Sunday, 30 January 2011


I could beat Amir Khan at 'fighting back' - well not quite, but I'd give it a go. So how's this for starters?????
That's the title and is a big hug and thank you to all you amazing friends out there.
Firstly though, I am the proud owner of a gorgeous wall hanging made by Hels Sheridan. I admired it so much I wanted to buy it but Hels wouldn't let me and sent it to me instead. It hangs, proudly, on my wall amongst my other very special pieces of art from friends. I asked Hels if I could make this wall hanging and sent her a picture of it still in construction. She said I wasn't breaking any copyright and was thrilled I wanted to make something along similar lines. I hope this meets with approval.
I so love making grungy things and am happy I've done this one.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I have been having the most AWFUL week. It should have been good because my little car was back on the road last Sunday. It runs like a fluffy cloud now, all light and happy, despite it's ever increasing swimming pool in the passenger well - no pun intended there!! But as far as crafting goes, I've come - that close to giving it all up!!!!
I've watched, with excitment, Tim's blog and seen all his new releases for this summer. I've tried to keep up with Wendy Vecchi too. A lovely lady in the US, Marti, who is at CHA now, has just shown photos of the workshop she attended yesterday where both of these artists taught along with Claudine Hellmuth. You should see the projects they made, fantastic.
So what the heck is the matter with me?
THERE IS FAR TOO MUCH NEW STUFF BEING RELEASED. How on earth could anyone justify the exorbitant cost of just Tim's releases alone???? How can I possibly save for a new (well not brand new but newer) car AND buy craft AND have holidays AND simply live!!! So, I've decided (hope I can keep to it) that I am only going to buy essentials such as glue and grungepaper and just the odd Alterations die this year. It has to be or I do what I've come close to - and give up.
So what has changed my mind or at least made it up for me?
They are the salt of the earth. One wonderful lady knows how I feel and encouraged me to continue. I have a particularly wonderful piece of art of hers which I have studied and am in the process of making some of my own. Once made, I will run them past her to make sure I am not breaching her copyright, and if ok, I'll share them with you.
Then I received these from my lovely friend Sonia (you know, the one I gave some crafting goodies to) and she has no idea about this week.
This is so simple but because the papers are tops, ie K & Co, this ATC looks amazing and is a special little thank you.
These 2 are right up my street 'cos they are 'Timy' ones. Nothing to do with me here apart from the mountboard. Sonia makes the most neat cards ever.
But this 1 is the one that did it for me and helped me change my mind.

Now I know I want to craft.
So, with a little help from my friends, I've decided to continue. Now where is that mojo then..........................

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I seem to have been cutting out for England this week, but I'm not complaining. A very lovely, special lady stamped a load of flowers for me on some grungepaper and grungeboard I sent her, and I have a go at cutting them out each time I go in my little work room.
The 'rickety house' and 'on the fence' grunge you can see, is a trial at making a gift box. It's been sitting there like that for nearly a week as I'm struggling with it's construction.
I haven't been over to Julia's as yet to see our wonderful leader's desk, but will once I have posted this, plus I hope to have a peep at a few other's to see what they are up to.
I have been intrigued over the weeks to see so many little 'buddies' trying to join in on this 'what's on your workshop' day, so, I thought I would try and set up a blog just for them. If you get the chance, have a look at which will be the site where every other Monday you can upload a photo of your pet helping you to craft. I hope to get the ball rolling on MONDAY 14 FEBRUARY
In the meantime, I will put the final touches to the blog and try and get to grips with including Mr Linky for each fortnight. I hope you join in even if, like me, your only pets happen now to be fish!!!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011


That's 2 good jobs.
1. This is the good job I did on the silencer on my car. When it backfired last week, it blew this to bits.

2. I've managed to upload the photo of it after spending most of this morning trying to sort out the problem with browsing through and uploading any photo at all. Not sure it's fixed as yet, but it's done it this time.


I have a major problem with my blog and the new one I created yesterday. Actually, the new one may have created the problem.
I cannot upload photos any more as my files seem to be stuck on one in particular and are 'fighting' with Internet Explorer.
Hopefully, I shall be able to sort this out - may need help Dave - pretty please again - before I can write any more posts. Please bear with me.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


I have wanted to start a blog for 'pets that help(?!!!) us to craft' for a long time now having seen so many photos of little pals/buddies on WOYWW posts.
I have thrown the idea out for comment and devised a new blog : with the title CRAFTING BUDDIES.
I'm not sure whether I have set it up properly as yet, so to go on it for now, please go to my profile and click on the link from there.
For some reason, Internet Explorer is having trouble with one of my photo files and just won't upload at all. Once that is sorted, I will put some sort of photo on the new blog to act as a header.
Please let me know what you think as I would like to make a start with it on Mondays (either weekly or fortnightly) from 14 February.


