Monday, 30 August 2010


I had a lovely peaceful day yesterday at the local Copic Club. Never been before so didn't really know what to expect. Infact, the whole 5hrs were spent stamping images and then colouring them with Copics with the time to do it properly, watch how the others were getting on and the help of expert, Melanie Heaton, should we need it.

This was all I managed to do but I am really happy with the results. I do need a bit more practice using the stamping block which helps you to position an image perched on another. It's a bit tricky, but I'll keep having a go at that.

I am lucky enough to have all the Copic Ciaos but not the Copic Sketch. That really would mean me getting a mortgage, something I haven't had for over 23yrs!! However, there are some large gaps within the Ciao range so I intend to fill those in over time and bought 3 pens yesterday as a starter. They are really expensive, but Inspirations (where I was) are selling them, 3 for £14.99.

I also bought the new Magnolia magazine and the last Sir Tim paper stack they had - Lost and Found. Now that really did make my day.

The sun is shining this morning - yippeeee!! and should shine again tomorrow too, so I am going to put wood preserve on my greenhouse. Even more mess on my hands after that just to add to the printer ink already covering them!!! Enjoy the Bank Holiday. x

Saturday, 28 August 2010


I have just received this from Hazel and am thrilled to bits.


I have had a good time this month joining in with the SCD challenges.
All have had the basic theme - Torso - with a twist to it each week. This weeks is the last and is 'of the sea'.
I thought this may be easy until I started. Not one single stamp with anything like a sea theme in my drawers.
However, not to be beaten, I came up with this.

Again, my camera is not responding to close ups, sorry.

The wording at the top is covered in glossy accents ans a few beadazzles so is not easily made out but is a torn piece of dictionary definition re. ocean, a large section of sea.

The 'sea angel mermaid' is stamped with teal Stazon onto card and then cut out. (and you thought she was just a fairy didn't you?) The whole of the base mountboard is coloured with various alcohol inks which I tapped on. I then went to town with sticking my gorgeous Brixham mini shells, moss, seed beads, beadazzles and stickles to the base. The little 'mermaid' is sitting amongst them trying to have a rest!!

I had my jiffy bag ready to send off my swaps after having completed this one, but will have to look for a box now 'cos this won't fit. Thank you SCD for this months fun. I wonder what September will bring.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Well, although I would love to lose a few pounds, I really don't believe in diets. They make you depressed and if you do actually manage to lose weight, it comes flooding back on as soon as you stop.

However, 'Peg Leg' had put on the pounds since his knee became really bad and of course, having a painful knee means he can't do a lot of things. He decided therefore, to have a go at a diet and get rid of some of it. He rather fancied eating more fruit as a start, so we went off for some apples, pears and cherries.

I know the price of food has/is going up, but this is ridiculous!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

WOYWW 25/8

Now this post is scheduled for just after 7am tomorrow, but the last time I tried to alter the post time, it didn't work, so no idea when this will go on.

I received another wonderful parcel from the Artistic Stamper. If you order from them you are given a little card, collect 5 and get 20% off your next order. This is just what I did and managed to save a packet on my local prices for this absolutely amazing Sir Tim paper stacks.

 So these have taken centre stage on my workdesk and I have lavished them with all the attention I can muster.

The beautiful Vintage Shabby papers - the blues and pinks - will form the basis of my Xmas cards this year because most of them just lend themselves to that season. But, before I can make anything with these adorable, touchy, feely papers, I just had to let the first project be for my Toby's album. The Retro Grunge had designs to them which suited one of Toby's photos so I thought it right that I started there.

I think the little monkey would have approved.

Well, Julia has certainly given me a lot of pleasure with these Wednesday WOYWWs. Long may they continue despite not being able to get round everyone. I did however, manage over 80 last week!! Wonder whether I can beat that, I'll try.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I tried really hard yesterday to make some little flowers and cover them with UTEE.

First thing to happen when I had finished them, was a great big aeroplane landed on the table.

Fortunately, the little flowers hopped onto the wing so were quite safe.

