Thursday, 17 December 2015


It's that awful date again - December 17th. 
The date we said goodbye to our precious boy. It seems like yesterday but 7 years have passed and we still miss him terribly. 
Toby was, to us, the perfect cat. He never ever scratched in the house, he said "hello" when he came in and always sought a knee. He purred for England at the satisfaction of being near us and came with us all over the country on our travels. 
My scrapbook page for today is simple for no other reason than both his books are getting too full to accommodate more 3D pages. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Well, another year of 12 tags is over. How the times disappear. As usual Mr Holtz worked his magic and came up with yet another super tag for my collection. I love the effect of this tag, the hessian (burlap) has a lovely rugged appeal and for once I sprayed distress stain through a stencil without it running all over the place - result!! This is my effort:
I thoroughly enjoyed making this tag, infact, I thoroughly enjoyed making all 12 this year:
A big THANK YOU Tim Holtz for the 12 tag excitement for 2015. May I hope this continues into 2016???

Saturday, 7 November 2015


I am using my iPad to post my tag as I have lost internet connection on my computer. The trouble is, I'm not sure how to link. Can I just request you go to Tims blog for all the details because believe me, this months tag is fabulous. I cannot believe that he keeps showing us a technique every month that makes you rush to your stash and have  a go. For me this time it was the background. It is stunning.
#timholtz you rock.
Here is my effort.
I used the mini blueprints pumpkin being the only one I have, but the technique worked just fine in miniature! I also had to improvise with the foiling. After watching Tim live on Periscope these last couple of nights, he mentioned that the foiling would only work properly with the Ranger items. He had tried other foils but the glue stick was only compatible with their product. I only have some metal foil in jars which works perfectly with red tape but I can tell you, that it isn't very good with the Ranger glue stick so I used a mixture of that and a tape runner. It's lovely actually. 
Well, if I figure out how to link this to Tims blog I will be happy because I have taken part almost for the whole of the 12 tags years. Please let me sort it out.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


The pumpkin goes on the door step tonight
A witchy broom stick door wreath.
Obviously my apothecary had an airing.
Spooky eyes.

Saturday, 24 October 2015


I found some old cutlery at Totnes Saturday market some time ago and following my Finnabair workshop last Saturday (OMG, was that really a whole week ago???!!!), I had a little play during very late and very early hours of the day. This is the result.
It's 10" X 8" in size. The photo doesn't really show the amazing colour effect but overall, I'm happy with it.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Ever heard of Anna Dabrowska? She is more familiarly known as Finnabair. 
I was lucky to attend a weekend of workshops with her last year and some of you will already know how much I thoroughly enjoyed those _ journals??!!
Yesterday I went to another of her classes titled Artifacts and came away with the biggest grin ever, oh! And this
In real life it is full of texture and techniques. It is the best thing I have ever made by far.
The classes there today are the last at the Wynyard venue - boo! - but the next ones are already booked at a super new venue - hooray!
I look forward to being able to have more happy days crafting with the best workshop organiser in the world namely Sue Tucker.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


All Tim's details of this month's tag can be found here. I love Halloween. The gruesome costumes, the decorations, but most of all, I get to think like a child for one fun filled day and out comes my apothecary, the non scary plastic spiders and best of all, we decorate up a little bit incase any kiddies do call round. We are at home this year so this will all happen outside in the garden plus I've already made my door wreath from a witch's broom! I have a few of Tim's Halloween stamps and dies but again, not the ones he's used so improvisation was the name of the game once more. I made my backgrounds and then stamped onto them, cut them out and layered them up.
I used salvage stickers to cover the base tag as I don't have Halloween papers. She is an ugly old witch and must be the sister of one of my spooky decorations!!!
HaHaHa! Have fun making your tag just like me.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


