Saturday, 29 January 2011


I have been having the most AWFUL week. It should have been good because my little car was back on the road last Sunday. It runs like a fluffy cloud now, all light and happy, despite it's ever increasing swimming pool in the passenger well - no pun intended there!! But as far as crafting goes, I've come - that close to giving it all up!!!!
I've watched, with excitment, Tim's blog and seen all his new releases for this summer. I've tried to keep up with Wendy Vecchi too. A lovely lady in the US, Marti, who is at CHA now, has just shown photos of the workshop she attended yesterday where both of these artists taught along with Claudine Hellmuth. You should see the projects they made, fantastic.
So what the heck is the matter with me?
THERE IS FAR TOO MUCH NEW STUFF BEING RELEASED. How on earth could anyone justify the exorbitant cost of just Tim's releases alone???? How can I possibly save for a new (well not brand new but newer) car AND buy craft AND have holidays AND simply live!!! So, I've decided (hope I can keep to it) that I am only going to buy essentials such as glue and grungepaper and just the odd Alterations die this year. It has to be or I do what I've come close to - and give up.
So what has changed my mind or at least made it up for me?
They are the salt of the earth. One wonderful lady knows how I feel and encouraged me to continue. I have a particularly wonderful piece of art of hers which I have studied and am in the process of making some of my own. Once made, I will run them past her to make sure I am not breaching her copyright, and if ok, I'll share them with you.
Then I received these from my lovely friend Sonia (you know, the one I gave some crafting goodies to) and she has no idea about this week.
This is so simple but because the papers are tops, ie K & Co, this ATC looks amazing and is a special little thank you.
These 2 are right up my street 'cos they are 'Timy' ones. Nothing to do with me here apart from the mountboard. Sonia makes the most neat cards ever.
But this 1 is the one that did it for me and helped me change my mind.

Now I know I want to craft.
So, with a little help from my friends, I've decided to continue. Now where is that mojo then..........................


Hels Sheridan said...

Happy Saturday Joanne... sorry your week has been poop but am happy that your brum brum is out of danger now! Don't give it all up... cos you make LOVELY stuff... I know exactly what you mean... how can we afford to buy ALL of that new release stuff? Especially when there is still stuff from last years CHAs to catch up on!! But... you hit the nail on the head when you said crafting friends... they are sooo much more important than new stash (don't tell everyone I said that though, they will think I am soft rOFL)
Yes, there is a heap of it this time.. too much for me to afford but I am sure that some crafting friends will have the new stuff between them and cut me a few shapes from the Alterations etc. The only other way around it is to sell a kidney I guess ROFL
The ATC's... fab, the Real McCoy one... perfect! Hang in there hun... you never know, you might win the lottery tonight!! xx

Zoechaos said...

Phew for just a moment there you had me scared LOL We all NEED the new releases but just sometimes we have to go back to saving our pocket money and until then make do with our other 'old' toys. Missing Mojo we all get that but a good rummage looking for something you have forgotten you have and or never used might help you find that as well.

Perhaps we should all ignore those of us who have gone you know where LOL

Glad you are staying with us XOXO Zoe

Artyjen said...

Now don't you dare give up crafting!!!
I understand where you are coming from but (try to) ignore the new stuff and make fabulous things with the stuff you already have and love :) It's not what we have but what we do with it and the people we connect with along the way that counts.
Looking forward to seeing you again real soon....keep looking at that ticket you have got every day you hear?! LOL
xoxo Sioux Hugs
P.S. Your kind words on the AS blog were so very much appreciated...thank you Joanne. :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thank goodness for that! after all, you are the one responsible for my interest in atcs and all other beautiful things too. I know what you mean about the expense and on a pension I find it really hard to ignore some of the stuff there is - but I have to. I too have had periods of thinking - just give up, but I do love crafting and have found that friends such as yourself really help you get through things.
With that thought, I'm going to try and blog again
Just take care, look forward to seeing you soon.

Gez said...

awe, Joanne I know how you have been feeling.. we are a family of 5 living on one wage soooo I daren't look at any new releases this year or ever!! I am sooo going to miss not being able to pop over to Dawn's with my shopping money ;) what's a girl to do.. will miss not being able to do classes too but no matter what happens I know I have lots of crafty friends just a click away.. chin up girl.. your crafting is fabulous & an inspiration to us all.. take care my lovely.XXX