I managed to assemble the petals after colouring them with DI, but when it came to dipping them in the UTEE, the trouble began again. The tweezers clogged up and stuck hard to the petals and I had to prise them off using my metal tweezers - which promptly stuck - so I prised those off with a pokey tool. I then had flowers with 2 pairs of tweezers and a pokey tool stuck to them!!

Trying to cover a bead with UTEE and placing that in the centre was the last straw.

 If you look closely you will see around 1/2 gallon of UTEE on the large flower, several bubbles and 1/4 gallon of UTEE on each of the little ones. I also tried covering the bits where the tools had stuck and not the UTEE with stickles, so there's around 1/2 bottle of that on them aswell.

I think I will give this technique a miss for a while, or at least until I've forgotten  that I ever tried it.



I hope you have a lovely day out with sister Lindsay.


Monday, 23 August 2010


I'm glad last week has gone and can only hope that this week is a better one.

Yesterday was awful. Both 'peg leg' and I had some sort of bug which knocked us for six. I managed to get up but not 'til nearly the afternoon, whilst 'peg leg' didn't see the light of day. We both feel a bit better today but have only just got up now.

My car gave up the ghost last Wednesday. Turns out the battery had had enough so we had to buy a new one. Then on Thursday I broke a tooth! Fortunately my dentist saw me that afternoon and put a temporary filling on it. I have to go back for a more permanent one. Trouble is, the broken tooth is right next to a wobbly one. He reckons that it could last 5 years but then I will have to have a bridge causing loss of the one he is going to fill. Better start saving 'cos that will be another £500 I bet. My chin is still not right, but at least the swelling has gone and it's not so red and sore. I'm rubbing vaseline into the skin to put the moisture back and it's working fine. Hooray!

So all plans last  week went right out of the window and this week sees more appointments, like 'peg legs' MRI scan. Let's hope they get their records right this time.

All I managed yesterday was cutting out some pre-stamped flowers ready to faux enamel. I used the flower power set from the Artistic Stamper. I love these simple little images.

Looks like I stamped several on my worksheet also!

On a special note. We got an early call from my son this morning to tell us that today is a very big



For those of you who know me, today is the day my 2 special grandchildren become 'officially' part of our family.

Now that's a good start to the week if there ever was one.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


I've joined in again this week over at Something Completely Different challenge blog.

Week 3 and the theme is Red and Black. Here is my version.

I had to get 'peg leg' to photo it with his camera because for some reason, mine won't take a clear picture any more!

I sorted out my red and black beads to make the dragonfly, one of Heather's again from her book, only to find that I was short of seed beads in either colour. So off to Hobbycraft to buy some - any excuse to go craft hunting. My stash of dagger beads has grown over the last few weeks, thanks to Ebay! Anyway, once I had the required type and number I proceeded to throw them about the floor in a bid to make the little critter. I finally managed it in between both episodes of Corrie last night.

I had no idea what to do with the background so it came about after much phaffing about. I gessod the base and when dry I used fired brick and barn door DI to cover it all. I then smudged some black soot DI over parts of it where I inteded to put the red net and dragonfly. The little areas that remained red were then stamped in black archival on little dragonfly stamps. I trimmed the net and added both red and black stickles to the edges to stick it down. I then stuck the dragonfly in place using glossy accents.

In the end I had fun and that's all that matters eh?

Friday, 20 August 2010


Check out the Artisitic Stamper Creative Team Blog for news of a fabulous candy giveaway.

The giveaway ends 6pm GMT on Thursday 26th August.

I'm in!

Thursday, 19 August 2010


ATCs that is.

I played a bit more yesterday after I spent ages hopping around woyww blogs - I managed 70! Now I've visited over half I'm determined to see the rest. I bet when I go back to look, there are another 70 on top of the 125 that last time I looked!!!

Anyway, here are my cards.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I  know everyone thinks these Wednesday's come around every day, this week is no exception. Where did the other days go? The wonderful leader of woyww, Julia, may just have the answer I wonder.

