Monday, 27 September 2010


Just left Lincoln showground and the motorhome show, and arrived now in Beverley. We are at the same site where 'peg leg' broke his hand and ribs last May!!!! So hope that won't happen again. Only staying 1 night as we are taking our son-in-law back with us tomorrow so he can, hopefully, be successful at getting a job at our end prior to the family moving back to the west coast. A great big thank you is required here as it's our neighbour who has gone all out on this one. Mwah.

The show was the best we have been to for a very long time. Excellent showground with level areas, hard surface access roads and lots to look round. One for the record. We were also lucky to have Red Arrow displays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Dambuster Heritage centre was just over the road and the Red Arrows seem to do their practising over the RAF airfield there.

Well, 'peg leg' got his wish this weekend and he bought a new awning. We have only just had the one we have fitted with a new skirt and there is nothing wrong with it, but, when he gets something in his head, that's it. Trouble is, we have to come all the way back to Hull in a couple of weeks to pick up the roll out bit. It's 4mtrs long so we have (or he has) to come in the motorhome again. We hope it will coincide with bringing our SIL back. The sides etc. are being delivered thank goodness.

Whilst I haven't been able to compute, She has announced a new grunge challenge and swap. I'm so upset 'cos it's full. I can't believe I have missed out so I'm just off for a good 'ol cry now.


She said...

Hi Joanne just a quick if I would miss you out, of course you can play in the swap. I hope things are calming down for you. I'll be in touch soon. Much love S xxx

Gez said...

Your in girl!! Did you have any choice!! ;) so glad you are playing with us.
Glad you've had a good weekend. Hope you had a safe journey home. Best wishes, Gez.xx