Friday, 27 July 2012


Not sure whether I can load the photos I want to share as I am using my mobile web and it can be rather slow. However, let's give it a go.
This was Torquay yesterday:
This was a piece of 'art' chiseled out of the brick on the side of a building in Exeter where we were today:

A photo of black swans in Dawlish. Native to Australia if my knowledge is correct, but an absolute delight to see in the 75deg F we had today:
The area brings folk searching for sun, sea, adventures and the most glorious countryside around, but it also means they come by car and because many of Devon's roads are narrow and steep, traffic jams are inevitable. We have succumbed to those this week and our little car has had to use it's engine cooling fan almost every day. Not to worry, we haven't let that spoil anything. However, I got a rather frightening shock this afternoon when my back suddenly ceased up in excrutiating pain making it impossible to stand, sit, walk, lie down, or anything else normal. Fortunately I brought my pain killers given to me by my doctor the other week when my neck froze plus my grain heat pad, so coupled with a massage from the very hot hands of my DH, I am able to sit and type this. I HAVE GOT TO BE OK for Monday when I visit my friend Sylvia and her DH, Reg next Monday in Seaton. We are both like little school girls 'cos neither of us can wait to get together after about 3 years since we first met. A friendship born through craft - as most of my frienships.
Tomorrow is another 'reminesce' day. We are going into Totnes for breakfast and then to the market. such a shame the craft shop is now closed though. I will miss seeing David Dommett and visiting his shop Finishing Touches..
Right, got to go. See you later.

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Redanne said...

Wonderful pics again, that one carved out of brick is stunning - how on earth do they do that.......sorry to hear about your back, hope you are OK to visit your friend. Hugs, Anne x