I tried to get around all the desks last week but failed miserably. Will have to try harder this week, even if that's how long it takes. It's great having a peek at what everyone is up to, how they organise their craft or what goodies they have just acquired. I like it in the winter when folk leave their curtains open and their light on!! Oh! shouldn't have said that should I?  just so you can see inside.

Anyway, apart from growing a new chin this week, I have a skin infection which has made my chin twice the size, red, sore and flaking!  I've managed to make a few ATCs. Firstly though, here's that faux porcelain flower from last week.

I made the mistake of assembling the flower then trying to UTEE it. Wrong. I couldn't get the utee on most of it so ended up trying to pour it on. the flower was covered in bubbles and 'strings' of the stuff. Not to be beaten, I waited for it to dry then splodged loads of distress stickles over the horrid bits. It's not too bad now.

Today's desk looks like a bomb has dropped. I took my photos yesterday, not knowing what the light was going to be like today.

You may just notice my lovely Wendy Vecchi stamps. No idea where they came from!!!!!! The lovely postie just left them the other day.

I have played to my heart's content with these stamps taking some inspiration from the amazing sample sheet which came with them.

Sorry about the picture quality on this heart ATC. Sometimes my camera takes amazing photos and sometimes it's 'pants'. This is a full blown 'knicker' photo. The top card was inspired by the samples but the heart one is all mine. I used Tim's 'postage on the edge die'  for the mount board just to give some shape for a change to the usual oblong. Worked well me thinks.

This was fun but not for the little bird. He is the grungeboard bird I cut out last week together with the cage, again using Tim's dies. However, I cut his little legs off to make this card. He didn't notice, honest.

Another rubbish pic., but you get the idea. All the cards have been made using distressing over papers or stamped images, grungepaper which has been die cut or stamped and then cut out, over stamped and distressed. My little stash of cards for swapping is growing now ready for the 18 Sept. and the workshop with Lindsay, when several of us gather together for a day of fun.

Enjoy your Wednesday. I'm off to rush around a few work desks for a good 'ol nosey, I mean peek. xx

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine today. Boiling hot and another car boot under my hat.
We went last night because you can camp for free if you have a stall, plus it saves that very early 'get up' to be at the venue for 7am.

This was our view when we arrived.

 and this was the opposite side a couple of hours later.

The evening was just beautiful.

We settled down and watched as others arrived, even someone we know from round the corner from where we live! before turning in around 11pm and setting an alarm for 6.15am. What a waste of time that was because we were woken at 5am!!!!! by other stall holders setting up!!!

We had no excuse but to join them and get cracking ourselves.

We had a reasonably busy time, managing to clear some items. The rest will now go to our NW Ambulance charity shop tomorrow.

'Peg Leg' has given up and gone to bed now - time 7pm! Not sure whether I will last the night either.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


 I am entering this card with much trepidation.

When I think 'memories' I really have to think hard for some good ones before I was 40. My sons are the most precious as is my dad, but I don't have holiday ones or sibling memories - I'm an only child.

This challenge therefore, was a hard one, unless I went down the road of old papers etc. I am biting the bullet and entering this card but would not be surprised at it not being accepted.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Both 'Peg Leg' and I were up early yesterday so I took the opportunity to go see my 2 precious grandchildren when they were dropped off at nursery. I set off at 20 to 8am and as it's only a 5min walk got there in plenty of time for their 8am drop off. But I waited and waited, and at 8.20am, as there was no sign of them, went back home! It's really difficult to get to see them as their mummy and daddy are now back at work and I have not had a spare weekend for months. Never mind, it will happen one day.

So we decided to have a 'me' day each. However, this appeared in my front room..........

I know BAE is only over the road, but really!!!!!!!!!

While 'Peg Leg' was fixing the lights to the wing in  his shed, I decided to make some paper roses and lots of ATCs. I was inked up, glued up, spritzed up, but definitely not fed up. I had a ball.

This isn't such a good photo but you can get the idea. Thing is, I made 10!! I took a little video of them this morning but it won't upload - another Blogger failure this week.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


I had a go at this faux enameling thingy yesterday, but it was really hard to cover that big flower I made. Some woyww'ers were interested to see the result so I'll leave that one for next Wednesday. Don't get excited.

