Sunday, 30 January 2011


I could beat Amir Khan at 'fighting back' - well not quite, but I'd give it a go. So how's this for starters?????
That's the title and is a big hug and thank you to all you amazing friends out there.
Firstly though, I am the proud owner of a gorgeous wall hanging made by Hels Sheridan. I admired it so much I wanted to buy it but Hels wouldn't let me and sent it to me instead. It hangs, proudly, on my wall amongst my other very special pieces of art from friends. I asked Hels if I could make this wall hanging and sent her a picture of it still in construction. She said I wasn't breaking any copyright and was thrilled I wanted to make something along similar lines. I hope this meets with approval.
I so love making grungy things and am happy I've done this one.


Zoechaos said...

Fabulous love the flowers and soft gentle colours and the flourish everything it is fantastic wall hanging. XOXO Zoe

She said...

Oh Joanne, this is gorgeous........and this is from someone who doesn't 'do' Pink! I Love it ♥♥♥ Lots of love to you and 'Peg Leg'. S xxxx

soniajones said...

Hi Joanne - its lovely - how big is it? and are they the flowers you were cutting out on Wednesday? and so glad you liked 'the real mccoy' and the other ATCs xx

Artyjen said...

Sooooo gorgeous :) That's more like keep on doing what you love to do Joanne ;)
xoxo Sioux

pearshapedcrafting said...

Listen to your heart indeed, doing what you do best - this is beautiful Joanne!
Love, Chrisx