Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I tried really hard yesterday to make some little flowers and cover them with UTEE.

First thing to happen when I had finished them, was a great big aeroplane landed on the table.

Fortunately, the little flowers hopped onto the wing so were quite safe.

I managed to assemble the petals after colouring them with DI, but when it came to dipping them in the UTEE, the trouble began again. The tweezers clogged up and stuck hard to the petals and I had to prise them off using my metal tweezers - which promptly stuck - so I prised those off with a pokey tool. I then had flowers with 2 pairs of tweezers and a pokey tool stuck to them!!

Trying to cover a bead with UTEE and placing that in the centre was the last straw.

 If you look closely you will see around 1/2 gallon of UTEE on the large flower, several bubbles and 1/4 gallon of UTEE on each of the little ones. I also tried covering the bits where the tools had stuck and not the UTEE with stickles, so there's around 1/2 bottle of that on them aswell.

I think I will give this technique a miss for a while, or at least until I've forgotten  that I ever tried it.


Artyjen said...

Sounds a bit messy to me! Think I'll wait to try that technique LOL
xoxo Sioux

Hels Sheridan said...

Oooh no... that sounds like you had beginners bad luck hun... first time I tried it... same thing happened... trick is to move quickly and make sure that your tweezers are clean before touching the petal... Well, the ones you made LOOK GORGEOUS! and they need a load of UTEE on to look porcelain like... am sad that you no likey the technique... a tip... if you have a bobbly bit, gently hold your heatgun over the UTEE bit and it will melt a bit... gets rid of imperfections... hugs x