Monday, 6 September 2010


Just a quick post to let you know about a few changes I have had to make with regards to comments on my posts.

Several unscrupulous folk out there in the big wide world think it's funny to link with a blog through comments to either advertise their own 'dodgy' blog or to try and sell equally 'dodgy' or completely 'rude' goods. I have had several of these comments over the months but more recently.

Most are from 'anonymous' people which in itself just shows the type of folk they are. Having now had more than enough of this, as it has not only affected me but others who want to leave comments and are afraid to because of these links attaching to their blogs too,  I have had no alternative but to re-introduce word verification. I hate having to scroll down a list of comments to see whether mine has posted or whether I have to include a load of gobbly gook letters and numbers, so I appreciate the nuisance of verification. However, if it makes my blog more secure then so be it. I will monitor the problem and if necessary try something else but at the moment this is where I stand.

I have a lovely friend who comments as anonymous, so this will affect her and that hurts. However, all that is needed is a username, which can be anything, so it's that easy.

Sorry once again folk for this hiccup. Please bear with me and I hope you haven't had the same problem.


soniajones said...

Hi Joanne just thought I'd give your new 'system' a try and can I presume that I'm your 'lovely' anonymous friend??? Also can I use your blog to say thank you to Heather for the 'seaside ATCs' because I dont seem able to leave a message on her blog at all!!! - Sonia

soniajones said...

Hi again just wanted to say that I've opened a google account (who knows might be a blog next!)to save all the faffing around - so I assume I wont be 'anonymous' anymore! Oh and the word verification is no probs at all