Well actually, I don't mean the freezing fog we have today which is showing no sign of clearing at all. No, I mean this:
Perfect Pearls Mists.
This one is heirloom gold and one of the 2 new colours I have my eye on. The 2nd is the pearl. I was so surprised to find this yesterday in Inspirations because I didn't know the mists had shipped out yet. Obviously they have.
Also, have you been watching Tim's blog this week and seen all the goodies he will be releasing at CHA. How about the Distress Coredinations card then? How fab will that be.
I have a couple of ideas going on in my head just now - it's a good job they are there 'cos there's not much else in there!!!! - so I'm off to have a think about them and if everything works out, I'll be back in the week to let you know, one way or the other.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Yes, I've completed my 12 chunky pages. What a marathon it's been. Some of the subjects were really hard for me with only a few that I was comfortable with, so I'm quite glad I've done it now.
The deadline was 15 March but that has now been extended by a month. With all the hospital unknowns just now plus Tim's workshop, I just had to plan my time and stick to the original deadline or I would never have completed the challenge. Once the date is up, I shall post piccies of my efforts but here is my page for starters.
My theme(s) for the book is January - December. She gave me February. I don't do Valentines so what better theme for February for me other than Tim's workshop.
I used several shades of brown DI on mountboard pre-cut with the brackets on - the - edge alterations die. I then splashed water over the surface and dried it all off. I then used a couple of stamps and green DI, peeled paint I think, plus a bit of scattered straw distress stickles. The letters are grungeboard covered with a mixture of gold and green paint dabbers. The picture in the frame is one advertising the event which I've simply put together using Tim's Ideology items. It's fastened to the letter 'a' but that's all allowing it to swing. The rest you can see.
It's a very simple page but looks ok in real life and as it's mine anyway, it's fine.
Well 'peg leg' has taken the motorhome to get the new awning bracket fitted. We have freezing fog this morning so the early start won't have gone down well. He goes for his pre-op tests prior to his hernia op, next Monday. When he had the tests for his knee op, he was told they last for 30 days, but these tests last 2 months so he should be ok for March.
My car has been diagnosed. We had to call the AA again - what a nice man! Anyway the plugs were arcing so the spark wasn't hitting the bits it should so we need new leads. Also, when I tried to start it the other day and it backfired, it blew the silencer apart so that has to be replaced. Nothing too costly after all. The parts are just over £50 and 'peg leg' can do it all. I feel like my arm has been chopped off without my little car so it will be magic when I get it back.
Thanks for looking today and if you've made it this far - booo!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Another week has flown by and here we are again on another Wednesday. But Wednesdays are no longer just days, Wednesdays are special days when we get to fly around the world to amazing places, generally known as 'craft spaces'. The leader in this magical trip is Julia, so pop over to hers first for all the details. I was asked the other day whether I keep the off-cuts of grungeboard and paper. I don't have the heart to throw anything of Tim's away, so the answer to that is YES. Here is my box of 'bits'.
I use them for building up grunge flowers and have also made 'rocks' with them. Sometimes the bits are big enough to cut tiny flowers from too.
The pages for the chunky book are finished and I am now on with my page. My theme for the book is the months of the year and I was given February. Now what could I do for that?????!!!!! I'm having a play with a couple of ideas just now, so this is my desk this morning.

I shall probably get chance to play a bit more today hopefully.
Well my car still isn't fixed, infact, it hasn't even been looked at! 'Peg leg' is in town at the moment having taken his car for it's MOT then tomorrow he has to take the motorhome to have the new awning rail fitted. It's all go with vehicles at the moment. He is supposed to be going to hospital on Monday for his pre-op tests for his hernia operation, but as the tests only last 30 days, he will have to have them again because they already know that he can't have his op before the beginning of March. They've got this one wrong as well!!
Ok peeps, I'm off to get dressed now. Enjoy your day and travels.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Still trying to finish the chunky book pages and I'm on with the last of them for the girls in the challenge. That will just leave my own page to do.
So this is the last of the sneak peeks, after all, when I've made my page I won't need to keep that one a secret!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011


