Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Yes, it's that Wednesday again. The day that Julia gets us all to show off our craft spaces for the world to see. Well, mine isn't too interesting today because we only got back home about 8.30pm last night after our trip to the Lincoln outdoor motorhome show and Beverley to pick up our son-in-law.

It's a mess I know. However, it will change as I get back into the day to day razzle dazzle!!
You may just spy a fantastic ATC I received just before we went away last week. The amazing Hels sent it to me. I just adore this lady, not only for the incredible crafty pieces she produces, but for the laughs she gives me every time she posts.

Well, not much time for any crafting on this last trip so I only took my Copics and some images with me. I managed to colour a few so can make those up into cards as necessary.

I have a lot of catching up to do, least of all, a mountain of washing!! YAK!!!! - and it's chucking it down!!
I pulled down around 150 emails so will have to sort those too. One of them is from She telling me that I am on her grunge book swap after all - yippee thrice.

See you all next week. I'll try and visit you between now and then

Monday, 27 September 2010


Just left Lincoln showground and the motorhome show, and arrived now in Beverley. We are at the same site where 'peg leg' broke his hand and ribs last May!!!! So hope that won't happen again. Only staying 1 night as we are taking our son-in-law back with us tomorrow so he can, hopefully, be successful at getting a job at our end prior to the family moving back to the west coast. A great big thank you is required here as it's our neighbour who has gone all out on this one. Mwah.

The show was the best we have been to for a very long time. Excellent showground with level areas, hard surface access roads and lots to look round. One for the record. We were also lucky to have Red Arrow displays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Dambuster Heritage centre was just over the road and the Red Arrows seem to do their practising over the RAF airfield there.

Well, 'peg leg' got his wish this weekend and he bought a new awning. We have only just had the one we have fitted with a new skirt and there is nothing wrong with it, but, when he gets something in his head, that's it. Trouble is, we have to come all the way back to Hull in a couple of weeks to pick up the roll out bit. It's 4mtrs long so we have (or he has) to come in the motorhome again. We hope it will coincide with bringing our SIL back. The sides etc. are being delivered thank goodness.

Whilst I haven't been able to compute, She has announced a new grunge challenge and swap. I'm so upset 'cos it's full. I can't believe I have missed out so I'm just off for a good 'ol cry now.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Today's woyww is a very special Wednesday for a very special young lady. My eldest step-daughter has a mid life birthday today.

I found a photo of her taken some years ago and decided to incorporate it in her card. I reckon I may be in trouble when she opens it and I also think her lovely new hubby may just wonder what he has let himself in for!!!!!!LOL.

Happy Birthday Paula, Luv Dad and Joanne xxx

Back to my work area. Not much going on because we are off to Lincoln tomorrow for the last of this years outdoor motorhome shows. Haven't decided if I'm taking any craft with me, but I think I probably shall. I may just take some stamped images and my copics though and not the usual mountain of stash.

I have however, managed to source some Tim Holtz scissors ready for his workshop in February.

Looking forward to that will take me through the winter quite nicely.
If you pop over to Julia's, you will find desks much more interesting than mine this week. I'm off to have a peek around.
Bye 'til next Wednesday. x

Monday, 20 September 2010


Well, the video just would not load so I have had to revert to photos. Please enjoy as much as me.

Once more, A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Heather for organising this swap. the fun had by both myself and I know, the others, was just marvelous.

What's the next one then?????


My little video of my chunky book will not load no matter how many times I try.

So, it's plan 'K' today. I'll pop back later with that plan's result. In the meantime have a look at these lovely ATCs received from She.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


No not the song, the day. I waited so long for yesterday to arrive and 'poof', in a flash, it went.  However, not before I'd had a brilliant time.

I actually managed some sleep the  night before and as 'peg leg' wanted to come to see the girls, we went in the motorhome so he could be comfortable for the day and watch a DVD or 2 and have a little sleep!! We arrived just after 9am and almost at the same time as Lindsay and David. Amy came out to welcome them and invited us in aswell. How sweet of her. Anyway, we had a brew and David and Lindsay got really busy with the set up of the workshop allowing me to help a little. That first hour flew and before we knew it, the others had arrived and we were ready for the off.

A great big welcome was given to Sioux (ArtyJen) who had driven up from Brixham, Devon. For those of you who don't know her, have a look at her blog and the SCD blog of whom she is a DT member. Some fabulous stuff there.

The 1st workshop was to alter a picture frame using melt pot techniques together with my favourite, Tim Holtz techniques. Where the time went was no bodies guess so none of us actually finished. Work in progress for me here. A few photos then of what I did manage to do.