My poor neglected Blog, I am so sorry for not not being around but holidays and other things have been in the way. But I am here now to share Tim's amazing September tag techniques and my attempt at them. Tim's tag can be found here. I adore this months tag so much. Who would ever have thought of using the gorgeous flourish stencil with clear embossing then going over it with Archival ink. It just makes it pop off the page. My tag is a happy one because not only did I enjoy making it, but it actually turned out ok too.
I know I have some frosted film somewhere because I used it to make the poinsettia from the December 2013 tag, but could I find it??? no!!! So I had to use Clearly for Art. It worked just the same simply gave a different effect. The fact that alcohol inks had an airing also was another treat because I love them to bits. So thanks again Mr. Holtz, another top tag.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


I want to wish a very Happy Wedding Anniversary to my special friend Sylvia and hubby Reg.
If I have my facts right, today is their 55th anniversary.
What an achievement although not surprising because you would have to go a long long way to find 2 people more friendly than them. I am lucky to have met them and wish them many more happy years together.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

12 TAGS OF 2015 - AUGUST

Tim's August tag details can be found HERE. Well, Mr Holtz, I didn't expect to be able to join in this month as I don't have the dies used and just could not think of how to get round it. However, the pull of this monthly excitement, which I've joined in almost from day one, was just too much and having spent the past 16 days racking my brains how I could create my tag, this morning saw everything fall into place and I came up with this.
Though I say it myself, its turned out as one of the best tags yet. Just goes to show what you can achieve with help from a bit of tuition and top class stash. Apart from the 3 stamps I've used both on the tag and the butterflies plus the ribbon, are Ranger products. The background is just stunning and the techniques are in my mind for future projects. Thank you once more for testing my ability. I hope I never get beaten!!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Since we bought the camper 13 years ago, I have disliked the upholstery. Being Hymers demo vehicle or 'flagship' according to them, we had no choice over colours. Blue is not a favourite colour of mine although it doesn't completely turn me inside out. However, the curtains and blackout blinds are blue. The seats are covered in an absolutely awful design of material in blue, green and a rather weird gold.
See what I mean.
Anyway all the seats which are mainly in the sun have faded and the captains seats arms are quite mucky. Time to do something about it all, so I have.
The start of tackling those captain seats. What a job it was to remove the arms.
There are 6 of the Devils.
All back together at last. I've bought some beige material to compliment the cushions you can just see and I'm going to make some slip over head rest covers to knock off a bit of the blue but also to protect the chair in the foreground as it seems to act as a steady for my hubby when coming in and going out of the camper - doesn't matter whether his hands are clean or not then as the covers can be washed. That's my next job which I plan to cut out whilst here at the Elvington large model aircraft show near York.
The bench seats all look smart too.
My gorgeous patchwork throw and cushions stand out much better on the dark background courtesy of my special pal Sylvia who is chomping at the bit to start even more gorgeous patchwork.
I will have to tackle the base covers on the captain seats after that as the material is simply popped on top of them at the moment. The problem with those is the fact I can't kneel down for long enough and certainly can't get up again!!! I may have to come up with a plan there me thinks.

Right, I'm off to start this gorgeous day.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

12 TAGS OF 2015 - JULY

Have a look HERE for the details of Tim's July tag. Back in the land of the living after my 2 weeks of 'duty'. Glad that episode is over! I haven't been able to give any thought to this month's tag and as Tim made his to celebrate the USA on July 4th, it was quite a challenge to incorporate his techniques this time. However, I got up this morning with my determination hat on and came up with this.
The word at the top says WISH. It's a bit hidden by the tree charm. I used new distress markers, abandoned coral, hickory smoke and blueprint sketch to colour wash over the images and they look great. So the little acorn is wishing he could grow into a big tree! One day, dear, one day.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

THANK YOU TO A FELLOW .............,

I haven't been around last week and this due to a ' you can't get out of this' calling.
Some lovely company and some not so nice.
One really lovely, bubbly lady brought me this yesterday
It's a metre of top class Liberty fabric. I just adore it.
Couldn't pay her, she wouldn't take anything anyway, so last night I quickly made this little thank you canvas.

