Friday, 27 July 2012


Not sure whether I can load the photos I want to share as I am using my mobile web and it can be rather slow. However, let's give it a go.
This was Torquay yesterday:
This was a piece of 'art' chiseled out of the brick on the side of a building in Exeter where we were today:

A photo of black swans in Dawlish. Native to Australia if my knowledge is correct, but an absolute delight to see in the 75deg F we had today:
The area brings folk searching for sun, sea, adventures and the most glorious countryside around, but it also means they come by car and because many of Devon's roads are narrow and steep, traffic jams are inevitable. We have succumbed to those this week and our little car has had to use it's engine cooling fan almost every day. Not to worry, we haven't let that spoil anything. However, I got a rather frightening shock this afternoon when my back suddenly ceased up in excrutiating pain making it impossible to stand, sit, walk, lie down, or anything else normal. Fortunately I brought my pain killers given to me by my doctor the other week when my neck froze plus my grain heat pad, so coupled with a massage from the very hot hands of my DH, I am able to sit and type this. I HAVE GOT TO BE OK for Monday when I visit my friend Sylvia and her DH, Reg next Monday in Seaton. We are both like little school girls 'cos neither of us can wait to get together after about 3 years since we first met. A friendship born through craft - as most of my frienships.
Tomorrow is another 'reminesce' day. We are going into Totnes for breakfast and then to the market. such a shame the craft shop is now closed though. I will miss seeing David Dommett and visiting his shop Finishing Touches..
Right, got to go. See you later.


Another 2 weeks have once more flown by since our last challenge which means, it's time for another. We have 2 sponsors again - Sassy
                                   - lejdesigns - Lindsay is also one of our new DT members too.

Pop over to our blog for all the details of the sponsors and the prizes on offer HERE.
My entries this time are ATCs but if you choose to make a card instead, remember to enter it into our sister blog challenges, Fat Pages with Attitude.
This lovely image is from Sassy.

This image is from Lindsay and although I found it difficult to colour, I think the overall card is acceptable.
Well crafters, I am on holiday in the absolutely gorgeous counties of Devon and Dorset so I have scheduled this post. If I have missed any information that you require for this challenge, please pop along to the blog using the link I've included above. Happy crafting.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


How lucky are we to have booked this time away and to have the most glorious weather yet this year.
Fabulous Dartmouth.
Now don't you just wish you were here??

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


In order to continue to join in with the challenges over at Wicked Wednesday ATC for the next few weeks, I had to rummage through my ATC swap box to find suitable cards or quickly make some because I am hundreds of miles from home on my holidays. Yippppeeeee!
So, sugar & spice this week. Hope this fits the bill:

Ok, you guessed, it's - me!!
What a cutie, haha.


Just cannot get onto the web from our site and my mobile web so we have had to bear the scorching sun and drive miles to a McDonalds so I can join in with woyww today. I hope Julia and everyone else has had an easier time of playing today. Obviously this means I cannot travel around to yours, sorry about that.
Anyway, I do have a picture to show you of the table in the back of the motorhome full of the goodies I bought on Monday. Hre - I hope - it is;
I brought the flowers from home but all the little boxes etc. are from Trago Mills, which for those of you who have been to Devon will surely  know. They have built the most gorgeous garden centre with fabulous ponds and themed areas. I will be going back before we leave for Dorset because it was so lovely.

Here we are parked up. Just look at the blue sky. The temperature has been off the scale since we left home - at 4am - on Sunday morning. How lucky are we then?
Right, I have to post this and link it and then post and link another piece before we leave here.

Friday, 20 July 2012


A new week therefore a new theme at WW - Famous Monsters.
I mentioned that I am going on holiday - yay, tomorrow now - so I have scurried around for a few weeks trying to make my entries for this little challenge blog so that I don't miss joining in whilst away. However, some of my time has had to be shared with my own DT pieces and everyday life. I therefore, had a look at Jenn's list of upcoming themes and worked to that, but, one of the weeks changed and this week was the one. This should have been my Frankenstein card but week #44 is now that theme so I've used a card I made last September but never entered any challenges with it. I called it 'The Bone Collector' -
He certainly is a monster.
I've drafted the following few weeks challenges so that I can simply post them to Blogger and link to Wicked Wednesday each chance I get. Trying to do more on a mobile web device, especially mine, is so difficult when we are away. I will however, try and post the odd photo, if you are interested. The best part is , the awful weather is due to pick up down south from tomorrow - yippee!
Off I go then........

Thursday, 19 July 2012



today to my lovely friend Lindsay.

Just some of the wonderful magazine articles and samples Lindsay makes for her demos.

