Thursday, 30 June 2016


I'm trying to sew the blocks I have already prepped. However, there are a couple I may leave because they look really fiddly and I've prepped them for the machine but may have to paper piece them - once I get the hang of that procedure.
So these are my makes from this afternoon.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


The blocks are getting harder. Have to thank the rotten weather today for giving me chance to concentrate on the first 2 blocks.

34 pieces in each if these. They were hard. But then I chose to skip a couple on the list and did this one instead.

None of my blocks are finally pressed or squared btw. I did something today totally alien to me - I unpicked seams!!!! Stands back in amazement!! I actually tried even harder for perfection. Didn't manage it completely, but not far off.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Having spent Sunday prepping more Farmers Wife blocks, today was the first chance to sew a few more. I managed 3. They are getting harder now so machine sewing them will become very difficult. With that in mind, I read up paper blocking. The first tutorial blew my mind but the one I read today made more sense although that method will require more planning in order to 'fussy' cut the fabric. Until I have to revert to that method, machine sewing is still my preferred option.
My blocks today were reasonably easy but although I tried really really hard, some bits are not perfect.

These need better pressing and squaring up but I'm leaving that until I've made them all.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


For the past 2 days I've been trying to catch up with my 1930s patchwork blocks. So far I've made these.

None are squared up as yet. I need to prep some more now. Long way to go.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


That pile of washing got done yay! So did most of the ironing, another yay! But there's still the motorhome bed to change, that can wait!
I've weeded the garden, well most of it, shopped and am now looking forward to sewing some of the 1930s blocks I prepped whilst away.
Finally managed to replace the ink in my printer and print off more block templates plus my supply list for Tim's Creative Chemistry 103.
I seem to have quite a few items on the list, thank goodness, so need to decide whether to buy the ones I don't have. 
The class starts on 1/8 so I have a little while to decide. 
My perennial border is springing into life. 
Some plants are getting rather unruly so may have to be severely taken care of. 
Back to deciding the next steps then.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


The last two weeks have flown but that's what holidays seem to do. 

We have, on the whole, had a good time. Some spent on our own and some with friends. I've had 'me time' and been able to think quietly allowing me to craft to my hearts delight.
You've seen this before. Never expected to make so many hexies. That would not have happened at home.
Hubby has had a nice time, shopping, eating veggie pasties and planning his next lot of presents having seen goodies at the air show. 
Over all, we have enjoyed this holiday despite its noisy ending thanks to the exuberant lads in the tent next to us. Home tomorrow to different folk next to us, but hey!! That's life.

Saturday, 18 June 2016


I finished cutting the last of the blocks I brought with me. What to do next!
I decided to lay out the hexies to see if I could make 4 seat back covers. They did.
After cutting up 5 fat quarters I made enough hexies as you can see with just 4 left over. I don't have the right colour of thread with me to begin sewing them, so I've bundled them up ready for another day. Just have to work out how to back them though.
I have lots of material with me so tomorrow I'll have a go at working out more blocks from the group's matrix of releases. That should keep me busy then it's home time on Monday.

Friday, 17 June 2016


After yesterday's awful rain today is much better. It's also supposed to be a fine weekend for this International Model Aircraft Show. The Bassett Hound is still barking it's head off but the lads next door are having a fab time despite being a bit loud. You have to expect all this at these events.
Anyway, I'm doing catch up on the prep of my Farmers Wife 1930's blocks.
I had 9 templates printed so have been able to rough cut the relevant block pieces of fabric and I am now making the final cuts before sewing them when I get home.
I have already made 5 blocks so together with these 9 that will be 14 I can have finished later this week. The FB group I joined release a block from the book each week, in ever increasing difficulty!! And they are on number 53!!! I have a very long way to go to catch up. Hope I do it before they reach the 99th!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Been a bit quiet because I am on holiday. The weather started off boiling hot but has deteriorated to rain now.
We are having more of a 'crash out' not having been in the motorhome since last August due to my health problems and all the hospital trips. Hubby has been assembling/breaking down again another hexacopter but seeing as he has left some all important screws at home, he can't get on with it. 
I brought my gorgeous Kaffe Fassette fabric with me (present from our Paula 😘) and have been cutting and prepping hexies in order to make some little back cushion brighteners for the all blue covers I made last year. 

Hopefully to be brighter after

Get my drift?

This is the pile so far.

This is how I started.
We had a fab catch up with friends who were on their way to Pentewan in Cornwall. Lots of laughs and a few little drinks plus I ate some peanuts! Not had any for about 3 years as it seems I can't digest them too well any more. Boy they were good and no problems. 😋
Well, we have to pack up tomorrow ready to head off to Weston Park and the RC model aircraft show on Thursday. Hubby is well excited, me, I will be prepping more 1930's blocks.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


The worse part of trying to pack to go away us knowing what craft to take. This time I've decided on prepping my 1930's patchwork blocks and cutting a few hexagons.
This is just a little of what I will need.
 Good job I have cupboard space in the motorhome to put it.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


I'm on a wind down at home but winding up getting ready to go away.
Hubby and I really need a break as we haven't been away in the motorhome since last August!!!!! Where have all those months gone? Having been under the weather for 19 months and back and forth to the hospital for weeks on end, we just couldn't get away at all. However, my last treatment was last Tuesday so we are off for that break next week culminating in our yearly trip to the model aircraft show at Weston Park.
I'm taking my 1930's block book and templates with me plus my a Tilda fabric to prep a few more ready to sew when I get home. Another little bundle of fabric dropped through my letterbox today and it's all lush.
I'm also taking my special Kaffe Fassett fabric and some hexagon papers to cut out. I plan to make runners for the seat backs in the camper as the fabric will go nicely with the plain blue I covered the seats in last year and add a bit of pazzaz. 
So we are going to Tewksbury but some friends are heading to Cornwall a couple of days after we set off and we hope to meet up, so not sure where we will end up apart from the air show of course.