That's another chunky book page completed.
I must get on and complete the last 2 then I can perhaps enter a few weekly challenges in order to build up my card stash. I also want to make the odd bit of altered art and get ahead with hand made pressies.
However, I have just read some disappointing news which is that Dawn Bibby is closing her store and it's up for sale. She really has had an awful year and must do what is right for her so it is understandable. I will miss my trips there and meeting up with Lindsay, She, Gez and the lovely staff. Also, no more workshops. I so hope that whoever buys the store keeps workshops going and that Lindsay will be able to continue.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


In my quest to remain positive throughout 2011, I can:

* positively say that my car blew up this morning
* positively say that it won't start
* positively say that I doubt it ever will again
* positively say that driving 'peg leg's' car makes my right ankle ache
* positively say it isn't easy going shopping in a 25' long vehicle
* positively say I need another car
* positively say I am not happy!!!!!!
and that's POSITIVE!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


First of all, after the disappointment yesterday of being advised by the surgeon that whatever he did to 'peg legs' knee would not make any difference, I cheered him up a bit by letting him pick my 'blog candy' winner. Here she is then:
Please email me your address and I will send the 'goodies' off to you. well done.

Back to WOYWW. Don't know what those letters are all about?? Then pop over to our wonderful leader Julia at the Stamping Ground and you will be amazed.
I had so hoped to get to see everyone's desk last week, but failed miserably. I'm not on to a good start this week either as we have only just surfaced following a sleepless Monday night. However, the weather today is really miserable with very bad light, so I may just spend a bit of time on the computer and pop round a few.
I finished my clear out. Just got to label all the boxes. I am meeting my lovely friend Sonia on Sunday and she is taking some of the 'cleared' stash for herself and said she would give something to the NW Ambulance in exchange. Seems a good deal to me.
Another thing I managed to do was move the 4-drawer wheelie thingy full of stamps and my lock-and-lock stacks full of my Tim goodies, away from the radiator and store them in the bottom cupboard.

So much more room now and it's warmer!!
I'm still on with the chunky book pages having only 3 more to do. However, the deadline has been extended by a month so I don't have to rush the last ones. I had my timing planned anyway with everything going on, so the March one was achievable. I may just stick to that one so I can concentrate on something else for a change.

So this is my desk this morning. Not much to see except the corner of the layout for the page I am working on. Don't be fooled by what you see though. I have used that piece of 5"x5" paper for all of them!!
I hope you all have a lovely woyww and enjoy your travels today. Before I make the trip, I'm off to Tim's blog to see what CHA goodies he is showing today. Yesterday was a sneak at his new Alterations..........

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Today is the day - or rather - today was the day.
Now how do I tell you this - THEY DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After us both spending a sleepless night wondering whether the alarm would go off at 6am, we set off for Blackpool Victoria Hospital and arrived far too early for the 7.30am appointment. A lovely nurse let us in and we waited 'til they 'opened' and let everyone else in. I hung on 'til we found out that the op. would be around 10 - 10.30am before I left and came home.
No sooner had I taken my coat off the phone rang and this voice said "can you come for me, they aren't doing it".
In fact, the surgeon had seen 'peg leg' (whose AKA will probably remain for ever now!!!) and almost advised him that he would not get any benefit from what they could do and he could end up worse. The only reasonable option left was not to have any intrusion but to go back in 3 months for a further check.
At least they would have operated on the correct knee this time. Now we just have to wait for the hernia op!!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011


After the clear out come the fancy bits.
I'd made a start at hanging some of my special ATCs and tags, but added a few more hooks to spread them out a little.
Also, I finished another chunky book page yesterday. I think this one has worked well and is one of my favourites so far.
Don't forget the BLOG CANDY. It will be drawn tomorrow and the winner announced on Wednesday. Good luck.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


That's right. I am making (or trying to) the remaining  chunky book pages and because I don't want to show them before they reach the people they are destined for, I can only show sneak peeks. So this is what I have been up to.
Bright paint dabbers and lots of beads.

Those little clips come in really handy. If I ever get to use them on a project, I will be really lost won't I?
Now then, don't forget I have BLOG CANDY up for grabs.
The first little bit is destined for my blog follower #50 who I am awaiting an address for in the US, but the rest is to be given away on Wednesday after the winner is picked on 11.1.11 - that's 'peg leg's knee operation day - we hope!!!! -  just become a follower and leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning.
It was going to be a surprise, but I'll let you see what you will get.

