Saturday, 1 January 2011


And this one will be GREAT.
* - 'Peg leg' will get 'mended' after a 2 year wait and a mountain of 'cock ups' last year by the NHS.
* - I have tickets for Tim's worshop next month
* - My little craft room is going to get a great big sort out so I can find stuff
* - My SD and family are moving back to this area

The year does however, contain some very unusual dates:
* - 1.1.11
* - 11.1.11
* - 1.11.11
* = 11.11.11

Still, it will be a good one all round. Hope you all have a year better than the last.
Now on to some crafting.
I've just started another chunky book page. It's all laid out ready to pull together.
Haha! that's all you're getting!


She said...

Happy New Year Joanne. Hope it's a good one for you and 'Peg Leg' Wishing you both all you wish for and hope we meet up soon. Lots of love S xxx

Zoechaos said...

Happy New Year Joanne heres to a good one for all of us.

Umm your next page going to have a shaped edge? LOL XOXO Zoe

soniajones said...

to Joanne and Terry - here's to a prosperous peaceful and healthy 2011 (and lots of crafting too) Joanne thanks for all your help and inspiration xxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Happy New Year! Lets hope it's a good one!! Sounds like January will be a good start.
Hope to meet up soon.
Love Chrisx