Here she is at this year's Stitches trade show surrounded by samples made with her new stamps where she was able to demo to all the showgoers from her very own booth, next to Tim Holtz on the Personal Impressions stand. See, I told you she is good.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Pop over to the Just Some Lines blog for all the details to make this:

Another great big thank you to Jenn for asking me to write this tutorial for them. I had a ball both writing, photographing and making my sample. I hope you enjoy the instructions enough to make a box of your own.

WOYWW #163

Another Wednesday, another what's on your workdesk Wednesday devised and run by our very own leader Julia. It's such a wonderful experience to be able to snoop around folk's houses and rummage through their crafty stash without them being disturbed or even knowing you are there. Just love it. Not much to rummage through on my desk this week though.

Some crown charms which have just arrived from Ebay, 3 note books - 1 blank, 1 for my DT challenges and 1 for challenges in general, printed tutorial and matchboxes ready to make a little chest of drawers, printed tutorial and a few bits required for the domino book I mentioned last week, plus all the usual inks, glues, scissors etc. etc that are always in the same place.
Change of plan to my holiday. We should be going away next Tuesday but because of the awful weather we can't stay at the 1st site because his land is too wet. I therefore decided to book an extra 4 days at the 2nd stop making our stay in Devon a bit longer, so we are going on Sunday - or maybe Saturday. We'll see how we feel.  The weather is supposed to be drying up a bit from the weekend but I guess we will just have to wait and see if that is the case. So fellow crafters, I shall be scheduling a few posts and hopefully posting the odd holiday pic over the next 3/4 weeks. I've decided not to take mountains of crafty stash this time, so Wednesdays may be a bit lacking along those lines. I do however, still hope to join in if my mobile web device allows.
'Til the end of August then...........

Monday, 16 July 2012


Have you seen what Tim has done now??? Produced an i-phone app.
I guess I shall be playing with my hubby's i-pad and i-phone every day now. Just off to create my stock list before I have a go at a wish list.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Several days ago, before my neck packed in on me and my stomach started a fight!!!! I made a few ATCs with some Darkroom Door film strip. They are nothing special, just some cards for my swap box. My lovely friend Lindsay Mason kindly gave me the strips as they were 'spares' and I'm sure she would have made far better cards than me whilst demoing with Darkroom Door goodies.
this one used some bits from my Sizzix drawer,

Right, off to do some of that ho*****rk, yak................

Friday, 13 July 2012


Again we had over 100 entries for our last challenge so our DT members have chosen 3 winners and 3 wonderful entries for our top 3 badge. Pop over to our blog HERE to see all the details of this fortnight's challenge which is sponsored by Fresh Brewed Designs and also Beccy's Place, each of which are offering 3 digis to the winners of this challenge.
I chose 2 images and came up with these ATCs:
Remember, ATCs are fun little works of art measuring 3.5" x 2.5" but they also make super toppers for cards. So, if you want to make an ATC you could also include it on a card and enter it into our sister challenge blog - Fat Pages with Attitude.
Come on then, what are you waiting for...........


As I type this, my lovely pal and step-daughter Susi, is going through yet another job interview. She isn't out of work, I've never known her not to have  job, she just likes change and has infact had at least a squillion jobs since she left school......LOL
It was her birthday on Wednesday and this was her card:
As she is a cake making expert, just another talent, I bought this fabulous stamp to make her card. Sugar and spice and all that..... Luv ya Susi.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Oh how I feel sorry for the couples who have planned a summer wedding in this country. Fine if you are a scuba diver but absolutely no good if you expected sunshine. However, that's the theme this week over at Wicked Wednesday ATCs.
I have to admit to having sorted several weeks of challenge cards because I hope to be going off on my hols soon and didn't want to miss out on joining in. After all, the wonderful DT picked me as part of their top 3 again last week. Thank you so much.
This is what I came up with for this theme:
An old photo (I bet they had a lovely sunny day), a frame cut from some K & Co 12" x 12" paper, a brass charm, some little paper roses and bits of bling, a silver heart and a heart brad.
Hope you like it 'cos I enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW #163

Our Wednesday leader Julia, isn't in her room today but has still managed to show us  her space albeit from a different angle. Mine is the usual view but at least there is a little something to see this week.
I thought I would try and put together all the pieces needed to make a domino book. It came to an abrupt halt when I started to look for a crown charm. I seemed to have plenty of hearts, fish, even owls, but struggled to find the said crown 'til I realised I was looking in the wrong little drawer.
Anyway, that is just about all I seem to have done since last week. My neck is finally better, after a trip to the doctors and all your good wishes - thank you so much for those, but then I got a horrid stomach bug which has taken me from Sunday to get the better of. I spent most of yesterday in bed feeling very sorry for myself indeed. I just hate being down don't you?
So today is a get up and go day. Not sure whether that will happen but I'll try starting with a little trip round to yours.

