Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Disco Doll

Leonie's Fab Friday Challenge #7 - little bit of glitter.

This disco diva is made from purple wire with a fimo head adorned with silver wire hair. She looks like she's had an electric shock!! The base card has been edged with fluid chalk inkpad, wisteria. I used a piece of double sided acid free polyester sheet to adhere different shades of purple ultra fine glitter to to make a matt for the base. Silicone glue has worked to stick the wire doll to the card but a bit can be seen on the 'skinny' body.

I love having a go at Leonie's challenges and whether they turn out good or bad, who cares? I'm having fun. Thanks Leonie.

Monday, 28 April 2008

National Motorhome Show Peterborough

Last Thursday we packed our Motorhome and headed off to Peterborough for the National Motorhome Show. Held on the showground it is one of the biggest outdoor shows of its kind in the country. Toby loves it. Well, he loves going anywhere in the motorhome. He was as good as gold and enjoyed every minute. You see, he can jump onto the seats quite easily on his own, find his food and water and, more importantly, his toilet! without any help. He has always travelled with us even to the I.O.W. so is a 'seasoned' holidayer. Here are a few pictures of him whilst away this weekend.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A Sunny Day

It has been a lovely sunny day today and Toby has made good use of the warm sunshine. Considering his sight is limited, he managed to walk down 3 steps, along a bit of path, up one step to the decking and find his old sunbathing spot. Do you think he is having us on??

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Leonie's Fab Friday ATC Challenge #6 - Holey Moley


This is my attempt at this weeks challenge. On a black base card I used Perfect Pearls in a spritzer and with a paint brush to try to emulate a black hole in the Milky Way. I had a go at another ATC which you can see in my Flickr photostream.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Flickr/Blog link

Are'nt friends wonderful?
I have an 'all seeing, all doing, I know all there is to know about computers' friend who has visited my blog, seen my predicament and helped me - indeed - successfully done it for me, linked my blog and flickr. Whoopee!! Many thanks.

Flickr link

I have just spent another few hours trying to get to grips with linking my Flickr to my Blog. According to the test post, it appears to have worked. However, I dare not delete the test just incase. Please watch this space for updates and I WILL get it right one day.

Friday, 18 April 2008

This is my special friend. He is a gorgeous chocolate Burmese, D.O.B. 24 May 1990, which makes him 18years old next month. In cat years, that's 88!!
His pedigree certificate shows both champions and grand champions on both his parents' sides.
A handsome boy indeed.
Toby's hobbies over the years have included:
chasing other cats
fighting other cats
sleeping in the sunshine
going on holiday in our various caravans and motorhomes
sitting on knees
having lots of cuddles
purring very loudly
watching birds but wondering why other cats catch them
drinking wine! - on the quiet
begging for pieces of chicken
taking up half - sometimes more - of our bed
enjoying being thoroughly spoiled
2 years ago, following a trip to the vet to have his teeth cleaned, Toby suffered a stroke. He recovered really well but a year later he developed slight kidney failure which resulted in high blood pressure. This in turn led to bleeds in his eyes which obviously affected his sight. Since about last September, he has been on pills for both his kidneys and blood pressure and has an anabolic steroid injection every 4 weeks. Apart from all this he is really well, maintaining his weight and the latest news is, his retinas appear to have re-attached and he has a bit of sight once more.
This special pal is going on holiday again next week for a few days and will always live a life of luxury because he is part of my family.

Oh my goodness!!

I really can't believe I've just set up my own Blog. Me, virtually computer illiterate too. Just goes to show there's life in the old gal yet.