Friday, 25 April 2014


The idea of a few photos from my craft room window came to mind just now. The longer days are bringing out the colours and I hope it will also add to my garden record of this new perennial border. 
The first is a photo of the big trees to the left looking out. 
You can see the bright red branch ends which in a short while will become new growth and turn yellow. It's such a magnificent sight. 
I then aimed my phone down a bit and got this view. 
I call this space 'my woodland garden'.  It's next on the list for a bit of attention but I'm waiting for all the spring bulb foliage to die back first.
So to the right is the new space which is coming along nicely except for one of my delphiniums which disappeared two nights ago??!!
The jasmines are growing which are both white and will eventually cover the left and right willow fans. The middle and end fans are having a couple of wall baskets on them each once I can buy the plants I want. 
The path still needs power washing then I have my greenhouse to paint but the weather will get better to allow all that soon. 
It's a big day today as hubby is going for his medical to allow him to continue driving our motorhome. There's no reason why he shouldn't pass after all the hard work he's done lately - is there??

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Artyjen said...

Don't see any reason at all Joanne....hope it all goes to plan ;)
xoxo Sioux