Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Our very own Lindsay Mason has set up a new blog called Lindsay's Rant Corner.

It's a blog with a dfference for us crafters 'cos it doesn't contain any crafty bits in it. Instead it's somewhere you can go to let off steam! Literally say what you want (within reason of course) about all those things that bug you. It may be the weather, the cost of food, adverts on the tele or programmes, infact any subject you want.

For example, I had a good old moan last night about the young lads of today and wrote a long piece on the blog, however, when I reviewed it, it all disappeared ....arghhhh! So instead my rant turned to a good old moan about Blogger.

Pop over, let it all hang out! and come back feeling much better - 'til the next time.


Anonymous said...
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Gez said...

Sorry to hear Blogger is being a pain in the wosit. Will pop over to the rant corner this weekend. :)