Monday, 28 April 2014


Hooray, the CC challenges are back hosted by the one and only Linda Ledbetter. Every 2 weeks will see another challenge from Tim's third book so if you want to join in now is the time to go buy this fabulous record of techniques by the King of Distress himself. Even more special news for this set of challenges is the introduction of a very talented set of people who have been specially selected to become the Curiosity Crew and will join either Inspiration Emporium or the Funkie Junkie Boutique in awarding prizes for a selected winner each challenge. The massive box of prizes which has been divided amongst the Crew members has been generously supplied by Tim and Mario, so I hope to have a go most fortnights if possible. The first challenge is paint marbling as shown on page 43. Obviously you will need to follow the instructions on that page to create your entry. This is what I came up with.
I used the technique to make the background for my little picture and also for the foliage and flowers. As I need some new cards in my stash for birthdays etc. I decided to make this 8"x8" card instead of a tag. As with all things Tim, I had a lot of fun making it and am ready for the next challenge now.

Friday, 25 April 2014


The idea of a few photos from my craft room window came to mind just now. The longer days are bringing out the colours and I hope it will also add to my garden record of this new perennial border. 
The first is a photo of the big trees to the left looking out. 
You can see the bright red branch ends which in a short while will become new growth and turn yellow. It's such a magnificent sight. 
I then aimed my phone down a bit and got this view. 
I call this space 'my woodland garden'.  It's next on the list for a bit of attention but I'm waiting for all the spring bulb foliage to die back first.
So to the right is the new space which is coming along nicely except for one of my delphiniums which disappeared two nights ago??!!
The jasmines are growing which are both white and will eventually cover the left and right willow fans. The middle and end fans are having a couple of wall baskets on them each once I can buy the plants I want. 
The path still needs power washing then I have my greenhouse to paint but the weather will get better to allow all that soon. 
It's a big day today as hubby is going for his medical to allow him to continue driving our motorhome. There's no reason why he shouldn't pass after all the hard work he's done lately - is there??

Thursday, 24 April 2014


My pal Sonia sent me a Tim binder for Christmas. It contained plain and patterned pages - made from Tim Holtz papers if course - plus others that had been made into secret pockets. Such a clever idea and coupled with a lovely little verse and charm. I was more than over the moon.
I hadn't given much thought to its use, I just oodled at it until we filled the big pond in and doubled the perennial border. I knew straight away how to use my precious binder. A record of all the plants and some tips on their care. These are just a couple of the pages. 
It sits happily next to my Chemistry 102 binder in the corner of my workspace.

Thank you Sonia. It's a real treasure now. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The day was wet so we decided to go out and do some bits and bobs shopping plus we had to book the motorhome in for its MOT.
I bought a can of fabric spray glue for the patchwork bag I'm attempting to make although it's not necessary apparently it's  really useful. 
One bargain garden buy was a rechargeable cordless mini hedge trimmer. We have an Italian cypress that requires several good hair cuts to keep its shape and size and hand shears are hard to use on it - for me anyway. Also from the same store we bought a set of 2  obelisks for £9.99. 
 You can see one from my craft room window and the top if the smaller one on the other side of the box ball. I couldn't resist them at that price.
However, the best bargain of all was 6 perennials for just £1 each!!!! I'll plant those tomorrow if it doesn't rain again.
A good day out all round. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014


A very happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it. 
I received a gorgeous card from my pal Barb who's crafting talent has no bounds. Her neatness and choices of colour, pattern and embellishments are always a pleasure to see.
I just adore the little tail on the white bunny.
Thank you Barb.

Friday, 18 April 2014


It's my Blog anniversary today - 6 years since it started.
I was about 6 when this school photo was taken. Just look at my lovely long hair, wish it was like that now!
I wonder if I will be blogging in another  6 years??

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Both in the garden and made of card!!!
I thought I would have a go at something a little more 'masculine' whilst at the same time use up some of my old paper stash. I really love paper piecing too. The base is an 8"x8" canvas covered with Tims retro papers. 
I mixed some black acrylic paint with some Terra embossing paste and got a deep brown and spread some through Tims stars stencil. I need more practise at this paste lark as it always bleeds. Seems I'm using too much pressure so I'll be more light handed next time.
Anyway, this is what I've ended up with. 
Not my best work but it's different.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Today was a glorious day and I made the most of it.
A few more plants some williow canes and a few terracotta pots plus some brown paint and today's garden plan started. 
Looking at the border this is the right hand side. I actually didn't want to paint the sleepers but needs must and have to admit they look so much better.

See what I mean - this is the left side before I painted the sleeper.
I nurtured several house leeks over the winter in the greenhouse - they hate getting wet, me too!!! - but had the idea of re-planting them into little terracotta pots and attaching them to the end willow fan. However, I couldn't find the number of small pots needed so ended up buying troughs instead. This is what evolved. 
Enough done for today.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


It's a cold wind that's blowing today so I'm staying inside. Thank goodness for the new boiler too. It's a little smaller than the old one so when I saw the extra space I asked the fitter if I could use it or whether I had to leave it as 'breathing' space. You can tell what he said
I've had a little play with some distress paint this morning and made this 5" x 3" MDF plaque.
I used a brayer to paint it which gives a much smoother finish.
Might just try another.....

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Impossible to craft today because this was my craft room
Totally trashed. We had a new boiler fitted and unfortunately it lives in my craft room. It's nearly back to normal, just needs the pipe work covering and the doors putting back.
I did however, manage a little play before the mayhem and made these
Clean up day tomorrow then more gardening I think.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


It was dry first thing so my workman checked the bricks he laid from yesterday and they had set enabling us to continue to fill the borders and around the box with soil and compost.
A back breaking job but it had to be done as did digging up all the plants I put in last year so the soil height could be raised there too. Some plants have died and some I thought were dead actually had new growth just beginning.
I managed to replant everything before the rain came and it all began to take shape. 
The whole of the front edges have been softened with alternate planting.
We nipped to the garden centre to buy another white jasmine for the far end fan matching the one I planted last year to climb the first fan. I planted an allium in front of the middle fan.
The view from my craft room window is so much more appealing now.
Just need some good weather so the paths can be power washed and I can do some maintenance on my greenhouse.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

12 TAGS OF 2014 - APRIL

This month's tag is gorgeous. Tim knows how to do 'pretty' as well as grunge. I managed to buy the Lattice frameworks die a the NEC so have used that to make my tag. I so enjoyed having a play with all the different elements and am pleased with how my tag has turned out.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


So excited to have new borders in the garden. We worked hard again yesterday and put in place 2 railway sleepers to form widened plant areas and decided to use some paviers we already had around the box ball. These still need cementing but haven't prevented me from filling an area of border with compost, top soil, grit and chicken pellets and planting a perennial moved from near my greenhouse plus a few other plants that I had to take out of the original area in order  to set a slab of sleeper to contain the soil. 
Looks so new and fresh that I couldn't resist putting in those plants.
When the paving is power washed this will look better too.
We are having our own 'me' day tomorrow. So many things have been left undone whilst doing all this garden work that we must sit back and take a rest from it all if only to repair our broken bodies.
I hope to make my Tim April tag and have prepped in readiness.
Next chapter in a few days.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Today is my step daughter and husbands wedding anniversary.
They are currently on holiday in Cornwall. 
Have a lovely day.