Sunday, 8 August 2010


Well folk, I haven't done any crafting at all. Just not enough time. My little workspace is however, completely cluttered as I seem to be using it as a dumping ground for things I have been clearing out.
That's a laugh isn't it? But I have been clearing out, it's just that I keep finding bits of craft and think I will need it!!!
Anyway, I was up at daft 0'clock this morning - 5.20am to be precise!! - as there was a wasp trying to sting my finger and I was having a panic attack. It turned out to be a dream but it frightened me all the same. I get bad reacions to bites and stings and am scared stiff of wasps. As I had done all this clearing out thingy, there were bags and boxes of stuff all over the place so I set off and did a car boot sale. It wasn't very busy so I haven't made much, but if the weather is good next weekend, we will go to a different one where we can take the motorhome and camp overnight. That also means we can take all the stuff currently choking  the garage.
I am so tired now I may just have a snooze or I won't make the rest of the day - and it's my last full day of 'me time'.


Gez said...

I'm yawning just reading your post!!
Hope you get some crafty time soon.xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

OMG what a fright. I dreamt there was a man trying to strangle me last week and woke up screaming!!! Bizarre. Hope you get a better nights kip tonight. Wasps are Evil!!! Hazelxoxo

chrissy xx said...

You have tired me out!!!
Phew!!!Gone for Coffee.

She said...

Good luck with your 'car-booting' sweetie, hope you make lots. Love S xx