Made a giggly lass giggle a bit more.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


I like bright colours but these are really bright.
One side of the garden, where my perennial border is, is subtle with hues of pinks and purples, but the pond side has tree ferns and bright annuals so it required colour to match.
The pads are nearly complete for one chair, the cushion is finished but I've run out of red material to complete the other cushion. 
On with the other seat pads then. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015


I haven't been able to post on my blog for a while as I've been away and then doing 'catch up' before the next 2 weeks which won't belong to me.
Last weekend we went to the Weston Park model air show again. It really is a good show and well worth a visit. However, the front bit of the exhaust went on the motorhome part way down the M6 causing a bit of a nuisance. Hubby, being one of the most able men ever, did a quick patch up job on Monday  morning so we could get home. Our lovely next door campers also lent a hand.
Here they both are getting the job done using this
Of course it was empty!!
I took lots of fabric with me and cut out a few sewing projects to keep me going for a while.
I made a new Summer door wreath before we went away and though I say it myself, it looks lovely.
Must get that letter box flap re- painted!!
My garden is growing well but the cucumbers and dwarf beans are not. I've sown 2 packets of both so far and hardly any have sprouted. Those that have grown have been eaten despite the wool slug pellets surrounding them. I did manage to pick a few little flowers for a vase and am now cutting sweet peas.
Hopefully I will get my crafting mojo back. I am looking forward to a little crafty session next month with my step daughter and a lovely crafty friend. If I can I will post a photo or two when that happens, until then xxxx

Monday, 15 June 2015

12 TAGS OF 2015 - JUNE

Did I mention that I was a Tim tag winner last month?? I did, oh well I'm mentioning it again because I was so excited, even more so when after contacting Mario he replied saying I had won a $25 voucher for Simon Says Stamp. Yippee! A massive thank you to Tim for running 12 tags and picking my name out. On to this month's tag. It showcases both Tim and Mario's great love for Starbucks. The die is perfect for mimicking their coffee cups but sadly I don't have one. I began by trying to make a cup cake incorporating card, corrugated card and plastic. To be honest it looked such a mess that it's gone in the bin and I started again this time using my all time favourite die, Umbrella Man.
I managed to make my background by very carefully dragging 3 colours of Distress ink pads across the stencil. It worked and I didn't compromise the pads - result. The rest was simple as you can see and I made the umbrella with recycled plastic packaging, Snow Cap distress paint and a tooth pick! So cherish each day even if it's raining, but wish for sunshine along the way.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Thank you Tim and Mario for picking my tag from May as one of the winners of 12 tags of 2015. I am so thrilled believe me.

Sunday, 31 May 2015


After making 4 patchwork cushions for outside during January to April this year, I decided to use the material scraps to TRY and make a patchwork throw, also for outside.
I've 'problemated' over its design and construction for weeks making several grid drawings and copious notes during that time. However, despite all this attention, bringing both design and material together is not proving easy.
I took my ideas away with me recently and managed to cut a few bits of fabric but, needing to make 12 x 12" blocks, this is going to take some time. Today, I decided to bite the bullet and sew 2 of my blocks.
This is my first attempt, and the one below is my second,
I hope to make 2 similar blocks times 6 in order to end up with 12, these are the first of #1 design.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


For me the most difficult part of having a perennial garden is 'patience'. It's quite alarming to see everything die back at the end of the growing season but so delightful to watch it all spring back to life again starting in Spring. This is my first time of seeing that happen.
These photos were taken on 21 December 2014 to show how it looked on the first day of winter.
and the above 2 photos show it on 21 March 2015 when Spring had sprung. Another month to go before Summer but this is how it looks today.
I am so happy with it and it's a delight to sit out there when the sun shines.