Hope you think it is worth entering.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Job done!
Phew! it was a nightmare. I've got more floor space now as I've managed to make room for my wheelie 4 drawer thingy and my 2 stacks of lock & lock in the bottom cupboard where the broken drawers were. Had to put up 2 more shelves though to house my Tim dies and have space for more!!! What do you think?

Notice the envelope? That's my tickets and badges for the Tim workshop next month. Yippeeeeee!

The next job is to 'hang' some of my special ATCs and tags and I've made a start.
Right, just going to read a bit more of my Matt Cardle book now.

Friday, 7 January 2011


Hello to MARJO my 50th follower.

As promised, Marjo is the winner of a little thank you candy. I hope you can find use for this Marjo. Please email me your address and I'll post it off to you.

Thank you for following my blog.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Been wanting to make this page for ages because I started it well before Christmas. Anyway, I've managed it today.
Here is a little nosey.

Don't forget I have surprise blog candy (see Wednesday's post) and it's now more than 7 items!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Firstly, can I say sorry to everyone who took the time to visit my blog over the last couple of weeks and leave comments. I may not have been able to visit yours but hope to put that right this week, even if it takes 'til next Tuesday!!!
My little room may always look reasonably tidy, but open a cupboard door and try and find something - no chance. So the clear out has begun. 'Peg leg' helped me all day yesterday to take everything out of the 2 big cupboards (these used to be the back of the chimney breast, so you can imagine their size). I can't reach to the back of the top shelf and there's always something you want up there! We ended up in this state.
Some of the stuff filled the table and some filled
the kitchen. I had already sorted a load which filled my new boxes.

All I had to then was put it back in a nice neat fashion.
Looking good so far.

Apart from having to over spill into a couple of kitchen cupboards as well, I ended up with a mountain of stuff for my friend, (which by the way sonia, weighs a tonne, so no chance of posting it!!) no where for the shredder any more, some bits for Ebay and having to go out today to buy 2 more shelves and brackets for all my Tim alterations dies ( there is the hope of more new ones this year- fingers crossed) PLUS, I have Blog Candy.
I missed the chance for a give away on my 500th blog post but I will give something to my 50th follower. Also if you choose to become a follower and tell about this little give away on your blog and leave a comment here, you will be entered for the candy which I will draw next Wednesday - 11.1.11. The candy will be a surprise and I will add to it each day so there will be 7 items.
Right, I want to make a start on popping over to every one's desk so am going to start with our wonderful leader Julia. Have a wonderful week.

Monday, 3 January 2011


I've taken the plunge. No, not into the Serpentine for a New Year dip, but into my craft cupboards and broken drawers.
Wondering if I will get in my little room again this week to make more chunky book pages. What do you think?
Not looking good eh?

Oh dear! it's spread into the kitchen. No dinner tonight then.
Better do a bit more before 'peg leg' comes back from Chorley where he's gone for some more gold 'bit's for his guitar.

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Just back from Hobbycraft where these Really Useful Boxes have 20% off.
Time for the sort out me thinks.
Keep watching because there may be some blog candy or some freebies, or some you pay the postage and I'll send the goodies, or.............none of the above!!!!LOL.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

BACK TO THE MATHS - 12 - 7 = 5

On a   roll today. I've made 2 chunky book pages.
Well actually, I planned one of them yesterday, completed it today, and almost completed the other. That one needs a little something that I unfortunatley, have to shop for tomorrow. If I don't find what I am after it's back to the dreaded making 'baubles' thingy again! Thought I had had enough of that with the 12 tags, but needs must, and this 7th page needs them.
Want a peek -
Well, I did say 'peek'!!!


And this one will be GREAT.
* - 'Peg leg' will get 'mended' after a 2 year wait and a mountain of 'cock ups' last year by the NHS.
* - I have tickets for Tim's worshop next month
* - My little craft room is going to get a great big sort out so I can find stuff
* - My SD and family are moving back to this area

The year does however, contain some very unusual dates:
* - 1.1.11
* - 11.1.11
* - 1.11.11
* = 11.11.11

Still, it will be a good one all round. Hope you all have a year better than the last.
Now on to some crafting.
I've just started another chunky book page. It's all laid out ready to pull together.
Haha! that's all you're getting!