1 practice now.

Friday, 18 March 2016


Inbetween sneezing and snushing I decided to have another go at the garden throw. Boy would I need it today if I sat out. It's quite cold.
There is just one block left to quilt but I'm not sure what to do on it so I decided to have a go at free motion on the 2" border.
I'm less than half way round and the bobbin has run out!!!
Looks like the thread spool won't last either. Hubby has taken the car for its service and MOT so I've asked him to get me a couple of more spools from Abakhan. Hope they have it or the job is stopped again. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016


We have a lovely lady postie called Kay. She is so pleasant and always laughing. I made her a Xmas card and a chocolate biscuit sleigh but for some reason, we never crossed paths before the big day so weren't able to give either to her.
Being Easter soon, I thought I could make up for that a little bit, so after a trip to the hairdressers this morning, I sat in the glorious, boiling hot sunshine and made Kay a little felt bag and popped some chocolate chickens and rabbits inside.
It's up to hubby now to stop her in her tracks  and present her with it as a little thank you for bringing all our post no matter the weather.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Today I sacked my handyman aka hubby. He had just one more task to remedy in the kitchen - re-cutting the pelmets both over and under the cupboards as they were sticking out too much. Have to admit, I wanted them like that when they were first installed but soon realised I got it wrong because they looked daft.
Anyway, he started on the smallest one. He re-cut it and screwed it back on then got me to OK it. That's when I sacked him!! It was worse than before he tackled it. So I guess the others will stay as they are, but what to do with the big gap now under the wall wine rack is a problem!!
I decided to do a bit more tidying outside whilst 'he who lost his job' tidied the outside cupboards.
The ferns got a makeover and I took the fleece off the 2 tree ferns.
I decided to paint the wooden sleepers round the other side as they were nice and dry.
If the dry weather keeps up for a while, we may get chance to paint the fences and replace the rotten wood on my greenhouse. Only got tomorrow free though as both Thursday and Friday are taken up with other things, then, the weekend sees the start of the 2016 F1 GP season. #4 win for Lewis I hope but also a better year for Jenson and Alonso.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Whatever hubby and I have been suffering from it seems to be giving up at last. He has a really sore throat and couldn't eat yesterday. That seems a bit better today. I won't let this thing beat me despite how I feel so this afternoon I bit the bullet and armed with a box of hankies and a bottle of water I decided to tackle the garden, the latter items being for me not the garden LOL!
I've dug up a couple of plants and spread a whole bag of soil improver into the border.
The sun is beginning to reach the ground at last and warming it up.
I swept up and also stuck some plant supports in.
The fences need painting and the path needs power washing but we need to feel much more better to tackle those jobs.
The bulbs under the trees have been the best ever and look so happy and 'Spring-like'. I cannot wait for the clocks to alter and for the weather to warm up. Bet you can't either.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


The heading says it all. I've hardly done a thing these past few days, at least nothing to shout about. Both hubby and I have felt really 'rotten' for a few days. Can't say we are poorly though he has a very sore throat on one side which is affecting his eating - don't feel sorry for that situation cos he could do with losing some weight - I never said that!!!!
Seriously, he did manage to cut and fit the beading to the floor/cupboards in the kitchen. He did that just to try and fight his 'poorly' feelings. 
The day was just so beautiful that we managed to sit out for a while.
I'm fighting off being upset that I didn't manage to get to at least one of the Ink Buds workshops this weekend. Just waiting for a confirmation of the date of the next one because it's not looking good either - (I am currently swearing!!!!!)

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Today its the turn of our friend Dave, to have a birthday.
I made 3 crazy bird cards for the men who had birthdays last month and this, but am not too sure who got which one. They were fun to do. The backgrounds were made using the shaving foam method which seemed appropriate for men!
I coloured each bird and the parcels and hats with Distress Markers.
They were all cut out using Tim's thinlits dies. Made life so easy! 
Have a lovely birthday Dave X

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

12 TAGS OF 2016 - MARCH

Whilst my kitchen is being ripped to bits I've escaped into my little space to finish my March tag.
I love how Tim is revisiting a couple of tags each month and juggling the techniques to create a duel masterpiece.
I used a couple of my thinlits dies from 660220 die set for the background. After juggling the corrugated cut out around a bit, I managed to place it where each die pattern was showing. They are a bit smaller than the gorgeous ones Tim used. As for deciding which Distress Crayons to use, that proved somewhat more difficult because they are just so gorgeous.
I came up with this tag.
These techniques need more practice for me especially the crayons but I got there in the end.
Another fun time was had.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be awful with gales and heavy rain, so we decided to go in the motorhome to buy a new end panel, kick board, 12' of 1/4 round beading plus another wine rack ( to cover a gap) plus new 170* hinges and kick board brackets. Can't get those big items in the car! However, it rained all morning so my workman aka hubby, couldn't cut any of it. It's therefore stored all over the place.
Along with other bits from the cupboards.
Job stopped for now.
We went to book the car in for its MOT and service instead. Can't believe we've had it 11 months already. 
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


My special step daughter, Paula has just brought me a gorgeous bouquet from her and hubby, Quentin. 
They are utterly beautiful. Thank you so very much.

On a different note. I have  been trying to make my Tim tag for this month but it's not working.
Plan B now.

Another visitor. My other special step daughter, Susanna, has just been to bring me these.
The colour of that orchid is my favourite. A little tipple tonight may be in order too.
I have the best step kids ever. Xx

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Well, I finally bit the bullet and started quilting the throw. I began with a bit of free motion but soon packed that malarkey in!! Back on with the walking foot and a bit of straight line sewing. I sure need a LOT of practice to conquer free motion.
I began with the hexagon block as it is closest to the centre and worked out from there.
Despite my pained efforts to square all the blocks, some still went together in a hap hazard sort of way. Never mind, this is the first proper patched quilt I've tried so it's definitely a learning piece. 
The patterns on the back are ok so far and I've almost completed 8 of the 12. It's a tiring experience and I've had it for today. I hope to try again tomorrow.