In the meantime, I've been making some ATCs as my stock pile has diminished. I tried to use some of the bits lying around on my work desk, but only managed to incorporate 3 little bits. Anyway, here goes.

For this one I used Tim's 'scallop' die and cut both patterns in mount board before juggling them together to make an ATC sized card. I had already distressed the edge of the bottom layer with wild honey before doing this. The top layer was distressed with scattered straw and mustard seed with a touch of milled lavender over a mini scroll mask. I have a stamp which reads ' bloom where you're planted' so I masked off all the words leaving the 'bloom' bit which I stamped in black archival. The little barbed-wire type stamp down the side is an oblong border stamp which I used with pumice stone DI. The flower is cut from vellum and the little flower in the middle is a successful faux enamelled one from yesterday. The titchy button finishes it off.

For this card I distressed the base with all the orange inks before overstamping with a Wendy Vecchi background stamp that miraculously came in the post from Simon Says Stamp in the USA!  I used barn door for this. The ziz zag is a Tim stamp and the word is from a stamp I've ages. I used black archival to stamp these. The flower is cut from grungepaper using Tim's tattered florals die. I inked this with rusty hinge and walnut stain overstamped in black archival and one of Tim's acrylic script stamps. The sprocket, spinner and brad are all Tim's. The leaves are cut from grungepaper, inked with peeled paint and then covered in distress stickles in the same colour. They were cut with his regal crest die.

I can't take full credit for this one because I've based it on a sample on the Wendy Vecchi stamps I received. Obviously it's not exactly the same but I've tweeked it to make an ATC. I used wild honey and dried marigold as the base, leaving a lighter patch in the middle. I then overstamped with the gorgeous chequered stamp using black archival. Then I went round the edges with a permanent marker pen. I inked over a piece of scrap card with barn door DI and overstamped it with bits of stems from Tim's spring sprung stamps using pumice stone DI. That is then stuck under a piece of Tim's film strip. The bits of calendar were coloured with tumbled glass and cut to shape. The leaves are made from some lovely green pearlised card using a Martha Stewart frond punch, the little flowers are Prima overstamped in wild honey with a background stamp from the Artistic Stamper range and finished off with tiny sticky gems. The butterfly is a pre-cut grunge one again stamped with the pre mentioned stamp inked with tumbled glass.

Phew! I think  I need a lie down now. Hope Blogger doesn't swallow this post like it swallowed my last 2 posts on Lindsay's Rant blog.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I'm really late this morning despite my overboard enthusiasm for Julia's WOYWW. I've been so busy this past week it all caught up with me last night and I've slept for England.
Anyway, I'm up now and on the worksdesk trail.
'Peg Leg' made me a little present yesterday, well actually it will hold all sizes of card. What do you think?

Hopefully, when I start to join in some challenges over the winter, this will come in really handy to photograph them better.

I've completed Heather's August ATC swap cards this week and will post those today, and I had a go at the Something Completely Different challenge, so at least I've done some crafting.

I made a tattered flower last night and hope to faux porcelain it today. Doesn't that sound posh? All I'm going to do is dunk it in some clear UTEE in the hopes that last night's effort doesn't fall apart!

I also finally assembled all the net, grunge and material flower pieces I cut out a couple of weeks ago.

If I get chance I want to make the tag you see with Tim's bird and cage. Not made one yet so I think it's about time I did.

I bought some mini canvasses this week. So many of the mind-blowing creations I see on blogs are altered art and many are on these mini canvasses. I don't have any art in my little room, apart from a birthday card from someone special that I framed, so thought I could have a go at these over the weeks and, because they are tiny, hang them on the wall 'cos tiny is all I can fit.
Some of you may remember me telling you that I was going to learn to fly model aircraft - only the easy ones though, not helicopters. 'Peg Leg' bought a 'wing' when we were away and built it up. When we came home he put £50 worth of lights on it!!!! However, due to the complexity of soldering all the joints it took an age. The bummer to this is one of the lights has a break in the wire somewhere, so they are all off again and he still hasn't been able to test fly it. That's why I haven't had a go. Never mind, it will soon be dark all day so the lights will show up better!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Our very own Lindsay Mason has set up a new blog called Lindsay's Rant Corner.

