Friday, 13 August 2010


Both 'Peg Leg' and I were up early yesterday so I took the opportunity to go see my 2 precious grandchildren when they were dropped off at nursery. I set off at 20 to 8am and as it's only a 5min walk got there in plenty of time for their 8am drop off. But I waited and waited, and at 8.20am, as there was no sign of them, went back home! It's really difficult to get to see them as their mummy and daddy are now back at work and I have not had a spare weekend for months. Never mind, it will happen one day.

So we decided to have a 'me' day each. However, this appeared in my front room..........

I know BAE is only over the road, but really!!!!!!!!!

While 'Peg Leg' was fixing the lights to the wing in  his shed, I decided to make some paper roses and lots of ATCs. I was inked up, glued up, spritzed up, but definitely not fed up. I had a ball.

This isn't such a good photo but you can get the idea. Thing is, I made 10!! I took a little video of them this morning but it won't upload - another Blogger failure this week.


Heather said...

These flowers look wonderful, Joanne .... sorry you missed your grandchildren, but glad you had the chance to "play" all day! Heather x

She said...

Oh this is beautiful Joanne. That Flower is just gorgeous. Sorry you missed your grandchildren - but wow 10 ATCs, well done you. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you and 'PegLeg' S xxxx

Gez said...

Gorgeous Atc Joanne. Your rose looks beautiful. Nice to hear you had a play day. Sorry you missed the Grandchildren.
Can't wait to hear the plane has had it's maiden flight.
Wishing you both a lovely Sunday.
Hugs, Gez.xx