Basically, we made little frames using UTEE and pictures, embellishments using moulds and cookie cutters, shapes by pouring UTEE onto the craft sheet, alcohol inked foil, alcohol inked tile with negative stamping - I like this one the best, sticky backed canvas transfer, gesso relief and more.
We seemed to keep our area tidy looking at the photos, but I know mine wasn't and I ended up with both inks and gesso all over the place. Good fun.

We finally stopped for lunch and some of us took off into the motorhome for ours as the shop had become really busy and there wasn't much room left. We also had been given our chunky grunge books by Heather, and just couldn 't wait to open them. You can see mine at the end of this post.

So back to the 2nd workshop - mystical shrines. This time we used patterned paper to cover a base card and a large matchbox. We used, paint dabbers - even some may have used mushroom dabbers eh Gez??!! A little joke between us. Also, alcohol inks, beads, wire, multi-medium, guilding sheets, but  most of all, beeswax. This was new for me, not anymore though. I liked this a lot. I had been collecting 'little' treasures for weeks and even made some faux porcelain flowers and a beaded dragonfly I was lucky enough to use them too.

Sorry, didn't get the chance to turn this photo round. Again, it's not finished. I still need to add an embellishment to the top part of the drawer plus a few little tweeks here and there AND my faux porcelain flowers have just dropped off!!!

The second challenge was to make a smaller version this time with opening doors. Time ran out completely so we all just took the parts away with us to complete at home. However, I managed to take a photo of Lindsay's which is just gorgeous.

The session ended with lots of hugs and smiles and Lindsay did the honour of taking group photos with everyone's cameras. Get ready for the line up then.

Left to right:  Me, Sioux, She, Gez and Heather.

Roll on the next time girls and a great big thank you for the lovely ATCs.

The first one is from She, cava queen is from Sioux, the torso is from Heather and the last one is from Gez.

Well, I know this is a marathon post but so was the day. I was so tired last night I fell asleep on the settee and didn't wake up 'til gone 1am. 'Peg leg' had gone to bed hours before!! Goodness knows how Lindsay felt being on her feet all day. But I got my book and here it is. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am.
For some reason Blogger won't upload my chunky book, so I'll try later on a separate post. Sozz..

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I don't really know why I love making Halloween ATCs. I think it's the colours - or lack of colour - and the intriguing images and effects.

Of course it's really an American thing that is catching on here as everything else from over there does (not complaining about the craft side of that though - quite the opposite) so they do it better. I've just seen an amazing ornament made using a combination of Tim's GB, stamps and embellishments. Quite delish..

My little card, on the other hand, is simple but effective - just like me LOL!!!!

I used mount board for the base and gave it a covering of gesso before distressing over it with black soot and dried marigold inks. I then sprayed the skull stamp with water and stamped the background. this gave an eery looking image which I dried quickly with a heat gun. After masking that I stamped the cobwebs using black archival, removed the mask and over stamped with Tim's barbed wire stamp, again using black archival. The little ghost word is from a mini collage of words by Studio G - I think I got this off Ebay last year. I then stuck a couple of 'spiders' - ok, I know they are really ants - which are luminous to the webs and added a bit of orange peel stickles.

The photo doesn't really do it justice because, although a simple card, it's quite effective.

I'm starting to get my things together for Lindsay's workshops on Saturday. They are going to be a hoot. Meeting up with 'the girls' (Gez, She and Sioux) and the 'sister act' (Lindsay and Heather) is a recipe for fun, fun, fun, Oh! and a lot of great crafting techniques. Check out everyone's blog from the links in my right hand side bar.

Hopefully I shall get the chance to take photos of what we make and what we get up to. See ya.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


The days between these Wednesdays are definitely being swallowed up by an alien invader. Where did they all go then? It seems the time to show off your workdesk is every day not just each Wednesday. I have a feeling that these awful gales have blown them away this week. If you pop over to Julia's blog, maybe they are all there.

This is the tip on my desk this morning. I thought I might make some Halloween ATCs to swap on Saturday at the long awaited workshop with Lindsay.

I managed to make a couple but not sure whether I will get any more done. I had to finish reading a book that Heather had lent me, so I could return it on Saturday. It's called Cats in the Belfrey by Doreen Tovey and is about a family of Siamese cats and their antics. I have never laughed so much. It is written just like the cats were 'human', which all cat owners, both past and present, know is true. Wonderful, wonderful book.