It's a blog with a dfference for us crafters 'cos it doesn't contain any crafty bits in it. Instead it's somewhere you can go to let off steam! Literally say what you want (within reason of course) about all those things that bug you. It may be the weather, the cost of food, adverts on the tele or programmes, infact any subject you want.

For example, I had a good old moan last night about the young lads of today and wrote a long piece on the blog, however, when I reviewed it, it all disappeared ....arghhhh! So instead my rant turned to a good old moan about Blogger.

Pop over, let it all hang out! and come back feeling much better - 'til the next time.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Well 'peg leg' arrived back at 10.05am.

It didn't take long for him to clutter the place and make muddy footprints on the floor.

I knew I should have had the locks changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Well, I'm still tired out, so much so that I am 'almost' wide awake. Not much point going to bed in that state so I decided to get in 'me' craft room and have a go at the Something Completely Different challenge for this month, week 1, which is Torso/bling.

I like the idea of having one main theme for the whole of the month then 'twiddling' it by having a different slant on it each week.

After my tea I tried and tried to think of what I could do and in the end came up with this,

Not sure whether the photo shows the bling properly, but I embossed the scroll with Stamp-n Stuff disco black embossing powder giving it a real sparkle. I managed to print off some copies of the torso provided by SCD and cut it out from mountboard to ATC measurements. Using all 4 lovely orange DIs, wild honey, rusty hinge, spiced marmalade and dried marigold, I inked all the card adding more colour to the right hand side. I then stamped the eyes in black archival and the words in aged mahogany before adding the sparkle swirl.

Hope this is ok and the photo is not too blurred - bad light. Just off to let them know I've done it and enter the challenge.


Well folk, I haven't done any crafting at all. Just not enough time. My little workspace is however, completely cluttered as I seem to be using it as a dumping ground for things I have been clearing out.
That's a laugh isn't it? But I have been clearing out, it's just that I keep finding bits of craft and think I will need it!!!
Anyway, I was up at daft 0'clock this morning - 5.20am to be precise!! - as there was a wasp trying to sting my finger and I was having a panic attack. It turned out to be a dream but it frightened me all the same. I get bad reacions to bites and stings and am scared stiff of wasps. As I had done all this clearing out thingy, there were bags and boxes of stuff all over the place so I set off and did a car boot sale. It wasn't very busy so I haven't made much, but if the weather is good next weekend, we will go to a different one where we can take the motorhome and camp overnight. That also means we can take all the stuff currently choking  the garage.
I am so tired now I may just have a snooze or I won't make the rest of the day - and it's my last full day of 'me time'.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Maybe today I might just get to do a bit of crafting.

There are some stunning pieces of creation on the blogs I follow just now. One in particular appeared this morning from the Artistic Stamper. Jennie made a UTEEd tattered floral piece using paper from one of Tim Holtz' new collection. The flowers are gorgeous and I want to make them.

I thought I might just have a go at some mini canvasses to put on the wall of my craftroom. Now there's a laugh for you, 'cos I don't have any space on my walls!!!! but I will find some. I bought the canvasses from Jennie's shop. Gosh they are little, this will be fun then.

Friday, 6 August 2010


I so want to get my head round some crafty projects.

Whilst 'Peg Leg' is having fun watching model aircraft zooming all over the Formby skies, I thought I may just find the odd moment to think about some pieces of 'creation' (ha!) and actually make some, but instead, I have been painting and wallpapering, oh! and clearing out stuff for Ebay, car boots and the tip. I am so tired because I haven't stopped all day -and there's only 30 mins of it left!!

As for the painting. Well, that needs a second coat - and the wallpaper, well, it looks to me like the rolls don't match despite having the same batch number, so that will have to come off and be done again. What a waste of a day.

