Wednesday, 2 April 2014


So excited to have new borders in the garden. We worked hard again yesterday and put in place 2 railway sleepers to form widened plant areas and decided to use some paviers we already had around the box ball. These still need cementing but haven't prevented me from filling an area of border with compost, top soil, grit and chicken pellets and planting a perennial moved from near my greenhouse plus a few other plants that I had to take out of the original area in order  to set a slab of sleeper to contain the soil. 
Looks so new and fresh that I couldn't resist putting in those plants.
When the paving is power washed this will look better too.
We are having our own 'me' day tomorrow. So many things have been left undone whilst doing all this garden work that we must sit back and take a rest from it all if only to repair our broken bodies.
I hope to make my Tim April tag and have prepped in readiness.
Next chapter in a few days.


Nan G said...

The garden is looking fabulous! So glad to hear you're both taking a 'me' day to rest. Crafting should be very therapeutic. :)

Artyjen said...

Have a great play day! Planting in new earth is soooo satisfying ;)
xoxo Sioux