Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Today is the day - or rather - today was the day.
Now how do I tell you this - THEY DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After us both spending a sleepless night wondering whether the alarm would go off at 6am, we set off for Blackpool Victoria Hospital and arrived far too early for the 7.30am appointment. A lovely nurse let us in and we waited 'til they 'opened' and let everyone else in. I hung on 'til we found out that the op. would be around 10 - 10.30am before I left and came home.
No sooner had I taken my coat off the phone rang and this voice said "can you come for me, they aren't doing it".
In fact, the surgeon had seen 'peg leg' (whose AKA will probably remain for ever now!!!) and almost advised him that he would not get any benefit from what they could do and he could end up worse. The only reasonable option left was not to have any intrusion but to go back in 3 months for a further check.
At least they would have operated on the correct knee this time. Now we just have to wait for the hernia op!!!!


Hels Sheridan said...

Oh for goodness sake... how terrible... all that prepping for the op to be told that... bet you are both cheesed off now... here's hoping the surgeon was right and PL gets better... bless, big hugs all round hun xx

Zoechaos said...

maddening for you both beggers belief as you day now it is just the hernia so hope it is not a repeat of this saga. XOXO Zoe

Sylvia taylor said...

Oh no! you must be really peed off, were you tempted to kick the doc (go on be honest), If I had been there I would have done it for you.

Heather said...

Incredible!!! I'm lost for words! So what's going to change in three months that hasn't changed in the last two years???? Hope the hernia op goes smoothly then; you've both had enough of being messed around! Heather xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

NOooooo! How stooopid!!! All the heartache you've gone through for that to be said. Don't dwell on it, just look forward to hernia op.
Love Chrisx

Gez said...

Joanne that's shocking news.. to let you get so far & then turn round & say that at the very last minute.. Hope today is peaceful. Thinking of you both..xx

She said...

Oh Joanne, how awful. Thinking of you both. Lots of love S xxx