Just to finish off, here is one of the ATCs. Can you see the ghostly figure?
I won't tell you about 'peg leg's' trip to the hospital yesterday. You will think that I am making it all up about the catalogue of complete incompetence within the NHS in our area. Suffice to say, he has another appointment in another month because someone did not link the last one to yesterday's!!!!!!! and therefore they had no record of it.............. we give up.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I had such a lovely dream last night.

I wondered off down to Newport Pagnell where I met hundreds of fellow crafters. Not knowing why I was there, I asked one of them who told me to look at a list. Lo and behold, my name was on it!!!!

'Tis true!  Yippppeeeeee   I've got a place on Tim's workshop next February. I've booked the Thursday 10.30am one so will see you there.
Oh! what wonderful joy and I've just been informed he is going to Harrogate during this trip too. Wonder if I can make that demo aswell!! Also, he will be on QVC I bet. This is all just too much for me in one go. I'm off for another lie down. What a way to start a day.
Then there's this Saturday which is going to be unbelievably marvelous..........................

Monday, 13 September 2010


It has taken me 41mins to book a ticket for Tim's workshop at Paper Artsy. My payment was accepted but I'm not sure that means I actually have a place.

Oh the wait to know for sure is going to be awful.

Anyone else I know managed to book??????

Saturday, 11 September 2010

SCD - 1950s

Well, a little bit of mojo came back this week, in between more jobs outside, and I managed to complete a very special birthday card for my eldest step-daughter who we haven't seen for around 8years. A lovely moment when we bumped into her a couple of weeks ago. I'll leave it there suffice to say we all appear to be contented and happy.

Anyway, this weeks challenge over at Something Completely Different, is 1950s.  Still using the monthly theme of ARCHES, I finally came up with this........

Unfortunately, I can actually remember some bits of the 50s. Having been born at the end of 1948, the 50s were my infant days and I lived with my parents and grandparents for the first 4 1/2yrs before moving to a new house for the next 7. The music of the day for me was probably more of the old 'uns like Bing Crosby, but I do remember Bill Haley and Rock Around the Clock. With that song in mind I made my arch!!!

The base is mount board cut to shape and distressed with pumice stone (another pun on rock there!!!) I then stamped the clock, outlined the edge in glossy accents and added a couple of spinners held with a long brad. Having cut a lot of flowers from grungepaper I was left with awkward bits, and not wanting to throw then away, I cut out 'rock' shapes and coloured them with - wait for it Gez - mushroom dabber. I stuck these around the clock with glossy accents and then added some flower soft to the cracks and a little ladybird. The words are created with a dymo, black on clear tape.

This technique was one I learnt on Lindsay Mason's fairy doors workshop. I had fun again.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


There goes another week. Mind, apart from the glorious sunshine and lovely blue skies, I'm glad it's gone 'cos, boy have 'peg leg' and I been busy. All those outside jobs that have waited 2yrs because of illness, have finally been completed. The only downside to this week has been a farewell to the 'swifty swallow martins' - no idea which come to visit so I call them all 3 names! - who left for Africa yesterday.

Anyway, if you pop over to Julia's blog all will be revealed about this WOYWW thing. You will not be disappointed.

Thought I would give you a peep under my desk for a change.

Not very awe inspiring but I have to keep it as clear as possible so I can push my chair under. If I couldn't get the chair under, I wouldn't be able to get in the room!!! It's that narrow - about 4' to be exact.

The pink bag is really a computer bag but I use it as a craft bag when I go to workshops that require me to take card stock etc.
The black bag is full of ATC sleeves but I found that my cards got squashed so I've had to remove them all and some of them are in the white Gatineau box you see with an elastic band round it. The black and blue bag is my little HP photo printer, then there's a Purple Cow guillotine and an A4 box full of card.

Oh! at the far left is a box file, but it's been that long since I looked in there, I haven't got a clue what's in it!!

I just want to warn you that I have had to re-install word verification for comments due to a number of unscrupulous anonymous commentors out there who think it right that they either link their blogs to mine or want to advertise some rude and totally unnecessary products. Also, I have received some quite disgusting emails and I know other crafters have had the same experience. My whole computer is virus protected by, I think, 4 programmes, not your over the counter stuff either, so both incoming and outgoing stuff is well protected. However, these hackers keep getting through. I am monitoring this hiccup and have another action up my sleeve to prevent this but will leave it there for now. I hope you do not have the same experiences but just keep a watch.

I'm off to sneak around the world of craft desks now and leave you with a snoop of the top of mine this morning.

It's full of glitter as I'm making ATCs for Heather's Sept. swap.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


This month, being a new one, also starts a new challenge over at Something Completely Different.

This months theme is ARCHES and week 1 is LACE.