I can't end on such a negative note, so I will look for a nice picture to end with.

This little duck enjoyed her bread so much, that she came into our motorhome to look for more!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


I received my 3 ATCs from Heather's 'Out of Africa' swap.
I think they are wonderful, do you?

Now I have to tell you something.

'Peg Leg' left me this morning. He spent most of yesterday packing his planes, clothes, DVDs, even food!
Well, that's the good news, the bad news is, he'll be back on Monday!!!
Hang on, have I got that the right way round - good/bad, oh! it's late I'm confused.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The 61st WOYWW eh!  just my age!!!!

I really do look forward to Wednesdays now and having a peep at all your craft desks. I see marvelous creations, complete clutter, 'just got to have' goodies, the occasional tidy spaces, but much more, it just makes you feel you know so many like-minded people sharing this wonderful hobby. Long live WOYWW.

I've been a bit busy this week. I've made some special cards that I was quickly running out of time to do, had another go at changing the look of my blog - it's a bit better I think, anyone agree? but mostly, I've been sweeping up sawdust as 'Peg Leg' fitted a new door and frame to the front room. Did you notice I said 'fitted'? - YES it's finished. Hooray and wondrous joy. The very first job to have been started and finished in one go!!! I'll be in trouble when he reads this now.  I have the job of painting it all now and doing a bit of wallpapering so I had better do a good job aswell.

I bought a new guillotine yesterday, a 9" X-Cut. I am so tired of not having a machine that cuts straight and this one was mentioned to me as being good.

I haven't used it yet but 'peg leg' tried it out yesterday for me and it cuts a treat.
Heather's ATC swap this month has the theme 'Beside the Seaside' so I am working on my 3 cards for that.

Who turned the world upside down? August is our summer isn't it? So where's all the sunshine then? Since we came home, 3 weeks ago tomorrow, it hasn't stopped raining. It's pouring down now and we have to go out to shop for food as 'peg leg' is going to the Woodvale Rally - model flying show - tomorrow 'til Monday.
I hope it stops soon so he can enjoy it all.

Anyway, better go and get ready. See you all next week after I've had a peep at your desks.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

OH! I DO LIKE TO..............

to be beside the seaside...... tral la la.
That's this months theme for Heather's ATC swap.
Considering I live by the seaside and am Blackpool born and bred, this should be an easy one for me, but no! I am again pulling my hair out to make 3 cards suitable to enter because the others who join in make the most amazing pieces and I really don't want them to receive rubbish from me. I can  hear David shouting at me - be positive. I am trying to be realistic and here is the reason why.

These are 2 ATCs I received recently from 2 of my swapping buddies. The old lady is a card from SHE, which had me in stitches, and the feet card is from SONIA who makes the most interesting, neat creations from bits from magazines, her garden and alsorts of scraps. She is very talented and just getting to grips with distress and alcohol inks and I wish I could encourage her to join in these swaps - are you reading this Sonia?
I think both of these would be admirable entries for this month's swap, so I am taking my lead from them.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


I'm just back from another wonderful Lindsay Mason demo, but first I must refer you to her sister, Heather,'s, blog, and the awful thing that happened yesterday to her husband.
I wish Graham a really speedy recovery from what was a terrible and frightening ordeal. Let's hope the justice system works and these thugs get maximum penalties.

Anyway, back to Lindsay. She had in front of her the most beautiful cards, mirrors, plaques, ATCs, etc etc. I took some photos to show you just how lovely her cards were. She even made the yellow sky card as I watched!

See, I told you.

There are another couple of dates sorted out for workshops.

1. Saturday Sept. 18th - matchbox shrines (not the religious type, but miniature magic and mystery with wax, inks and whatever!!) - I now have to find shelf space for 'whatever' 'cos I booked that workshop.

2. Sunday Oct 23rd - Christmas cute and clever - create a cute Christmas collection using Lindsay's amazingly clever techniques.

Now then, Lindsay will run the mirror frame class on the morning of Sat. Sept 18th if enough people show interest and book. Ring Dawn's shop for details, 01254 356501.