Tuesday, 3 August 2010

OH! I DO LIKE TO..............

to be beside the seaside...... tral la la.
That's this months theme for Heather's ATC swap.
Considering I live by the seaside and am Blackpool born and bred, this should be an easy one for me, but no! I am again pulling my hair out to make 3 cards suitable to enter because the others who join in make the most amazing pieces and I really don't want them to receive rubbish from me. I can  hear David shouting at me - be positive. I am trying to be realistic and here is the reason why.

These are 2 ATCs I received recently from 2 of my swapping buddies. The old lady is a card from SHE, which had me in stitches, and the feet card is from SONIA who makes the most interesting, neat creations from bits from magazines, her garden and alsorts of scraps. She is very talented and just getting to grips with distress and alcohol inks and I wish I could encourage her to join in these swaps - are you reading this Sonia?
I think both of these would be admirable entries for this month's swap, so I am taking my lead from them.


sharon said...

Yes I am with your husband BE POSITIVE. Your creations are wonderful so I have every faith your entry will be second to none! XX

Lindsay Mason said...

Your ATC's are marvellous Joanne - well executed and often full of quirky humour which I love. David is sending you positive vibes...but when did you and he elope?!?!? Lol! Lindsay x

She said...

Hi Joanne, so glad you like your ATC - never thought about using that for Heather's swap!! Not quite sure what I'll go with, but I have got some very gorgeous CI 'stuff' that's just arrived today, that is crying out to be played with!! Love S xx
ps I love your artwork, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. xxxx

Heather said...

Yes, Joanne, not only David shouting at you .... your work is lovely and creative, you should be proud of it, and I'm sure whatever you create for the Seaside swap will be wonderful! (Laughing at the thought of you and David running off into the sunset together with Lindsay & Terry just left standing there, open-mouthed)!

And I do hope your friend Sonia does read this - and decides to join in one of my blog swaps, she would be very welcome!

Heather x

Joanne said...

Well folks, I messed up there good time. I was trying to promote the wonderful work of my swapping buddies not pull myself down. However, sometimes a little kick works wonders. Thank you for your comments 'cos they do refresh me.
Luv Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Joanne - yes sonia is reading this!! Sorry about the delay,I left the computer off in order to do some housework! Am I the only person who gets side -tracked by their PC?? I really want someone to do the housework for me!! Anyway I will now attempt to join Heather's challenge! Might have to get back to you if it all goes wrong - fingers crossed Sonia xx
ps love your blog xx