Wednesday, 22 June 2016


That pile of washing got done yay! So did most of the ironing, another yay! But there's still the motorhome bed to change, that can wait!
I've weeded the garden, well most of it, shopped and am now looking forward to sewing some of the 1930s blocks I prepped whilst away.
Finally managed to replace the ink in my printer and print off more block templates plus my supply list for Tim's Creative Chemistry 103.
I seem to have quite a few items on the list, thank goodness, so need to decide whether to buy the ones I don't have. 
The class starts on 1/8 so I have a little while to decide. 
My perennial border is springing into life. 
Some plants are getting rather unruly so may have to be severely taken care of. 
Back to deciding the next steps then.

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