Monday, 9 July 2012


The current challenge from Linda runs for 2 weeks because it's a biggy.
Either start a new configuration box or tray or continue with one already started, either way, so long as you follow the instructions on pages 33 & 34 of Tim's book, you can enter this time round.
I have a large box which I started ages ago but keep pinching bits off and adding other things. The latest bit that was added is a small compartment to the top made by my friend Lindsay Mason. Here is my box to date:

I have a special little shelf in my bedroom where I keep my box. It's a constant source of memories too. I love it to bits.
I used all sorts of Tim goodies including papers, tissue tape, Idea-o-logy, etc and added my own personal trinkets such as a photo of my 3 boys taken nearly 40yrs ago, my pram mobile - which is Victorian and was given to me by my god Mother, my school badge, oh! and a little frog that one day I hope to kiss so it turns into a Prince LOL.
I wonder what I shall do to my box next.........

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I live near famous beaches and this week's challenge at Wicked Wednesday ATC is 'Life's a Beach'.
This could have been me as a little girl on Blackpool beach, glasses and all -
There were plenty of beach huts years ago but not now. However, they are being re-introduced in St. Annes on the Sea at a price of around £40,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I'll stick to these little beauties which are some of my lovely friend Lindsay Mason's designs.
The base is mount board covered in mopped up ink from a previous project - don't waste ink on my craft sheet if I can help it. I used some sahara Terra which is gritty just like sand to make the beach and a couple of sand pies. The girl is an acrylic stamp from my stash which I coloured and cut out - wait for this - 'fussy'. I laughed so much when I read that bit on the little tutorial I did for Just some Lines this week. Jenn wrote it in because it means 'close to the lines'. I'm having that as my special word from now on. I also stamped, coloured and 'fussy' cut the beach huts, drew a couple of flags on the sand pies, stuck a few tiny shells at the bottom and 'Bob's your uncle' another challenge card done.
Great fun this.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WOYWW # 161

Nearly didn't join in this week. I got up about 6.20am but my neck has been so sore that I couldn't sit at my computer, especially without my lenses in as I have to lean forward to be able to see the screen, so I went back to bed. Anyway, I've joined in for almost every woyww so it would be wrong to let our leader, Julia down for something like a 'pain in the neck' - not my DH either this time!!LOL
Here is my desk then, it's very exciting - NOT.
Can you tell my neck is sore?? The only thing on my work surface is a lonely little butterfly left over from a tag I made the other day. However, my prize came from Ranger - the summer distress inks, but as I had already bought a set I have put these on Ebay. My heat gun sits in it's place, not plugged in. I never leave any electrical tool either plugged in or switched on if the socket has a switch. I reckon that's why so many go wrong, power surges and all that. Actually, it's really because I am scared of electricity after getting a shock off my grandad's table lamp when I was about 4 years old.
Well, we have another beautiful rainy day here in the NW of England!!!!!! I'm sure my feet are turning into flippers, and my DH wants to go out. He'll have to drive as I can't turn my head, be round to some of yours later though. Bye.


I was honoured to be asked by Jenn to write a few tutorials for her blog Just Some Lines. If you click the link below you will be whizzed off to see what I did.

but here is a photo of the finished card.
A big thank you to Jenn for asking me because I had fun.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

12 TAGS OF 2012 - JULY

Tim certainly set a challenge today. Not the actual techniques to achieve this month's tag, but where to find my air can!!!!!
In the end I had to resort to using a straw and nearly blowing my brains out apart from almost choking.....However, on the second attempt I managed to make a 'reasonable' background . Obviously July 4th is very special in the US but the colours, red, white and blue have also been special for us in the UK. I therefore decided to go patriotic myself and came up with this interpretation for the July tag -
The flag is one given to me by the olympic torch procession, so glad I kept it.
Thanks for another bit of fun Tim.

Monday, 2 July 2012


I saw the challenge over at Sunday Stampers and the gorgeous tag that Hels had made and immediately fell in love with the colour combination., so much so that I just spent the whole day in my little craft room having fun.
I began by making some roses. I used the beige papers from the Vintage Shabby stash and coloured them with wild honey DI. I know how to make these little beauties because I've been to a Hels workshop and been shown properly.... haha.

Out came a bit more stash -

My project started to take shape -

I made a couple of butterflies -
and made acetate wings dabbed with silver acrylic and added a twisted silver bugle bead to each for their body.

I sprayed the roses with perfect pearls to make them glimmer and then put everything together -

This is how it turned out - a little bird in a silver cage.
Off to enter it into the challenge now but it's going with me to Devon so, Sylvia,  this is made with love for you....