The arches can be any shape and size making this challenge completely different to last month's, hence the meaning of the whole experience.  Now every time I hear or see the word 'lace, I immediately think of our CDs, Leather and Lace. It made life difficult for me, as if it wasn't hard enough!!!!, to come up with a way of interpreting those thoughts. Also, my mojo left me last week and only comes back for a few minutes at a time this week. Anyway, here is my arch.

I cut a piece of mountboard and then used Tim's plaque on the edge die to cut the top. That's my arch, for this week anyway. I then masked the middle and used pumice DI on the top splashed with water and stamped and clear embossed an Anna Griffin background on the lower half. I then used victorian velvet DI over this and ironed off the embossing. I struggled to photocopy the front of one of the CDs to print the words, but after 2 attempts managed to print words which would fit. I put glossy accents over the L to the word leather and rock candy stickles on the L on lace. The lace corner is an Anna Griffin one, the black lace is from my stash as are the black and heart brads. The little lines on the top part are from a Hero Arts frame stamp.

I'm not happy with the end result because I think the cut out words look just that, but for the life of me, I can't think what else to do. It's so annoying.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Just a quick post to let you know about a few changes I have had to make with regards to comments on my posts.

Several unscrupulous folk out there in the big wide world think it's funny to link with a blog through comments to either advertise their own 'dodgy' blog or to try and sell equally 'dodgy' or completely 'rude' goods. I have had several of these comments over the months but more recently.

Most are from 'anonymous' people which in itself just shows the type of folk they are. Having now had more than enough of this, as it has not only affected me but others who want to leave comments and are afraid to because of these links attaching to their blogs too,  I have had no alternative but to re-introduce word verification. I hate having to scroll down a list of comments to see whether mine has posted or whether I have to include a load of gobbly gook letters and numbers, so I appreciate the nuisance of verification. However, if it makes my blog more secure then so be it. I will monitor the problem and if necessary try something else but at the moment this is where I stand.

I have a lovely friend who comments as anonymous, so this will affect her and that hurts. However, all that is needed is a username, which can be anything, so it's that easy.

Sorry once again folk for this hiccup. Please bear with me and I hope you haven't had the same problem.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Just take a look a these beauties.

I am so lucky to have received these ATCs from Heather's August swap 'Seaside'. Aren't they just the best.

Left to right the creators are:


Thank you ladies 'cos I am really chuffed to bits with these.

Also, thank you Heather for the little 'extra'. Love the colours.


This glorious weather has meant a catch up on the outside jobs. Most of my container trees have suffered this year and were so pot-bound too, that they were only destined for the tip! So for the last 4 days I have been hacking trees, fighting root-bound plants, moving great big heavy pots around and re-potting where needed. All that in between going out for new plants and re-painting my greenhouse. Phew!!

Anyway, I managed to make a couple of ATCs the first of which I am going to enter in the Totally Papercrafts Challenge #32 which is - Charming.

I used Victorian velvet and broken china distress inks for the background, spritzed with a perfect pearl concoction and over stamped with Tim's flourish stamp, again in Victorian velvet. The words are one of the Artistic Stamper stamps. I used a Sizzix die to cut flowers from material, net and Tim's vintage shabby paper stack. The little centre is a tiny piece of baby wipe coloured with a big and juicy ink pad and twisted into a mini rose. The ribbon is plain white but coloured by pulling it over the broken china DI. The little bird charm satisfies this challenge and finishes off the card.

I'll be back later with photos of the others and my fabulous seaside swaps from Heather.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Whilst woyww blog hopping, I came across this blog candy giveaway from Lothian Crafts.

Have a look in my right side bar too.

They are celebrating their 4th birthday with a fabulous giveaway of:

4 packets of Promarkers  and

4 Magnolia rubber stamps.

This amazing giveaway runs 'til 1st October, so click on the link above or the one in the sidebar and follow the instructions for a chance to win - or better still don't 'cos I want to win it. LOL!!!


Another woyww and what a lovely day too. Must be one of the only sunny Wednesdays this year!! Pop over to Julia's for a peep at all those amazing desks out there, I am going to.

I've made a few backgrounds for ATCs but only managed to complete 3 of them and apart from the Copic club last Sunday, that has been virtually all my crafting this week. So. I decided to show you something different - if it works. Here goes, fingers crossed.

Well, that took an age but I've just previewed my little video and it's uploaded.
Sorry about the upside down bit at the start. I tried to show you my 44 drawer wall cabinet but got the camera angle all mixed up. Anyway you get the idea. The last bit you see is 'that pesky parrot' of Heather's.

Enjoy your trip around all the craft desks today. See you next week.