Today would have been our Toby's 25th birthday. I'm running out of photos now to use in his albums but there are just a few that I still can play with, this being one.
The page is simple and to be honest, quite rushed today. It's not that I think any less of Toby, rather more a lack of time as I'm still catching up following our recent trip away. We still take Toby with us, albeit in his little box and I know some will think that foolish, but it's just something we do.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


I'm back home after a trip south to see my friend Sylvia. She is doing well despite having a long journey in front of her to get feeling back into her fingers, but believe me when I tell you she has a firm grip! It was wonderful to see her and quite emotional because of what she has gone through, but she is being so well cared for by her hubby that I am confident she will get there.
My garden is coming on in leaps and bounds too and it seems I have only lost about 3 plants. Hopefully, I will be able to show a few photos in a day or so after I've finished planting all the new plants I bought while away.
In the meantime, it is time for a new front door wreath so I've just had a little play and made this,
The colours are warming, I just wish the weather was!!!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

12 TAGS OF 2015 - MAY

It's tag time again. all the details for Tim's May tag can be found here. It took me all this morning to make my tag in between sneezing, coughing, runny nose etc. I have a bad dose of rhinitis which has plagued me since last November and despite medication, just will not go away. Anyway, I did my best with the stash I had and came up with this.
Everything I used is Tim's except the photo and the hesian. There is such a lot going on and it wasn't at all difficult but it turned into a fabulous tag once more.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Some weeks ago I decided to do a bit of crafting. Now I've never said I was an expert, it's just a hobby to me but I do enjoy it - sometimes!
Workshops are few and far between in my neck of the woods certainly those showcasing mixed media and all things painty and grungy. I don't get to have fun with others very often so not being any good at all at thinking outside the box to create a thing of beauty from my own thoughts I really do struggle.
I began the latest struggle with a blank canvas. Indeed, I took the cellophane off one and that was half the battle!!
What to do.... I stuck Tims tissue wrap all over it before tearing some lovely hand made paper I found in my stash and sticking that on top.
It stayed that way for weeks before I added the texture paste through a Tim stencil. 
I really liked the blue paper but decided to tone the whole thing down a bit by adding Gesso to various areas.
Distress stain was next. I splodged some on my craft sheet before using a broad brush to pick it up and allowed it to run down the canvass.
I loved the end result but it just had to have more and that was my undoing. I had no idea how to go forward. I just sprayed some paper roses with the same rusty hinge distress spray and  stuck them, together with feathers and butterflies, to the canvas.
It's quite distinctive but not what I wanted to make. So a big thank you to those of you courteous enough to send positive comments. One day I will create a masterpiece - said in the same vein as 'one day we will be millionaires'.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

12 TAGS OF 2015 - APRIL

I adore the new Flower Garden stamps from Tim's last collection. These will be top of my list for lots of cards. I missed out on the first 2 UK deliveries of the stamps but third time lucky in trying to order them saw them drop through my letter box only yesterday. One happy person here! I didn't think I would enjoy the colouring as much as I did either. But using Distress Markers and a water brush has definitely made it fun for me. Another technique I shall be using a lot more of. My tag turned out ok in the end -
Fortunately I had Tim's thinlits 'Love' dies which I certainly love. Cutting them out of dark card makes them stand out so well. As for the other dies - I don't have any of those so it was thinking cap on time again. I used 'school house' stencil #11 to pencil the word LIFE and then cut around it with a craft knife. Hey! it actually worked. Another for this year's set which is building really quickly meaning another year is flying by once more. Thanks for the April fun Mr Holtz.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


What better way to celebrate my 7th Blogaversary than to be sitting in the sunshine in my re-growing perennial bit of garden on my new bech seats.
Please feel free and have a glass or two with me to celebrate the end of having pins sticking in my fingers whilst making all the seat covers and cushions.
The sun is gradually making its way round.
I am thrilled with the end result and it just goes to show that if you believe you can do something then you can.
I'm in the process of planting all the baskets and pots and eagerly await the arrival of flowers and all those lovely butterflies and bees. The swiftly swallow martins returned yesterday and are chirping away merrily.
Happy day.